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HACC Extends Online Classes and Services Through Spring 2021 Semester
After review of guidelines of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Pennsylvania Department of Health, recommendations from the College’s COVID-19 Task Force and feedback from our students and employees, HACC, Central Pennsylvania’s Community College, will extend its online instruction and student services through the spring 2021 semester. The exception will be hands-on/experiential components of approved programs. 


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16 February 2015

HACC Announces Fall 2014 Dean’s List

HARRISBURG, Pa. – HACC, Central Pennsylvania’s Community College, has named 1,309 students to the dean’s list for the fall 2014 term.
The dean’s list recognizes full-time students with a grade point average of 3.25 or higher in college level classes. The students are listed by county and according to hometown mailing address.
Adams County
Name City
Taliesin N. Gallagher Abbottstown
Kayla M. Heston Abbottstown
Lauren A. Lippy Abbottstown
Kirsten M. Miller Abbottstown
Brandon P. Gilbert Arendtsville
Colton McKinney Aspers
Sarah K. Lamb Biglerville
Karina Padilla Biglerville
Kyle B. Prager Biglerville
Kathryn D. Serro Biglerville
Zachary C. Altland East Berlin
Taylor Feeser East Berlin
Erica P. Ford East Berlin
Brandon R. Markle East Berlin
Rebekah E. Shearer East Berlin
Toni O. Carosella Fairfield
Joseph M. Gillitzer Fairfield
Rebecca Laptook Fairfield
Teri May L. Mudge Fairfield
John Novicki Fairfield
Wildon C. Renn Fairfield
Mackenzie L. Sanders Fairfield
Desiree A. Mckelvey Fayetteville
Andrea Cota Gardners
Rachel L. Mellott Gardners
Jessica M. Bales Gettysburg
Nicole L. Breighner Gettysburg
Stephen E. Clabaugh Gettysburg
Jacob Foster Gettysburg
Heather M. Kraus Gettysburg
Keevan F. Merryman Gettysburg
Matthew Negro Gettysburg
Sandra M. Perez Gettysburg
Leyre Salazar-Perez Gettysburg
Courtney E. Shupe Gettysburg
Miranda E. Staub Gettysburg
Ryan L. Strait Gettysburg
Kathleen Thompson Gettysburg
Renee Tracey Gettysburg
Julia K. Weaner Gettysburg
Jonathan S. Weaver Gettysburg
Bradley D. Westhafer Gettysburg
Danielle N. Bahou Hanover
Ryan D. Brillant Hanover
Hajrudin Ibisevic Hanover
Kayla M. Kreeger Hanover
Anthony M. Krug Hanover
James J. Ryan Hanover
Trevor Shearer Hanover
Aaron M. Smith Hanover
Timothy M. Bechtel Littlestown
Elizabeth A. Caples Littlestown
Samantha J. Davis Littlestown
Elijah M. DeCampo Littlestown
Kassandra M. Hansen Littlestown
Jenna M. Hull Littlestown
Jeffrey Uthe Littlestown
William J. Vaughn Littlestown
Hope Elizabeth L. Willard Littlestown
Matthew Zenittini Littlestown
Brent R. Zimmerman Littlestown
Kayla N. DePalmer McSherrystown
Jacob G. Fenby New Oxford
Brittany M. Laughman New Oxford
Jeanna M. Lawrence New Oxford
Stacie S. Mull New Oxford
Zachary T. Fritz Orrtanna
Allie M. Haught Orrtanna
Haley L. Marker Orrtanna
Jessica C. Laughman York Springs
Justine M. McCollum York Springs
Jacob A. Saum York Springs
Berks County
Name City
Ezekiel J. Sheaman Bernville
Jesse R. Picklo Bethel
William J. Lobb Reading
Katherine E. Lynde Reading
Sharyn E. Young Reading
Alexandra M. Vile Sinking Spring
Ariel L. Weidner Temple
Sarah M. Higley Wernersville
Bradford County
Name City
Sean M. Weeks Monroeton
Centre County
Name City
Rikki-lyn C. Smith Centre Hall
Edith A. Boake State College
Columbia County
Name City
Jason K. Norris Berwick
Cumberland County
Name City
Kevin R. Cocklin Boiling Springs
Caroline S. Cole Boiling Springs
Alexander J. Horvath Boiling Springs
Allison N. Lunde Boiling Springs
Deanna J. Maslanik Boiling Springs
Vidya M. Patel Boiling Springs
Trevor L. Allander Camp Hill
Cole M. Batzler Camp Hill
Danielle N. Beck Camp Hill
Brittany N. Beers Camp Hill
Alexander E. Card Camp Hill
Diana N. Comp Camp Hill
Susan T. Conner Camp Hill
Carlos P. Del Valhe Camp Hill
Brigid K. Duggan Camp Hill
Misty M. Fullmer Camp Hill
Jessica L. Gallagher Camp Hill
Julie A. Hill Camp Hill
Ronald J. Kielar Camp Hill
Alexa M. Lorance Camp Hill
Sheridan B. Lutz Camp Hill
Jeanette C. Mainord Camp hill
Clyde M. McCrea Camp Hill
Jenny A. Miranda Camp Hill
George E. Mitsios Camp Hill
Taylor L. Mitterlehner Camp Hill
Jenna N. Mock Camp Hill
Ellery P. Nelson Camp Hill
Nada W. Saleeb Camp Hill
Clara N. Spivey Camp Hill
Abigail R. Stanbery Camp Hill
Alexander J. Storbeck Camp Hill
Fredericka M. Stump Camp Hill
Denise M. Tan Camp Hill
Rebecca E. Thomas Camp Hill
Huyen T. Vu Camp Hill
Rebecca J. Weigle Camp Hill
Nina Wyatte Camp Hill
Brianna M. Achenbach Carlisle
Sana Akram Carlisle
Vincent J. Anceravage Carlisle
Mariah D. Anderson Carlisle
Guy F. Batchelor Carlisle
Jesse I. Baumann Carlisle
Derrick Blosser Carlisle
James R. Bolze Carlisle
Lillian M. Brown Carlisle
Cortina E. Bush Carlisle
Nicholas M. Comp Carlisle
Timothy J. Cramer Carlisle
Ella Farmer Carlisle
Gennifer E. Farrell Carlisle
Cassandra E. Fink Carlisle
Sarah M. Goulet Carlisle
Tessa M. Graham Carlisle
Suann Hippensteel Carlisle
Mohsen Kamali Roosta Carlisle
Rayann L. Keefer Carlisle
Joshua D. Kephart Carlisle
Lana M. Kuhn Carlisle
Corrie L. Lingenfelter Carlisle
Monica V. Maniaci Carlisle
Vlad Mnatsakanyan Carlisle
Elizabeth A. Monahan-Donnelly Carlisle
Zachary J. Stout Carlisle
Austin M. Stover Carlisle
Jarred O. Tritt Carlisle
Charles R. Wharton Carlisle
Lily R. Wicks-Forman Carlisle
John D. Wolf Carlisle
Anya A. Dodge Dillsburg
Sarah D. Brandow Enola
Alexandra K. Carter Enola
Sierra M. Denesevich Enola
Jonathan P. Dudek Enola
Rachel S. Hadley Enola
Sara E. Hanes Enola
Heather M. Killeen Enola
Lauren A. Layton Enola
McKenzy C. McAlister Enola
Tabatha R. Pelletier Enola
Tamara N. Pelletier Enola
Mabel J. Schreffler Enola
Laurie Sinclair Enola
Todd W. Umbrell Enola
Ian M. Smith Grantham
Kamal Amouarak Lemoyne
Cassandra L. Brown Lemoyne
Daniel J. Donelon Lemoyne
Mike J. Pileckas Lemoyne
Cody Puhak-Fickes Lemoyne
Heather L. Zimmerman Lemoyne
Cheyenne S. Ickes Mechancisburg
Bano R. Ahmed Mechanicsburg
Courtney M. Arnold Mechanicsburg
Hammad Aslam Mechanicsburg
Alessia L. Avara Mechanicsburg
Jacob A. Barbin Mechanicsburg
Jennifer P. Bellis Mechanicsburg
David W. Bennett Mechanicsburg
Meagan A. Bernard Mechanicsburg
Rebecca G. Bitler Mechanicsburg
Sabrina J. Black Mechanicsburg
Alan J. Boyce Mechanicsburg
Brianna N. Campbell Mechanicsburg
Macaela G. Campbell Mechanicsburg
Geetika Chaudhari Mechanicsburg
Michael J. Chiappone Mechanicsburg
Luke J. Clahane Mechanicsburg
Angela L. Coleman Mechanicsburg
Edward Corbett Mechanicsburg
Mario M. Cordelli Mechanicsburg
Aaron Davis Mechanicsburg
Robert Edris Mechanicsburg
Elizabeth M. Ensminger Mechanicsburg
Arin J. Eppig Mechanicsburg
Fadwa Fentis Mechanicsburg
Matthew W. Fleagle Mechanicsburg
Taylor P. Ford Mechanicsburg
Sarah R. Foster Mechanicsburg
Nichole M. Fry Mechanicsburg
Bethany C. Frymark Mechanicsburg
James G. Gavin Mechanicsburg
Shawn P. Gelsdorf Mechanicsburg
Steven E. Grosse Mechanicsburg
Jeffrey M. Heer Mechanicsburg
Jessica M. Hegedus Mechanicsburg
Christopher J. Herzog Mechanicsburg
Christine M. Hollman Mechanicsburg
Donald E. Houseal Mechanicsburg
Brandon M. Jumper Mechanicsburg
Laila Keadan Mechanicsburg
McKenzie Kern Mechanicsburg
Trevor P. Kirby Mechanicsburg
Alec J. Koone Mechanicsburg
William J. Krouse Mechanicsburg
Natallia Kurus Mechanicsburg
Tonya L. Lauver Mechanicsburg
Brianna C. Leopold Mechanicsburg
Richard S. Llewellyn Mechanicsburg
John R. Luisi Mechanicsburg
Travis E. Malawskey Mechanicsburg
Tara Maldonado Mechanicsburg
Alison W. Mansfield Mechanicsburg
John-Paul R. Marrazzo Mechanicsburg
Lisa K. Martin Mechanicsburg
Amanda L. Martindale Mechanicsburg
Uroosa Mazhar Mechanicsburg
Jessica A. McCoy Mechanicsburg
Christiaan J. Merkel Mechanicsburg
Alex J. Milletics Mechanicsburg
Michael R. Mishler Mechanicsburg
Heather N. Mitchell Mechanicsburg
Erin E. Motter Mechanicsburg
Sawyer J. Mundorf Mechanicsburg
Aliza C. Murray Mechanicsburg
Jameela A. Musleh Mechanicsburg
Mohammed A. Musleh Mechanicsburg
Alexander J. Nadolny Mechanicsburg
Duy L. Nguyen Mechanicsburg
Vi L. Nguyen Mechanicsburg
Logan D. O'Leary Mechanicsburg
Conor K. Omalley Mechanicsburg
Stephen B. Peters Mechanicsburg
Carlie N. Price Mechanicsburg
Elijah P. Quinn Mechanicsburg
Cynthia J. Roth Mechanicsburg
Makwan A. Sayed Mechanicsburg
Anna E. Scott Mechanicsburg
Daniel L. Semke Mechanicsburg
Fang-Yu Shen Mechanicsburg
Ashley C. Sprout Mechanicsburg
Joshua C. Steinour Mechanicsburg
Benjamin C. Thieme Mechanicsburg
Charles F. Todd Mechanicsburg
Duane A. Troyer Mechanicsburg
Joshua D. VanHout Mechanicsburg
Kyle E. Vazquez Mechanicsburg
Angelica N. Williams Mechanicsburg
Leeann Witman Mechanicsburg
Joshua C. Wolfe Mechanicsburg
Holly L. Cohick Mount Holly Springs
Charles M. Folsom Mount Holly Springs
Kyle L. Johnson Mount Holly Springs
Aaron W. Kerr Mount Holly Springs
Shyann R. Rhoades Mount Holly Springs
Kasey J. VanAsdalan Mount Holly Springs
Kelly M. Evans New Cumberland
Derrick M. Heckard New Cumberland
Sarah M. McKenney New Cumberland
Lizbeth Medina New Cumberland
Laura J. Owens New Cumberland
Golda Peysakhova New Cumberland
Jacob A. Snyder New Cumberland
Karen L. Williams New Cumberland
Shannon M. Fields Newville
Dakota A. Porter Newville
Amber L. Rexroth Newville
Tuyen M. Duong Shippensburg
Katelyn R. Flannery Shippensburg
Bryan J. Rowland Shippensburg
Lizabeth A. Kranzel Shiremanstown
Dauphin County
Name City
Emily N. Derois Dauphin
Keith A. Spohn Dauphin
Krista L. Hoffman Elizabethtown
Daniel Klinger Elizabethtown
Russell W. Kreider Elizabethtown
Desiree R. Myers Elizabethtown
Michael P. Posteraro Elizabethtown
Kali M. Kerstetter Elizabethville
Jennifer K. Shetterly Elizabethville
Matthew J. Nickerson Enola
Sarah E. Hoover Grantville
Matthew J. Neiswender Gratz
Amanda N. Baker Halifax
Jessica M. Bower Halifax
Daniel M. Egresites Halifax
Derek L. Harris Halifax
Cameron J. Hoy Halifax
Adam E. Miller Halifax
Sharon T. Ritchie Halifax
Jared A. Ruff Halifax
Dashane A. Knowles Harisburg
Gabrielle K. Achor Harrisburg
Matthew R. Alleman Harrisburg
Bre'Anna N. Alvarez Harrisburg
Sierra O. Ames Harrisburg
Alison R. Andrus Harrisburg
Rebecca R. Arney Harrisburg
Sarah L. Arney Harrisburg
Starson Audate Harrisburg
Brianna R. Auman Harrisburg
Hannah C. Avcin-Roda Harrisburg
Duane M. Axe Harrisburg
Fatai O. Bakare Harrisburg
Anna L. Banks Harrisburg
Roberta L. Beard Harrisburg
Heather R. Beistline Harrisburg
Sabrina Bermejo Harrisburg
Michaela A. Bowers Harrisburg
Alicia C. Bradshaw Harrisburg
Shyese P. Brown Harrisburg
Maura E. Calnon Harrisburg
Ngoc Thuy L. Cao Harrisburg
Lauren E. Cassel Harrisburg
Shakaila A. Chambers Harrisburg
Hobert W. Church Harrisburg
Hannah J. Clisham Harrisburg
Theresa Conrad Harrisburg
Chanel E. Crawford Harrisburg
Alexander J. Cribari Harrisburg
James P. Croce Harrisburg
Matthew A. Cvek Harrisburg
Terray Y. Dade Harrisburg
Sarah M. Dame Harrisburg
Cory J. Dandy Harrisburg
Bhagwat Dangal Harrisburg
Carlee N. DeMichele Harrisburg
Yujie Deng Harrisburg
Thomas A. Dickerson Harrisburg
Timothy F. Doyle Harrisburg
Michael P. Dreibelbis Harrisburg
Anthony Dress Harrisburg
Jeffrey S. Dunn Harrisburg
Rachel J. Eby Harrisburg
Justin B. Edwards Harrisburg
Serena Emory Harrisburg
Nicole M. Farris Harrisburg
Nathan P. Feenstra Harrisburg
Hadassah L. Feinberg Harrisburg
Adrienne A. Fells Harrisburg
Michael K. Fisher Harrisburg
Shane M. Fisher Harrisburg
Harrison L. Foster Harrisburg
Coty T. Fox Harrisburg
Courtney N. Furlow Harrisburg
Marva B. Gaymon Harrisburg
Katelyn G. Geib Harrisburg
Scott T. Gingerich Harrisburg
Nina Gogic Harrisburg
Leonard Green Harrisburg
Susan M. Grove Harrisburg
Neil A. Grover Harrisburg
Mathew G. Hare Harrisburg
Reem Hassan Harrisburg
Katherine R. Hathaway Harrisburg
Brian F. Hetherington Harrisburg
Bryana Hoover-Batson Harrisburg
Marianna L. Horowitz Harrisburg
Meagan I. Houser Harrisburg
Alana R. Humphrey Harrisburg
Derek G. Johnson Harrisburg
Nicole A. Johnson Harrisburg
Inderdeep K. Jolly Harrisburg
Kasey M. Jordan Harrisburg
Luckner Joseph Harrisburg
Jamie P. Karpency Harrisburg
Jenna M. Kehler Harrisburg
Jessica L. Kelly Harrisburg
Zachary A. Kimmell Harrisburg
Sean C. King Harrisburg
Corey D. Knoble Harrisburg
Maude C. Lallemand Harrisburg
Zachary J. Landis Harrisburg
Addison E. Lauver Harrisburg
Bradley K. Lauver Harrisburg
Vy Le Harrisburg
Layla L. Lebash Harrisburg
Nicholas W. Libra Harrisburg
Demetrius L. Little Harrisburg
Yinhe Liu Harrisburg
Jessica M. Logan Harrisburg
Isaiah E. Lonie Harrisburg
Nathaniel C. Loyd Harrisburg
Quan Lu Harrisburg
Julia E. MacIntyre Harrisburg
Brett S. Marquart Harrisburg
Benjamin K. Martin Harrisburg
Sandra L. Martinez Harrisburg
Oneil A. Masters Harrisburg
Layne A. McClure Harrisburg
Tyler R. McFarland Harrisburg
Patrice N. Mercurio Harrisburg
Jason E. Moffitt Harrisburg
Reem A. Mohammed Harrisburg
David A. Moody Harrisburg
Ellen R. Morgan Harrisburg
Stephen M. Morris Harrisburg
Jonathan Moscoso Ramos Harrisburg
Victoria C. Moser Harrisburg
Shelby L. Moyer Harrisburg
Anica Muminovic Harrisburg
Eric A. Mummau Harrisburg
Hannah B. Murray Harrisburg
Sharon R. Nevius Harrisburg
Huy T. Nguyen Harrisburg
Juan R. Olan Harrisburg
Angel L. Ortega Martinez Harrisburg
Stephanie P. Oscilowski Harrisburg
Bobbi L. Owens Harrisburg
PhuongToan Q. Pham Harrisburg
Duy T. Phung Harrisburg
Kelsi M. Pipes Harrisburg
Brooke Plevinsky Harrisburg
Christopher L. Plevinsky Harrisburg
Aaron J. Prendergast Harrisburg
David A. Prim Harrisburg
Jocelyn Ramirez-Harrell Harrisburg
Sean M. Raupach Harrisburg
Quenton R. Rexroth Harrisburg
Cameron J. Richards Harrisburg
Ryan T. Roberts Harrisburg
Lakeisha R. Sanders-Morris Harrisburg
Jeffrey S. Sensenig Harrisburg
Janelle M. Shoop Harrisburg
Samantha L. Sites Harrisburg
Gregg M. Skerpon Harrisburg
Michael V. Speaks Harrisburg
Christopher W. Spohn Harrisburg
Madison M. Stadler Harrisburg
Joshua R. Stegall Harrisburg
Hira S. Syed Harrisburg
Manahel Syed Harrisburg
Samuel R. Telep Harrisburg
Gene W. Thomas Harrisburg
Ronnie T. Tillman-Hill Harrisburg
Sarah N. Tolos Harrisburg
Caleb M. Trayer Harrisburg
Anh-Khoa N. Trinh Harrisburg
Masayuki Tsuda Harrisburg
GeneCarlo Veno Harrisburg
Arianna J. Wagner Harrisburg
Briana Weathersby Harrisburg
Catherine C. Webster Harrisburg
Monica B. Werdt Harrisburg
Bianca M. Wheaton Harrisburg
Lawanna L. Williams Harrisburg
Ivana Windell Harrisburg
Jessica A. Wright Harrisburg
Karie L. Yeager Harrisburg
Jo A. Yoder Harrisburg
Samuel R. Engle Hershey
Robert T. Hennion Hershey
Randi E. Lesher Hershey
Trevor Mrakovich Hershey
Kyra M. O'Connell Hershey
Ryan H. Reed Hershey
Micaela M. Sisco Hershey
Erik G. Sison Hershey
Daniel H. Sivley Hershey
Zachary F. Smith Hershey
Carissa M. Walborn Hershey
Ashley M. Hicks Highspire
Harry E. Myrick Highspire
Anna L. Behle Hummelstown
Julie A. Bowman Hummelstown
Jonathan M. Chambers Hummelstown
Bryce A. Detweiler Hummelstown
Paul A. Elliott Hummelstown
Katherine R. English Hummelstown
Gabriella M. Everest Hummelstown
Gerald Marengo Hummelstown
Samuel J. Mummau Hummelstown
Christian B. Ramsey Hummelstown
Natasha M. Rogers Hummelstown
Sarah E. Rothermel Hummelstown
Jacob S. Schultz Hummelstown
Michael Wehman Hummelstown
Megan L. Bixler Lykens
Bradley D. Horn Lykens
Carey A. Lefebvre Lykens
Hannah E. Stine Lykens
Grant S. Abbondanza Middletown
Jordan L. Arnold Middletown
Corey D. Auerbeck Middletown
Carrie A. Cobb Middletown
Robert J. Crum Middletown
James C. Gejoff Middletown
Suzanne Givler Middletown
Ruijiao Guan Middletown
Garrett G. Harner Middletown
Jeffrey M. Heagy Middletown
Chelsea E. Hoffman Middletown
James P. Kort Middletown
Michael R. Lewis Middletown
Erica Myers Middletown
Michelle L. Oreo Middletown
Olivia N. Patton Middletown
Dylan J. Shank Middletown
Brandon S. Smith Middletown
Laszlo R. Sommer Middletown
Angie N. Sweigart Middletown
Frederick L. Campbell Millersburg
Shane M. Liddick Millersburg
Lynne H. McCreary Millersburg
Samantha L. Schaffer Millersburg
Alexander W. Stroup Millersburg
Logan F. Boylston Palmyra
Derek A. Crouse Palmyra
Jordan M. Dodson Palmyra
Samantha J. Smartschan Palmyra
Jalena A. Baumgartner Steelton
Muhammad Jawad Steelton
Adam R. Mills Steelton
Elizabeth A. Murlin Steelton
Neftali' O. Valentin Steelton
Taylor Brennan Williamstown
Amanda J. Campbell Williamstown
Franklin County
Name City
Wyatt A. Boyer Chambersburg
Justin G. Divelbiss Chambersburg
Pascal T. Florival Chambersburg
Jeremy L. Gordon Chambersburg
Kacie L. Gordon Chambersburg
Julie A. Jones Chambersburg
Ashley M. Kanner Chambersburg
Evan T. Kelly Chambersburg
Grace E. Kohloff Chambersburg
Yurgin R. Lopez Chambersburg
Kellie L. Nish Chambersburg
Rebecca S. Powers Chambersburg
Rebeca E. Reyes Chambersburg
William B. Sola Chambersburg
Tiffany R. Updegrave Chambersburg
Hailey E. Nye Concord
Catherine M. Dinsmore Fannettsburg
Mariah L. Varner Fayetteville
Jennie M. Effland Fort Loudon
Jacob W. Fox Greencastle
Benjamin L. Shifflett Greencastle
Stefanie M. Kelley Mt. Alto
James A. Hammond Orrstown
Matthew J. Bednego Quincy
Caitlyn C. Davis Shippensburg
Angela M. Hoke Shippensburg
Skyler J. Miller Shippensburg
Michael F. Cassidy Waynesboro
Kayla M. McCleaf Waynesboro
Charles D. Sanbower Waynesboro
Fulton County
Name City
Troy M. Miller Hustontown
Huntingdon County
Name City
Steven G. Leturgey Orbisonia
Juniata County
Name City
Dylan M. Ehrenzeller McAlisterville
Bethany Martin Mifflin
Gloria Dunn Mifflintown
Jill C. Swartz Mifflintown
Jennifer M. Lemon Millerstown
Alyssa M. Parson Port Royal
Rebecca L. Ferry Richfield
Lancaster County
Name City
Josh M. Adams Akron
Teressa D. Beard Akron
Justin A. Moyer Akron
Briana Riley Akron
Kaylyn E. Rissler Akron
Yelena Strelkov Akron
Lance T. Carter Bainbridge
Tracey A. Hampton Bainbridge
Gavin M. High Bird in Hand
Samantha S. Hongvanthong Brownstown
Wesley I. Cawood Columbia
Jennifer L. Hartman Columbia
Johnathan S. Rubinsky Columbia
Samantha N. Stoutzenberger Columbia
Mark A. Waltz Columbia
Amy M. Gingerich Conestoga
Ian Gingerich Conestoga
Hannah R. Miller Conestoga
Matthew Anderson Denver
Jesse J. Bensel Denver
Lara E. Counts Denver
Amanda Drexel Denver
Reanna E. Firestone Denver
Aaron A. Fricke Denver
Kirsten S. Kauffman Denver
Ashleigh E. McLean Denver
Tricia Sweigart Denver
Kevin K. Thao Denver
Gerald P. Kurtz East Earl
Brett A. Moyer East Earl
Ala Nacu East Earl
Tyler Beck East Petersburg
Joseph R. Byler East Petersburg
Charlotte A. Fiehn East Petersburg
Nazariy N. Oleksyuk East Petersburg
Aidan Parker East Petersburg
Tyler S. Weinoldt East Petersburg
Chelsea E. White East Petersburg
Rachel B. Arndt Elizabethtown
Zachary M. Brill Elizabethtown
Leslie Cradic Elizabethtown
Jonelle R. Derk Elizabethtown
Lee E. Ellison Elizabethtown
Jesse W. Emrick Elizabethtown
Abigail E. Ernharth Elizabethtown
Tiffany L. Heisey Elizabethtown
Jonathan D. Rank Elizabethtown
Kory L. Stahl Elizabethtown
Hayley J. Wynne Elizabethtown
Khalid N. Sharpe Elizabthtown
Scarlett Abreu Ephrata
Anastasia V. Belogurov Ephrata
Jeffrey Eberly Ephrata
James Grilli Ephrata
Robert A. Mack Ephrata
Anna V. Melnik Ephrata
Aleksandr S. Ogilba Ephrata
Alyssa M. Olson Ephrata
Yvette Ramos Ephrata
Diane K. Ringler Ephrata
Cindy J. Vicente Ephrata
Michelle G. Walker Ephrata
Adam T. Weaver Ephrata
April E. Ward Gap
Hannah R. Zimmerman Gap
Christy N. Smucker Gordonville
Karen Charlton Holtwood
Evan P. Beiler Kinzers
Abbey R. Bigler Kirkwood
Richard Austin Lancaster
Cullen J. Beiler Lancaster
Bryant D. Betancourt Lancaster
Tearney R. Bethea Lancaster
Derek J. Bitterman Lancaster
Alexa G. Boll Lancaster
Kaitlyn E. Bradley Lancaster
Sophie Bromand Lancaster
Odessa N. Brown Lancaster
Alexis C. Brutman Lancaster
Ana M. Bueno Lancaster
Alberto Burgos Lancaster
Otha J. Campbell Lancaster
Danielle L. Caraballo Lancaster
Ryan J. Carmody Lancaster
Lesli K. Cassidy Lancaster
Tucker Y. Cavallo Lancaster
Zachary J. Cheng Lancaster
Megan R. Chichester Lancaster
Bartosz Ciurski Lancaster
Quyen N. Do Lancaster
Joseph Doutrich Lancaster
Elizabeth A. Durand Lancaster
Maia A. Edmunds Lancaster
Robert L. Enck Lancaster
Mathias I. Escobar Lancaster
Philip J. Eshelman Lancaster
Deborah T. Fan Lancaster
Amanda J. Forte Lancaster
Robert M. Fustos Lancaster
Dana M. Geist Lancaster
Joshua W. Gerlitzki Lancaster
Michelle R. Gherardi Lancaster
Kayla Good Lancaster
Amanda S. Goodman Lancaster
Jacob R. Graham Lancaster
Virginia C. Grimaldi Lancaster
Travis W. Groff Lancaster
Megan L. Herr Lancaster
Claire Hill Lancaster
Meghan E. Hiscock Lancaster
Jeffrey M. Holland Lancaster
Thomas J. Huber Lancaster
Isidore Iradukunda Lancaster
Y Elizabeth Z. Keener Lancaster
Stacy M. Kelley Lancaster
EunJoo Kim Lancaster
Adina R. Lamboy Lancaster
Tucker A. Leighty-Phillips Lancaster
Yuya Maeda Lancaster
Vitalie Martea Lancaster
Joanna M. Martin Lancaster
Najirah Martin Lancaster
Patrick J. McKeone Lancaster
Meghan E. Miller Lancaster
Susan W. Minich Lancaster
Julia Mongeau Lancaster
Amber E. Mullin Lancaster
Faith C. Musser Lancaster
Crystal E. Neal Lancaster
Connor M. Nee Lancaster
Elizabeth M. Nendel Lancaster
Janardan Neupane Lancaster
Anh T. Nguyen Lancaster
Hai T. Nguyen Lancaster
Stephen A. Norton Lancaster
Benard K. Olinda Lancaster
Natalie A. Pavlovec Lancaster
Stephanie Peguero Lancaster
Kevin I. Perreault Lancaster
Ashlee A. Psenicka Lancaster
Nicole D. Rabe Lancaster
Taylor S. Renning Lancaster
Christine A. Rohlf Lancaster
Madeline Q. Rohrer Lancaster
Lashae N. Rudolph Lancaster
Michelle L. Rybner Lancaster
Georges B. Sanon Lancaster
Emely Santos Lancaster
Kirk F. Schoenberger Lancaster
Tyler C. Schwartz Lancaster
Stella E. Sergeyev Lancaster
Abigail M. Shaeffer Lancaster
Chad E. Shaub Lancaster
Ashley N. Shoenberger Lancaster
Joelle M. Shreiner Lancaster
Jonathan A. Smit Lancaster
Madison N. Smith Lancaster
Jocelyn M. Snook Lancaster
Alisa D. Sours Lancaster
Andrew A. Stahl Lancaster
Ian Stebbins Lancaster
Derek Stone Lancaster
Chhatra B. Subedi Lancaster
Amanda L. Teed Lancaster
Jasmine L. Torres Lancaster
Joshua M. Van Name Lancaster
Anthony Vega Lancaster
Jacqueline T. Vo Lancaster
James Wachter Lancaster
Wood R. Walker Lancaster
Ian R. Walsh Lancaster
Somers M. Walsh Lancaster
Linda Wang Lancaster
Keyanna R. Wingenroth Lancaster
Peter N. Wise Lancaster
Hanna F. Worku Lancaster
Ciliang Yang Lancaster
Darcey E. Young Lancaster
Caryn Zapata Lancaster
Jacquelyn Zliczewski Lancaster
Samuel J. Irwin Landisville
Tatiyana Kern Landisville
Alex J. Kyler Landisville
Andrew S. Pettis Landisville
Megan Stitzel Landisville
Rachel M. Watson Landisville
Mikayla Horst Leola
Kylie A. Layman Leola
Brendon T. Martin Leola
Michael J. McGuirk Leola
Mai Nhia Pha Leola
Cassandra J. Smucker Leola
Ryan G. Alcala Lititz
Alexander Alleman Lititz
Helena B. Apostolou Lititz
Jena L. Armstrong Lititz
Courtney B. Arndt Lititz
Annie Auker Lititz
Cesar Ayala Hernandez Lititz
Kristen L. Brown Lititz
Jessica Burghart Lititz
Nicholas W. Callais Lititz
Alex D. Dennis Lititz
Mackenzie D. Ehrgood Lititz
Kelly E. Espenshade Lititz
Austin M. Fruin Lititz
Zachary D. Gingrich Lititz
Jeffrey M. Glassman Lititz
David J. Gonzalez Lititz
Jennifer S. Gonzalez Lititz
Andrew J. Greger Lititz
Cheyna L. Hess Lititz
Shawn B. Irwin Lititz
Emmalee L. Keeney Lititz
Kameron R. Kline Lititz
Whitney A. Kline Lititz
Olivia A. Lee Lititz
Heather M. Linton Lititz
Kayla M. Marshall Lititz
Anaida Martinez Lititz
Nicole M. Mays Lititz
Paige N. Myer Lititz
Erin M. Myers Lititz
Emily R. Nolin Lititz
Lyudmila Romanyuk Lititz
Nicole D. Saylor Lititz
John G. Shorb Lititz
Dwight D. Smith Lititz
Melanie A. Stauffer Lititz
Joshua W. Stoltzfus Lititz
Jenna C. Strauss Lititz
Joshua L. Trindade Lititz
Justin J. Witek Lititz
Amanda M. Zamrin Lititz
Jennifer R. Zimmerman Lititz
Joseph Calmon Lititz
Kathryn S. Coe Manheim
Kimberly A. Harris Manheim
Miranda L. Hollinger Manheim
William J. King Manheim
Brittany N. Lundgren Manheim
Uriah C. Martin Manheim
Katelynn E. Rye Manheim
Andrea Shelley Manheim
Sarah H. Vu Manheim
Lauree Wiegand Manheim
Alexandra L. Witman Manheim
Casie D. Witmer Manheim
Marah J. Bodine Marietta
Gentil Kalisa Millersville
Justin M. Stoltzfus Morgantown
Nathan W. Arndt Mount Joy
Renee E. Buckwalter Mount Joy
Stephanie E. Gainer Mount Joy
Travis J. Hameloth Mount Joy
Christine Rhyner Mount Joy
Kristy L. Settle Mount Joy
Sadie M. Thomas Mount Joy
Brooke A. Wennerholt Mount Joy
Qian Chen Mountville
Jennifer L. Rote Mountville
Travis W. Arment New Holland
Chloe Chapman New Holland
Holly R. Frantz New Holland
Madeline E. Hannum New Holland
Brittany L. Ringler New Holland
Karen L. Todd New Holland
Julie A. Wiker New Holland
Bridgette R. Barrett New Providence
Valerie W. Boos New Providence
Kelsey A. Poorman New Providence
Dustin E. Schroeder New Providence
Kristine R. Spangler New Providence
Christina A. Anderson Paradise
Ma Cristina M. Conrad Pequa
Lauren A. Haas Pequea
Amanda J. Aument Quarryville
Alexandria V. Balin Quarryville
Nathan J. Beiler Quarryville
Konrad W. Hershey Quarryville
Justin M. Little Quarryville
John P. Miller Quarryville
Marleigh A. Warner Quarryville
Patrick R. Weaver Quarryville
Connie Plank Quarryville
Jamie R. Shelly Reamstown
Stephen R. Mohlenhoff Reinholds
Knute T. Weber Reinholds
Dhavalkumar R. Dadhania Ronks
Rebekah M. Corle Stevens
Christopher P. Parrish Stevens
Jordan A. Rutt Stevens
Jenna M. Weachter Stevens
Maci E. Langone Strasburg
Jared Mizrahi Strasburg
Jordan R. Sweigart Strasburg
Daniel E. Blain Talmage
Missy E. Phelan Washington Boro
Mami Arai Willow Street
Breanna M. Caggiano Willow Street
Dianna M. Hauser Willow Street
Jenna McHale Willow Street
Kami D. Mylin Willow Street
Jena M. Shenk Willow Street
Cory B. Texter Willow Street
Lebanon County
Name City
Nathan R. ByDeley Annville
Amanda S. Coleman Annville
Brian R. Deimler Annville
Olivia L. Gerber Annville
Alexander J. Kohl Annville
Abigail A. Mailen Annville
Julie A. Middleton Annville
Chelsea L. Moyer Annville
Lindsey M. White Annville
Matthew S. Dundore Cleona
Seth A. Heisey Cleona
Julie A. Brandt Fredericksburg
Alexandra Jean-Paul Fredericksburg
Emily D. Marko fredericksburg
Jordan G. Anspach Jonestown
Rachel S. Belsak Jonestown
Jonathan A. Lum Jonestown
Sonya S. Myer Jonestown
Amber L. Schindler Jonestown
David M. Swoyer Jonestown
Whitney L. Worley Jonestown
Melissa K. Schmidt Lawn
Christina M. Arnold Lebanon
Darlene L. Athorn Lebanon
Craig A. Beaver Lebanon
Fatima Boudriss Lebanon
Bailey E. Boyer Lebanon
Carisa A. Carpenter Lebanon
Jesse C. Davis Lebanon
Jeffrey D. Dorau Lebanon
Kayla M. Druckemiller Lebanon
Erika D. Fenstermaker Lebanon
Taylor A. Ford Lebanon
Michelle N. Frey Lebanon
Tye N. Gardner Lebanon
Brittany A. Gibble Lebanon
John A. Gilbertson Lebanon
Bryant A. Hartz Lebanon
Alice E. Jenkins Lebanon
Adam C. Kiser Lebanon
Harold D. Kline Lebanon
Amanda L. Knowles Lebanon
Robert D. Knutson Lebanon
Alicia R. Krzyzanowski Lebanon
Shawn E. Lentz Lebanon
Mariah A. Mitchell Lebanon
Dismary A. Munoz-Castillo Lebanon
Andrew I. Myles Lebanon
Jacob H. Nickalls Lebanon
Melissa A. Obert Lebanon
Gus P. Orwig Lebanon
Ondrea N. Padillas Lebanon
Leigha A. Purcell Lebanon
Gina M. Root Lebanon
Amber M. Rothermel Lebanon
Sarah A. Smith Lebanon
Bethany Summers Lebanon
Angelica D. Thorn Lebanon
Nicholas S. Tribioli Lebanon
Vandon Tricamo Lebanon
Timothy J. Umstead Lebanon
Kathryn E. Viramontes Lebanon
Jaclinn R. Wagner Lebanon
Jonathan A. Walizer Lebanon
Zane D. Walizer Lebanon
Thomas B. Walters Lebanon
Megan M. Groff Manheim
J Uriah N. Alleman Myerstown
Thomas A. Ebling Myerstown
Amber E. Hess Myerstown
Darlin W. Horning Myerstown
Nicholas R. Kimmel Myerstown
Anita A. Newhouse Myerstown
Sophia I. Ondrusek Myerstown
Benjamin T. Seyfert Myerstown
Dakota L. Stump Myerstown
Amber M. Tittle Myerstown
Jamie M. Wampler Myerstown
Christine M. Wolfe Myerstown
Jennifer A. Bachman Newmanstown
Michael T. Brown Newmanstown
Elizabeth Y. Geynovich Newmanstown
Tiler C. Kapp Newmanstown
Vladislav Solomakhin Newmanstown
Jacqueline Watson Newmanstown
Jeremy R. Blocher Palmyra
Alyce R. Bomgardner Palmyra
Kyleigh M. Camerot Palmyra
Alex M. Farnsler Palmyra
Kathryn M. Frazier Palmyra
Mark T. Fryer Palmyra
Lindsay Herr Palmyra
Joshua A. Keller Palmyra
David Lear Palmyra
Tara M. Logan Palmyra
Sean T. McNally Palmyra
Marian J. Pitsenberger Palmyra
Lori L. Sellards Palmyra
Kristin R. Hollinger Richland
Esther Johnson Schaefferstown
Lycoming County
Name City
Grace M. Summerson Duboistown
Mifflin County
Name City
Meghan M. Specht Burnham
Alyssa M. Weaver Lewistown
Michaela M. Wilson Reedsville
Montour County
Name City
Brock A. Hoyes Danville
Northumberland County
Name City
Lisa M. Erdman Coal Township
Megan E. Wray Dalmatia
Jarred N. Beck Milton
Perry County
Name City
Shannon R. Beaston Blain
Ashley C. Zehring Blain
Walter J. Dinda Duncannon
Jackie D. Gardner Duncannon
Corey L. Kumler Duncannon
Cindy M. Schwanger Duncannon
Erin M. Smith Duncannon
Emily R. Geedy Elliottsburg
Chelsea L. Rice Ickesburg
Jessica L. Miller Liverpool
Dona Rhoads Liverpool
Kendra M. Rowe Liverpool
Mackenzie L. Burd Loysville
Addriene C. Lyons Loysville
Bryanne M. Schaeffer Loysville
Janey M. Stum Loysville
Clayton Trout Loysville
Brooks D. Ennist Marysville
Ashley R. Mader Marysville
Brendan G. Rackley Marysville
Jessi L. Swartz Marysville
Sean M. Zeiders Marysville
Timothy J. Cleveland Millerstown
Morgan M. Losch Millerstown
Jeremy A. Miller Millerstown
Austin L. Ray Millerstown
Aaron P. Smith Millerstown
Christian R. Woodard Millerstown
Angelina S. McGarry New Bloomfield
Emily S. Brown New Blooomfield
Nicole J. Griese Newport
Jeffrey T. Harnish Newport
Alycia K. Peugh Newport
Rachel D. Groff Shermans Dale
Joseph D. Kon Shermans Dale
Ashley V. Natale Shermans Dale
Zackery L. Shanafelter Shermans Dale
Katelyn M. Smith Shermans Dale
Dusten L. Taggart Shermans Dale
Jeremy S. Wilt Shermans Dale
Schuykill County
Name City
Cory S. Runkle Hegins
Lauren Haines Pine Grove
Jordan D. Noecker Pine Grove
Steven M. Peffley Schuylkill Haven
Snyder County
Name City
Garrett P. Fisher McClure
Kristina M. Kauffman Shamokin Dam
Union County
Name City
Wesley J. Stoltzfus Mifflinburg
Rebecca A. Ehrenzeller Winfield
York County
Name City
Wright A. Smith Brogue
Ryan F. Long Camp Hill
Karson T. Arnold Dallastown
Anne Baum Dallastown
Abigail M. Crone Dallastown
Ashley D. Donnelly Dallastown
Jordan E. Jacobs Dallastown
Madeline W. Lathroum Dallastown
Emily J. Christopherson Dillsburg
Brittany M. Ford Dillsburg
Raechel B. Gramm Dillsburg
Laura Heck Dillsburg
Natalie A. Kowker Dillsburg
Troy R. Lewarchick Dillsburg
Leah A. Sentz Dillsburg
Karen M. Sheppard Dillsburg
Kristen L. Taylor Dillsburg
Jessica S. Ulrich Dillsburg
Lorena R. Weidner Dillsburg
Travis J. Wenger Dillsburg
Logan D. Zagoric Dillsburg
Ashley A. Conley Dover
Stephanie S. Dasher Dover
David J. Flower Dover
Shawnee L. Franklin Dover
Jason R. Leas Dover
Rebecca Lease Dover
Matthew Renfrew Dover
Richard Rios-Perez Dover
Ashley M. Roach Dover
Brandy J. Rohrbaugh Dover
Rina Sunar Dover
Amanda M. Tubbs Dover
Wesley S. Waterbury Dover
Summer L. Zinser Dover
Reno E. Donato East Berlin
Rebekah M. Adamski Etters
Hannah R. Callahan Etters
Matthew A. Canzoneri Etters
Alexis M. Foley Etters
Joseph R. Klein Etters
Kenneth L. Lauer Etters
Jared E. Locke Etters
Sarah A. Snavely Etters
Amanda R. Spaseff Etters
Andrew C. Sterner Etters
Thomas S. Waller Etters
Daniel T. Buck Felton
Joseph Nabholz Felton
Samuel J. Albright Glen Rock
David J. Blesh Glen Rock
Jasmine N. Grimes Glen Rock
Veronica P. Krol Glen Rock
Monica M. McSherry Glen Rock
Courtney M. Raver Glen Rock
Katie M. Folkenroth Glenville
Jacob J. Hohman Glenville
Alexa H. Barrick Hanover
Scott F. Bowman Hanover
Keegan M. Buckingham Hanover
Austin D. Carroll Hanover
Justin T. Edelin Hanover
Emily Frye Hanover
Zachary E. LaFlame Hanover
Mary Ellen Lee Hanover
Bradley Livesay Hanover
Fawn L. Luckenbaugh Hanover
Victoria M. Lynd Hanover
Terry J. Martinez Hanover
Megan K. McGregor Hanover
Samuel J. Miller Hanover
Michele A. Phillips Hanover
Melissa L. Pinera Hanover
Cole M. Pinkas Hanover
Michael G. Reed Hanover
Ashley M. Riley Hanover
Kevin C. Riley Hanover
Isabelle O. Rinehart Hanover
Ashley G. Rohrbaugh Hanover
Thomas W. Ruth Hanover
Kyle M. Smith Hanover
Mitchell J. Smith Hanover
Stacey C. Tate Hanover
Naudy A. Williams Hanover
Kirsten D. Zink Hanover
Olivia Kendall Hellam
Nicholas F. Lucchesi Hellam
John M. Wolin Hellam
Jessica Martin Jacobus
Ricki A. Allen Lewisberry
Nicole Kerr-McKim Lewisberry
Stachia M. Lippy Lewisberry
Leia E. MacDonald Lewisberry
Emily J. Wilson Lewisberry
Amanda L. Zeiders Lewisberry
Kelsey L. Anderson Manchester
Harry T. Bozich Manchester
Zachary L. Valentine Manchester
Jeremy K. Booth Mechanicsburg
Tana L. Markel Mount Wolf
Ronald A. Sexton Mount Wolf
Laiken N. Wilson Mount Wolf
Briaunna N. Witmer Mount Wolf
Jordan S. Evans Mt. Wolf
Harry E. Burger New Cumberland
Zachary A. Collins New Cumberland
Morgan M. Crumlich New Cumberland
Samuel T. Noel New Cumberland
Esther C. Porter New Cumberland
Connor W. Robbins New Cumberland
Erica J. Smithson New Cumberland
John S. Zhang New Cumberland
Sara K. Bontoyan New Freedom
Tiffany L. Harbold New Freedom
Christian N. Hinkle New Freedom
Richard L. Huggins New Freedom
Timothy M. Langhans New Freedom
Sadie A. Leslie New Freedom
Ryan A. Ullery New Freedom
Tony J. Woods New Freedom
Phoenix J. Ashman Red Lion
Rachael M. Cole Red Lion
Jackie L. Creasy Red Lion
Daniel P. Custance Red Lion
Amy K. Diamond Red Lion
DonnaSue W. Graham Red Lion
Andrew J. Hertz Red Lion
Matthew R. Lane Red Lion
Luke Puller Red Lion
Zhen Shi Red Lion
Bryan J. Townsend Red Lion
Katie L. Tyson Red Lion
James A. Wilson Red Lion
Kimberley A. Young Red Lion
Keirstyn N. Allulis Seven Valleys
Nora R. Burns Seven Valleys
Shewaferaw G. Lema Seven Valleys
Yordan S. Mavrodinov Seven Valleys
Kristyn E. Schnur Seven Valleys
Thomas H. Shaffer Seven Valleys
Kristin M. Stoops Seven Valleys
Charity F. Huggins Shrewsbury
Jessica A. McCrum Shrewsbury
Mollie E. Bolton Spring Grove
Damaris M. Brusby Spring Grove
Alexandria N. Gormley Spring Grove
Abigail L. Jones Spring Grove
Ryan P. Keeney Spring Grove
Kaylee B. Laughman Spring Grove
Adrienne M. Marcionette Spring Grove
Kristina M. Rook Spring Grove
Stephanie A. Baranik Stewartstown
Ryan M. DeJong Stewartstown
Rossella Failla Stewartstown
Vincenzo Failla Stewartstown
Amber Geiger Stewartstown
Kelly E. Jacob Stewartstown
Amber K. Joines Stewartstown
Bridget A. Leger Stewartstown
Alison M. Muller Stewartstown
Alyssa N. Nuzzi Stewartstown
Dayanna J. Rohrbaugh Stewartstown
Michael T. Zimmerer Stewartstown
Zachary D. Shope Wellsville
Barry W. Jones Windsor
Tiffany N. Leas Windsor
Abigail N. Rikas Windsor
Joshua D. Smeltzer Windsor
Shayna K. Godwin Wrightsville
Kayla E. Groft Wrightsville
Lisa K. Linton Wrightsville
Stephen L. Mohar Wrightsville
Scott M. Murry Wrightsville
Steven J. Boddington York
Kylie Bradley York
Ashley M. Brown York
Daynna M. Brown York
Essie P. Bustamante York
Abigail Caldwell York
Jared C. Couch York
Kaleen M. Curry York
Kyle D. Deardorff York
Sasha A. Delfeus York
Jesse Delp York
Albert L. Dickson York
Benjamin A. Dopp York
Kimberly S. Dowling York
Jody L. Dunlap York
Nicole E. Gallup York
Edward D. Gonzalez York
Christina L. Grimm York
Holly N. Gutfleisch York
Akasha J. Gutfreund-Fair York
Christian A. Hansen York
Amber L. Harrison York
Patrick N. Hartinger York
Joan L. Henney York
Rachel A. Herbst York
Sasha A. Hoffmann York
Susan R. Holley York
Kelvin D. Inoa York
Alexina V. Keels York
Lillian M. Keels York
Jennifer R. Kilgore York
Brandon L. Knowles York
Erika J. Latorre York
Natalie A. Laughman York
Melissa Lazarony York
Brittany Leary York
Richard L. Lehr York
Tyler W. Lingg York
Alexis K. Martin York
Elaine D. Martin York
Andrew Mazo York
Daniel K. McNally York
Sean A. McWatters York
Stephen A. Meckley York
Zel R. Metzler York
Jennifer L. Miller York
Dakota E. Mitzel York
Jeffrey D. Moore York
Tahreem A. Muhammad York
Minh D. Nguyen York
Quan H. Nguyen York
Jeremy P. O'Dell York
Wilfred Ofori York
Timothy J. Peters York
Phuong Pham York
Branden L. Powell York
Erin R. Ramos York
Josiah M. Richard York
Sabrina M. Robinson York
Jose E. Rodriguez York
Katie E. Rohrbaugh York
Elizabeth S. Rostad York
Katlyn M. Ruff York
Kasey A. Sanders York
Michael E. Sauble York
Melanie N. Savage York
Kari E. Schimmel York
Danielle E. Schwartz York
Samuel C. Seeley York
Silvia D. Segura Lopez York
Sydney E. Seitz York
Trisha Semexan York
Travis R. Shaffer York
Brooke E. Sheckells York
Lauren N. Shoff York
Garrett A. Shultz York
Katrina M. Sipe York
Alicia M. Smith York
Elizabeth C. Smith York
Pan Svay York
Isaac M. Taylor York
Vidusha Udayalal York
Stephen A. Vera York
Julie E. Ward York
Hannah M. Williams York
Christian J. Winstel York
Nicole L. Wood York
Victoria E. Workinger York
Gabrielle Zeigenfuse York
Emily K. Bockelkamp York Haven
Joshua Brandon York Haven
Christopher S. Brown York Haven
Kristy L. Darby York Haven
Kasey A. Harrison York Haven
Ashley D. Leskinen York Haven
Erik C. Pleitez York Haven
Carrie M. Scott York Haven
Other/Outside of Pennsylvania
Name City, State
Elena T. Arutyunyan --
Stacey R. Bollinger Freeland, Maryland
Suzanna M. Espamer-Murrill --
Timothy Flynn Elmira, New York
Andrew Folk Emmitsburg, Maryland
James F. Hagan Ijamsville, Maryland

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