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HACC's 41st Wildwood Writers’ Festival
Local award-winning writers, community members, HACC students and alumni engaged with the public and celebrated the art of writing during the 41st annual Wildwood Writers’ Festival on March 23, 2023, at the Harrisburg Campus of HACC, Central Pennsylvania’s Community College. 


More News Releases

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15 February 2017

HACC Announces Fall 2016 Full-Time Dean’s List

HARRISBURG, Pa. – HACC, Central Pennsylvania’s Community College, has named 1,333 students to the fall 2016 full-time dean’s list.
The full-time dean’s list recognizes students who achieved a 3.25 grade point average or higher in college-level classes and completed a minimum of 12 credits during the fall 2016 term.
The students are listed by county and according to hometown mailing address.
Student Name City County
Dudley  Davis Abbottstown Adams
Samuel  Smith Abbottstown Adams
Jesus  Barona Biglerville Adams
Itzel  Diaz Biglerville Adams
Ramiro  Diaz Diaz Biglerville Adams
Rebekah  Lamb Biglerville Adams
Bethany  Allison East Berlin Adams
Lane  Goodhart East Berlin Adams
Sarah  Howe East Berlin Adams
Zebulon  Krichten East Berlin Adams
Cierra  Leathery East Berlin Adams
Grady  Miller East Berlin Adams
Joshua  Shank East Berlin Adams
Kelsey  Weaver East Berlin Adams
Riley  Buttner Fairfield Adams
Kaitlyn  Culley Fairfield Adams
Michael  Dropko Fairfield Adams
Charles  Hostetter Fairfield Adams
Katlyn  Krietz Fairfield Adams
Conrad  Lytle Fairfield Adams
Indy  Mills Fairfield Adams
Louesa  Piatak Fairfield Adams
John  Roan Fairfield Adams
Taylor  Sartori Fairfield Adams
Chelsi  Zepp Fairfield Adams
Helen  Estrada Gardners Adams
Alex  Gebhart Gardners Adams
Wade  Johns Gardners Adams
Alice  Payne Gardners Adams
Elysia  Simmers Gardners Adams
Luis  Alvarez Salinas Gettysburg Adams
Henry  Carter Gettysburg Adams
Rebecca  Chapman Gettysburg Adams
Jackson  Childs Gettysburg Adams
Grace  Dolan Gettysburg Adams
Brandon  Glorioso Gettysburg Adams
Caroline  Hunley Gettysburg Adams
Lori  Jansen Gettysburg Adams
Benjamin  Jones Gettysburg Adams
Tyler  Konstalid Gettysburg Adams
Sierra  Lookabill Gettysburg Adams
Joseph  Miller Gettysburg Adams
Olivia  Neubauer Gettysburg Adams
Abby  Rasinska Gettysburg Adams
Jenna  Robinson Gettysburg Adams
Abigail  Rummel Gettysburg Adams
Joseph  Saghy Gettysburg Adams
Jacob  Smith Gettysburg Adams
Elizabeth  Starner Gettysburg Adams
Brandi  Steinour Gettysburg Adams
Priya Viramgama Gettysburg Adams
Kelsey  Wendell Gettysburg Adams
Benjamin  Westhafer Gettysburg Adams
Christopher  Wilson Gettysburg Adams
Elizabeth  Wilson Gettysburg Adams
Alan  Winkler Gettysburg Adams
Elijah  DeCampo Littlestown Adams
Ashton  Eyler Littlestown Adams
Brenna  Feser Littlestown Adams
David  Gebhart Littlestown Adams
Matthew  Mudgett Littlestown Adams
Matthew  Pebley Littlestown Adams
Sean  Pebley Littlestown Adams
Jacob  Reed Littlestown Adams
Trevor  Spoonire Littlestown Adams
Lauren  Wilhide Littlestown Adams
Matthew  Zenittini Littlestown Adams
Danielle  Corradi Mcsherrystown Adams
Felicia  Smith Mcsherrystown Adams
Jesse  Wilson Mcsherrystown Adams
Sierra  Carpenter New Oxford Adams
Tiffany  Duncan New Oxford Adams
Amber  Hartman New Oxford Adams
Amber  Hawthorne New Oxford Adams
Nicholas  Keefer New Oxford Adams
Joshua  King New Oxford Adams
Sergio  Lemus New Oxford Adams
Daniel  Rice New Oxford Adams
David  Six New Oxford Adams
Ryder  Smith New Oxford Adams
Tara  Taylor New Oxford Adams
BriAnna  Thomassy New Oxford Adams
Madison  Topper New Oxford Adams
Joshua  Torres New Oxford Adams
Olevia  Weaver New Oxford Adams
Whitney  Weaver New Oxford Adams
Brandon  Thomas Orrtanna Adams
Morgan  Brown York Springs Adams
Jasmine  Lupian York Springs Adams
Christoffer  Crowley Bernville Berks
Joshua  Dye Bethel Berks
Mark  Marez Bethel Berks
Micah  Bias Mohnton Berks
Julie  Taylor Morgantown Berks
Alison  Dietrich Shillington Berks
Aaron  Garner Temple Berks
Michael  Rullo Johnstown Cambria
Charlotte  Martin Bellefonte Centre
Alexis  Passarelli State College Centre
Jennifer  Kauffman Cochranville Chester
Katherine  Trost Elverson Chester
Nathan  King Honey Brook Chester
Nicholas  Bowman Nottingham Chester
Danielle  Dietz Nottingham Chester
Brittany  Richmond Nottingham Chester
Christopher  Borroughs Oxford Chester
Melissa  Oberdorf Bloomsburg Columbia
Ross  Griffin Boiling Springs Cumberland
Sabrina  Lefort Boiling Springs Cumberland
Katherine  Migatulski Boiling Springs Cumberland
Connor  Murphy Boiling Springs Cumberland
Megan  Wilbur Boiling Springs Cumberland
Madelyn  Williams Boiling Springs Cumberland
Bruce  Yeager Boiling Springs Cumberland
Mohamed  Ahmed Camp Hill Cumberland
Kaitlin  Arnold Camp Hill Cumberland
Alexa  Barr Camp Hill Cumberland
Daniel  Barr Camp Hill Cumberland
Jennifer  Blankenship Camp Hill Cumberland
Fisher  Brenstuhl Camp Hill Cumberland
Andrew  Bucher Camp Hill Cumberland
Bryan  Cantor Camp Hill Cumberland
Brianna  Fisher Camp Hill Cumberland
Kaitlyn  Gelsinger Camp Hill Cumberland
Savannah  George Camp Hill Cumberland
Brianna  Grausgruber Camp Hill Cumberland
Cayla  Hamilton Camp Hill Cumberland
Robert  Huffine Camp Hill Cumberland
Zachary  Huffine Camp Hill Cumberland
Mackenzie  Karl Camp Hill Cumberland
Marilee  Kefover Camp Hill Cumberland
Denis  Krpic Camp Hill Cumberland
Braeden  Laudenslager Camp Hill Cumberland
Zhong  Li Camp Hill Cumberland
Allyson  Lippi Camp Hill Cumberland
Yier  Lu Camp Hill Cumberland
Margaret  McKee Camp Hill Cumberland
Wyatt  McMartin Camp Hill Cumberland
Basma  Mekhaeil Camp Hill Cumberland
Mohamed  Musaad Camp Hill Cumberland
Keanna  Qarooni Camp Hill Cumberland
Joseph  Roe Camp Hill Cumberland
Nada  Saleeb Camp Hill Cumberland
Victoria  Slobodian Camp Hill Cumberland
Joseph  Soyos Camp Hill Cumberland
Cooper  Teffeteller Camp Hill Cumberland
Phuong  Tiet Camp Hill Cumberland
Kayleigh  Titzel Camp Hill Cumberland
Thuy  Tran Camp Hill Cumberland
Ilija  Trgo Camp Hill Cumberland
Jessica  Wellington Camp Hill Cumberland
Christopher  Zyroll Camp Hill Cumberland
Abdel  Begic Carlisle Cumberland
Savannah  Black Carlisle Cumberland
Holli  Chilson Carlisle Cumberland
Lauren  Clay Carlisle Cumberland
Becky  Dechene Carlisle Cumberland
Elissa  DeShong Carlisle Cumberland
Heather  Farrisi Carlisle Cumberland
Stephanie  Freedman Carlisle Cumberland
Kayla  Gavitt Carlisle Cumberland
Anouschka  Glunt Carlisle Cumberland
Jordan  Grega Carlisle Cumberland
Tiffany  Grimes Carlisle Cumberland
Noah  Hamrick Carlisle Cumberland
Greta  Heeb Carlisle Cumberland
Ana  Hunt Carlisle Cumberland
Mohsen  Kamali Roosta Carlisle Cumberland
Tasha  Kruse Carlisle Cumberland
Cara  Lin Carlisle Cumberland
Joseph  Lockwood Carlisle Cumberland
Megan  Lyons Carlisle Cumberland
Taylor  Monroe Carlisle Cumberland
Syntara  Mullen Carlisle Cumberland
Barbara  Oyeson Carlisle Cumberland
Thomas  Pedersen Carlisle Cumberland
Kimberly  Reisch Carlisle Cumberland
Lilianne  Schwartz Carlisle Cumberland
Erin  Searer Carlisle Cumberland
Peter  Selib Carlisle Cumberland
Nicholas  Smith Carlisle Cumberland
Rezkalla  Soliman Carlisle Cumberland
Felicia  Stackhouse Carlisle Cumberland
Ashley  Tyrrell Carlisle Cumberland
Jeremy  Weaver Carlisle Cumberland
Mackenzie  Yorlets Carlisle Cumberland
Jonathan  Zeigler Carlisle Cumberland
Madison  Barcavage Enola Cumberland
Mason  Baughman Enola Cumberland
Robert  Charles Enola Cumberland
Devian  Gray Enola Cumberland
Abderrazak  Hammou Enola Cumberland
Derek  Hendricks Enola Cumberland
Brandon  Kauffman Enola Cumberland
Andrew  Magaro Enola Cumberland
Cristina  Popescu Enola Cumberland
Jennifer  Sirois Enola Cumberland
Kerri  Utsick Enola Cumberland
Luis  Velasco Enola Cumberland
Jordan  Walters Enola Cumberland
Thomas  Claypool Lemoyne Cumberland
Tarah  Cordier Lemoyne Cumberland
Hind  Hamdi Lemoyne Cumberland
Rachael  Noble Lemoyne Cumberland
Dedrick  Richardson Lemoyne Cumberland
Seth  Saylor Lemoyne Cumberland
Anna  Smith Lemoyne Cumberland
Christina  Accomando Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Vanshika  Agarwal Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Miewan  Ahmed Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Tristan  Ambrose Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Anthony  Amuso Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Michaela  Anderson Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Tessa  Arnold Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Andrew  Barry Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Andrew  Bellis Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Chandler  Boarman Mechanicsburg Cumberland
David  Bouder Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Danielle  Bretzman Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Gwen  Burns Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Hayden  Calhoun Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Jared  Caton Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Michael  Collier Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Ryan  Corchado Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Victoria  Crossley Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Nicholas  De Falcis Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Rebekah  DiFilippo Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Chung Thi  Doan Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Nicole  Drummond Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Aaron  Duncan Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Mary  Eckrote Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Amber  Fake Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Fadwa  Fentis Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Shaun  Fieseler Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Anna  Fogarty Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Michael  Fox Mechanicsburg Cumberland
July  Gafaro Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Brandon  Garber Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Sage  Gionet Mechanicsburg Cumberland
HeonYeong  Ha Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Thomas  Herr Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Kaitlin  Hetrick Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Jacob  Huffman Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Titus  Irvin Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Natalie  Kaplan Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Hawzheen  Karim Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Joseph  Kern Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Aditya  Khandkar Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Garrett  Knisley Mechanicsburg Cumberland
David  Kosinski Mechanicsburg Cumberland
AdiDayanto  Kusuma Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Natalie  Lain Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Kyle  Lauver Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Brittany  LeDonne Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Jin Ju  Lee Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Jordan  Mattern Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Garrett  McGrath Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Aline  Menezes Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Tessann  Merkel Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Justin  Moore Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Eliezer  Mwankenja Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Jaimie  Neidig Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Tiffany  Nguyen Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Trang  Nguyen Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Matthew  Nighbert Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Michael  Plummer Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Karolina  Preweda Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Josiah  Read Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Samantha  Renee Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Samantha  Reynolds Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Lauren  Roach Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Micahlah  Sarver Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Makwan  Sayed Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Scott  Sheffer Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Jonathan  Sims Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Jeffrey  Tenan Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Kaho  Tsujimoto Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Piper  Williams Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Sue  Yom Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Ali  Wood Mount Holly Springs Cumberland
Allanah  Bonawitz New Cumberland Cumberland
Michael  DeTemple New Cumberland Cumberland
Madeline  Emory New Cumberland Cumberland
Harleigh  Freeman New Cumberland Cumberland
Lester  Ginanni New Cumberland Cumberland
Seth  Jackson New Cumberland Cumberland
Isaiah  Joiner New Cumberland Cumberland
Kevine  Kamga New Cumberland Cumberland
Jordan  Lepley New Cumberland Cumberland
Lizbeth  Medina New Cumberland Cumberland
Seth  Mickel New Cumberland Cumberland
Ashley  Miller New Cumberland Cumberland
Amber  Moose New Cumberland Cumberland
Amber  Peters New Cumberland Cumberland
Michael  Prinkey New Cumberland Cumberland
Alex  Pulido New Cumberland Cumberland
Trent  Resetar New Cumberland Cumberland
Donald  Shatzer New Cumberland Cumberland
Shawn  Towsley New Cumberland Cumberland
Jacob  Zeigler New Cumberland Cumberland
Alma  Zeljkovic New Cumberland Cumberland
Emily  Zerance New Cumberland Cumberland
Brian  Bennett Newville Cumberland
Brock  Fetchkan Newville Cumberland
Marissa  Swope Newville Cumberland
Ashley  Thorson Newville Cumberland
Hayley  Bryan Shippensburg Cumberland
Michael  Carroll Shippensburg Cumberland
Caitlyn  Davis Shippensburg Cumberland
Tuyen  Duong Shippensburg Cumberland
Penelope  Heichel Shippensburg Cumberland
Wesley  Kidwell Shippensburg Cumberland
Danielle  Long Shippensburg Cumberland
Karen  Oakman Shippensburg Cumberland
Roy  Ott Shippensburg Cumberland
Megan  Pomeroy Shippensburg Cumberland
Natasha  Runshaw Shippensburg Cumberland
Valerie  Russell Shippensburg Cumberland
Daniel  Hinssen Shiremanstown Cumberland
Benjamin  Mengle Shiremanstown Cumberland
Erin  Miller Wormleysburg Cumberland
Joshua  Feger Berrysburg Dauphin
Cody  Kautz Dauphin Dauphin
David  LaPlante Dauphin Dauphin
Travis  Deitrich Elizabethville Dauphin
Jalen  Readinger Elizabethville Dauphin
Luke  Adams Grantville Dauphin
Evan  Baker Grantville Dauphin
Janard  Megonnell Grantville Dauphin
Kylie  Phoenix Grantville Dauphin
Madissen  Miller Gratz Dauphin
Stephen  Berger Halifax Dauphin
Cameron  Crum Halifax Dauphin
Hannah  Custer Halifax Dauphin
Tyler  Hoffman Halifax Dauphin
Cameron  Hoy Halifax Dauphin
Valerie  Lahr Halifax Dauphin
Megan  Lehman Halifax Dauphin
Jonathan  Lindsay Halifax Dauphin
Emily  McCall Halifax Dauphin
Paige  Miller Halifax Dauphin
Wesley  Miller Halifax Dauphin
Daniel  Osenbach Halifax Dauphin
Dylan  Wertz Halifax Dauphin
Paige  Wolfe Halifax Dauphin
Angela  Abdullah Harrisburg Dauphin
Gasser  Abousaif Harrisburg Dauphin
Veronica  Adams Harrisburg Dauphin
Ram  Adhikari Harrisburg Dauphin
Hayatullah  Ahmad Harrisburg Dauphin
Saadia  Ali Harrisburg Dauphin
Lynsey  Alicea Harrisburg Dauphin
Olivia Allbritton Harrisburg Dauphin
Joey  Alvarez Harrisburg Dauphin
Precious  Anyadike Harrisburg Dauphin
Hannah  Baker Harrisburg Dauphin
Elizabeth  Barrantes Harrisburg Dauphin
Zane  Bayer Harrisburg Dauphin
Nicole  Bedford Harrisburg Dauphin
Zachary  Beers Harrisburg Dauphin
Matthew  Best Harrisburg Dauphin
Jonathan  Bishop Harrisburg Dauphin
Russel  Blust Harrisburg Dauphin
Jessica  Boltz Harrisburg Dauphin
Jeromy  Bonner Harrisburg Dauphin
Kodjo  Boutou Harrisburg Dauphin
Anthony  Bowen Harrisburg Dauphin
Michaela  Bowers Harrisburg Dauphin
Matthew  Boylan Harrisburg Dauphin
Avichai  Brautigam Harrisburg Dauphin
Robert  Brightbill Harrisburg Dauphin
Kiarah  Brown Harrisburg Dauphin
Monika  Budziak Harrisburg Dauphin
Benjamin  Byler Harrisburg Dauphin
Resaica  Cannon Harrisburg Dauphin
Joseph  Carricato Harrisburg Dauphin
Cameron  Cassell Harrisburg Dauphin
Ying-An  Chi Harrisburg Dauphin
Rachel  Chronister Harrisburg Dauphin
Kate  Clark Harrisburg Dauphin
James  Cleckner Harrisburg Dauphin
Emily  Colvin Harrisburg Dauphin
Erica  Cook Harrisburg Dauphin
Kathryn  Cook Harrisburg Dauphin
Holly  Dalton Harrisburg Dauphin
Jesse  Dalton Harrisburg Dauphin
Nam  Dang Harrisburg Dauphin
Viet  Dang Harrisburg Dauphin
Matthew  Daniels Harrisburg Dauphin
Ryan  Daub Harrisburg Dauphin
Klaudia  Defrank Harrisburg Dauphin
Megan  Deimler Harrisburg Dauphin
AnneMarie  Demmy Harrisburg Dauphin
Tayler  Dolmajer Harrisburg Dauphin
Helen  Dreher Harrisburg Dauphin
Kiel  Eckert Harrisburg Dauphin
Mary  Eshelman Harrisburg Dauphin
Muhammad  Fahad Harrisburg Dauphin
Denise  Fahie Harrisburg Dauphin
Christina  Fields Harrisburg Dauphin
Jeffrey  Figueroa Harrisburg Dauphin
Royal  Finch Harrisburg Dauphin
Lexie  Fisher Harrisburg Dauphin
Gabrielle  Frattaroli Harrisburg Dauphin
Joseph  Fredericks Harrisburg Dauphin
Megan  Gagliardi Harrisburg Dauphin
Bethany  Garber Harrisburg Dauphin
Jessica  Garland Harrisburg Dauphin
William  Gentry Harrisburg Dauphin
Damien  Glover Harrisburg Dauphin
Ines  Gogic Harrisburg Dauphin
Remon  Grees Harrisburg Dauphin
Philip  Gunther Harrisburg Dauphin
Laszlo  Hangyas Harrisburg Dauphin
Nicholas  Harty Harrisburg Dauphin
Zsatoya  Hawkins Harrisburg Dauphin
Julie  Heisey Harrisburg Dauphin
Derrick  Hepler Harrisburg Dauphin
Ruthanne  Herzing Harrisburg Dauphin
Brian  Hollenbeck Harrisburg Dauphin
Michael  Holmes Harrisburg Dauphin
Haoran  Hu Harrisburg Dauphin
Tuan  Huynh Harrisburg Dauphin
Aboubacar  Issoufou Ali Harrisburg Dauphin
Sergej  Jagodin Harrisburg Dauphin
Brittany  Jenkins Harrisburg Dauphin
Kasey  Jordan Harrisburg Dauphin
Paul  Jordan Harrisburg Dauphin
Dan Hee  Jung Harrisburg Dauphin
Bradley  Katz Harrisburg Dauphin
Edward  Keim Harrisburg Dauphin
Shannon  Kelly Harrisburg Dauphin
Lee  Kennedy Harrisburg Dauphin
Kayla  Kolman Harrisburg Dauphin
Cody  Lach Harrisburg Dauphin
Gabriel  Lara Harrisburg Dauphin
Vanessa  Layman Harrisburg Dauphin
Kiet  Le Harrisburg Dauphin
Shane  Leasure Harrisburg Dauphin
Patricia  Leer Harrisburg Dauphin
Taylor  Livering Harrisburg Dauphin
Elijah  Lonie Harrisburg Dauphin
Kimberly  Lopert Harrisburg Dauphin
Shikyra  Marshall Harrisburg Dauphin
Joya  Maser Harrisburg Dauphin
Angeline  Mays Harrisburg Dauphin
Amanda  McMillin Harrisburg Dauphin
Brody  Merlina Harrisburg Dauphin
Kohl  Merlina Harrisburg Dauphin
Kelsi  Miller Harrisburg Dauphin
Kerri  Miller Harrisburg Dauphin
Michael  Miller Harrisburg Dauphin
Cynthia  Mobis Harrisburg Dauphin
Jesuseun  Morohunfola Harrisburg Dauphin
Andrew  Morris Harrisburg Dauphin
Iprohim  Muhammath Harrisburg Dauphin
Rebecca  Mullins Harrisburg Dauphin
Krina  Naik Harrisburg Dauphin
Zahra  Najib Harrisburg Dauphin
Minh  Nguyen Harrisburg Dauphin
Thang  Nguyen Harrisburg Dauphin
Viet Long  Nguyen Ngo Harrisburg Dauphin
Chelsey  Oliver Harrisburg Dauphin
Vitaliy  Opalko Harrisburg Dauphin
Steven  Painter Harrisburg Dauphin
Suraj  Patel Harrisburg Dauphin
Robert  Pena Harrisburg Dauphin
Kayleigh  Pfeiffer Harrisburg Dauphin
Thuy  Pham Harrisburg Dauphin
Stanley  Pleskonko Harrisburg Dauphin
Ashton  Pollard Harrisburg Dauphin
Nicholas  Rastovac Harrisburg Dauphin
Amber  Reichwein Harrisburg Dauphin
Ashley  Rice Harrisburg Dauphin
Rene  Rice Harrisburg Dauphin
Luis  Rolon Harrisburg Dauphin
Aimee  Rosema Harrisburg Dauphin
Ariel  Rupp Harrisburg Dauphin
Banner  Samuelson Harrisburg Dauphin
William  Santanna Harrisburg Dauphin
Kendra  Schleig Harrisburg Dauphin
Eric  Schraf Harrisburg Dauphin
Kenneth  Seib Harrisburg Dauphin
Justine  Shaffer Harrisburg Dauphin
Jessica  Shank Harrisburg Dauphin
Lindsay  Snowden Harrisburg Dauphin
Erik  Steffens Harrisburg Dauphin
Alise  Stiffler Harrisburg Dauphin
Alissa  Stoneking Harrisburg Dauphin
Kristyna  Sucha Harrisburg Dauphin
Liliani  Sutedjo Harrisburg Dauphin
Sreehasa  Tanniru Harrisburg Dauphin
Mohammad  Tanveer Harrisburg Dauphin
Shanice  Taylor Harrisburg Dauphin
Yedidia  Thiombiano Harrisburg Dauphin
Amanda  Tipton Harrisburg Dauphin
Wanda  Tonsel-Schaeffer Harrisburg Dauphin
Diann  Toone Harrisburg Dauphin
Jackson  Toone Harrisburg Dauphin
Khoa  Trinh Harrisburg Dauphin
Kent  Umberger Harrisburg Dauphin
Peter  Vu Harrisburg Dauphin
Alexandra  Wert Harrisburg Dauphin
Madison  West Harrisburg Dauphin
Barbara  Williams Harrisburg Dauphin
Victoria  Wojciechowski Harrisburg Dauphin
Cassaundra  Wolfe Harrisburg Dauphin
Liying  Yang Harrisburg Dauphin
Nicole  Yaremchak Harrisburg Dauphin
Kyler  Yohn Harrisburg Dauphin
Brianna  Zilinski Harrisburg Dauphin
Madison  Christopher Hershey Dauphin
Samantha  Diener Hershey Dauphin
Emily  Gingrich Hershey Dauphin
Seth  Huff Hershey Dauphin
Stephen  Lepore Hershey Dauphin
Patricia  Martz Hershey Dauphin
Johnnie  Matthews Hershey Dauphin
Brandon  O'Connell Hershey Dauphin
Kyra  O'Connell Hershey Dauphin
Erick  Spong Hershey Dauphin
Duc  Ton Hershey Dauphin
Syann  Valentin Hershey Dauphin
Erin  Wentz Highspire Dauphin
Cortne  Barnhart Hummelstown Dauphin
Morgan  Barnhart Hummelstown Dauphin
Judy  Benke Hummelstown Dauphin
Michael  Cooper Hummelstown Dauphin
Dominic  Farole Hummelstown Dauphin
Matthew  Ford Hummelstown Dauphin
Samuel  Freeburn Hummelstown Dauphin
Rachel  Hoffman Hummelstown Dauphin
Adam  Imhof Hummelstown Dauphin
Kelsey  Jenakovich Hummelstown Dauphin
Alyssa  Marto Hummelstown Dauphin
David  Noss Hummelstown Dauphin
Natalia  Perez Hummelstown Dauphin
Marc  Powell Hummelstown Dauphin
Johanna  Rodriguez Hummelstown Dauphin
Joseph  Sellers Hummelstown Dauphin
Kyler  Shea Hummelstown Dauphin
Geoff  Warke Hummelstown Dauphin
Breana  Strohecker Lykens Dauphin
Tiahra  Adderley Middletown Dauphin
Makayla  Anderson Middletown Dauphin
Gideon  Buckwalter Middletown Dauphin
Julie  Dreisbach Middletown Dauphin
Gregory  Dunkle Middletown Dauphin
Christy  Frisby Middletown Dauphin
Matthew  Gibson Middletown Dauphin
Konstantinos  Koutris Middletown Dauphin
Emily  McKissick Middletown Dauphin
Rachel  Nelson Middletown Dauphin
Kevin  Patel Middletown Dauphin
Ashley  Royer Middletown Dauphin
Owen  Shank Middletown Dauphin
Jordan  Travitz Middletown Dauphin
Kalob  Ware Middletown Dauphin
Melissa  Young Middletown Dauphin
Frederick  Campbell Millersburg Dauphin
Wyatt  Crum Millersburg Dauphin
Marissa  Hines Millersburg Dauphin
Rachel  Millard Millersburg Dauphin
Akira  Palmer Millersburg Dauphin
Brooke  Shomper Millersburg Dauphin
Madeline  Uhler Millersburg Dauphin
Christian  Zeigler Millersburg Dauphin
Donzelle  Barrett Steelton Dauphin
Alisa  Carter Steelton Dauphin
Jonathan  Gutierrez Steelton Dauphin
Alexander  Paulino Steelton Dauphin
Pamela  Ratliff Steelton Dauphin
Joshua  Sanchez Filpo Steelton Dauphin
Sinarie  Segu-Baffoe Steelton Dauphin
Tina  Sovocool Steelton Dauphin
Madison  Citro Chambersburg Franklin
Dennis  Fleagle Chambersburg Franklin
Jordan  Hartzok Chambersburg Franklin
Paul  Hock Chambersburg Franklin
Christina  Shearer Chambersburg Franklin
Katherine  Trace Chambersburg Franklin
Jamy  Vargas Chambersburg Franklin
Ryan  Wingert Chambersburg Franklin
Emily  Hudock Fayetteville Franklin
Julie  Jones Fayetteville Franklin
Samuel  Effland Fort Loudon Franklin
Samuel  Adkins Mercersburg Franklin
Joshua  Holtry Orrstown Franklin
Philip  Carbaugh Saint Thomas Franklin
Eric  Gervasio Saint Thomas Franklin
Tiffany  Carbaugh Waynesboro Franklin
David  Ford Waynesboro Franklin
Todd  Price Waynesboro Franklin
Mason  Parks Mapleton Depot Huntingdon
Tyler  Carowick Todd Huntingdon
Kyle  Seeger Warriors Mark Huntingdon
Bailey  Coder Mc Alisterville Juniata
Javier  Figueroa Mifflintown Juniata
Hannah  Hunsberger Mifflintown Juniata
Chantzen  Imes Mifflintown Juniata
Jacob  Metz Mifflintown Juniata
Logan  Reichenbach Mifflintown Juniata
Rebecca  Ferry Richfield Juniata
Steve  Kratzer Richfield Juniata
Cody  Saner Thompsontown Juniata
Cheyenne  Angelo Akron Lancaster
George  Meehan Akron Lancaster
Joseph  Nguyen Akron Lancaster
Noah  Pratz Akron Lancaster
Caroline  Weber Akron Lancaster
Anna  Diem Brownstown Lancaster
Rachel  Boldt Christiana Lancaster
Valerie  Brewer Christiana Lancaster
Mary  Adib Columbia Lancaster
Brooke  Davis Columbia Lancaster
Michele  Gutshall Columbia Lancaster
Jennifer  Lee Columbia Lancaster
David  Stoudt Columbia Lancaster
Peter  Abraham Denver Lancaster
Matthew  Anderson Denver Lancaster
Adam  Fox Denver Lancaster
Nathan  Haldeman Denver Lancaster
Lelinna  Hinh Denver Lancaster
Sharra  Wile Denver Lancaster
Mary  Nolt Drumore Lancaster
Norman  Hahn East Earl Lancaster
Lauren  Reiff East Earl Lancaster
Megan  Roskow East Earl Lancaster
Ashley  Snader East Earl Lancaster
Angela  Bleyer East Petersburg Lancaster
Derek  Eberly East Petersburg Lancaster
Veronika  Oleksyuk East Petersburg Lancaster
Damon  Padua East Petersburg Lancaster
Kalanna  Robinson East Petersburg Lancaster
Chelsea  White East Petersburg Lancaster
Andrew  Caldwell Elizabethtown Lancaster
Kayla  Eck Elizabethtown Lancaster
Anastasiya  Filippova Elizabethtown Lancaster
Bradley  Konopka Elizabethtown Lancaster
Jerred  Long Elizabethtown Lancaster
Brianna  Major Elizabethtown Lancaster
Sarah  Martin Elizabethtown Lancaster
Colin  Miller Elizabethtown Lancaster
Sarah  Phillippe Elizabethtown Lancaster
John  Rebuck Elizabethtown Lancaster
Matthew  Romain Elizabethtown Lancaster
Chase  Stehman Elizabethtown Lancaster
Michaela  Trimble Elizabethtown Lancaster
Emma  Wenger Elizabethtown Lancaster
Nick  Woltman Elizabethtown Lancaster
Chantel  Zimmerman Elizabethtown Lancaster
Timothy  Bissinger Ephrata Lancaster
Danielle  Herr Ephrata Lancaster
Hannah  Holbritter Ephrata Lancaster
Andrew  Joyce Ephrata Lancaster
Marissa  Kopp Ephrata Lancaster
Amy  Marshall Ephrata Lancaster
Katie  Martin Ephrata Lancaster
Nicholas  Martin Ephrata Lancaster
Dalton  Taylor Ephrata Lancaster
Matthew  Volker Ephrata Lancaster
Rendell  Weaver Ephrata Lancaster
Joshua  Zamrin Ephrata Lancaster
Taylor  McKinney Gap Lancaster
Chad  Mullen Gap Lancaster
Karen  Weisel Gordonville Lancaster
Zachary  Brubaker Holtwood Lancaster
Kelsey  Beiler Kinzers Lancaster
Timothy  Delp Kirkwood Lancaster
Lanaea Abaka Lancaster Lancaster
Nana Kwame  Afreh Sika Lancaster Lancaster
Wilhelmina  Agterdenbos Lancaster Lancaster
Khalil  Al Saqqa Lancaster Lancaster
Irma  Amill Lancaster Lancaster
Sora  An Lancaster Lancaster
Erin  Anderson Lancaster Lancaster
Karl-Doudy  Angrand Lancaster Lancaster
Julie  Armstrong Lancaster Lancaster
Rebekah  Armstrong Lancaster Lancaster
Samantha  Avis Lancaster Lancaster
Alexa  Boll Lancaster Lancaster
Jonna  Bye Lancaster Lancaster
Yuri  Choe Lancaster Lancaster
Lacey  Cigan Lancaster Lancaster
Lauren  Clark Lancaster Lancaster
Alyssa  Coonan Lancaster Lancaster
Corinne  Costello Lancaster Lancaster
Dylan  Davis Lancaster Lancaster
Khanh-Phuong  Do Lancaster Lancaster
Minh  Do Lancaster Lancaster
Eric  Donahue Lancaster Lancaster
Jean Berno  Elie Lancaster Lancaster
Chandler  Elliott Lancaster Lancaster
Amir  Fahim Lancaster Lancaster
Antonio  Faro Lancaster Lancaster
Emily  Finnigan Lancaster Lancaster
Andrianna  Frey Lancaster Lancaster
Jennifer  Gehman Lancaster Lancaster
Solomon  Geleta Lancaster Lancaster
Shazel  Gonzalez Lancaster Lancaster
Jillian  Graves Lancaster Lancaster
Jesse  Greider Lancaster Lancaster
Corinne  Haines Lancaster Lancaster
Tonya  Hall Lancaster Lancaster
Christopher  Hartman Lancaster Lancaster
Jacob  Hayostek Lancaster Lancaster
Megan  Herr Lancaster Lancaster
Spencer  High Lancaster Lancaster
Azlynn  Hill Lancaster Lancaster
Lillian  Hockenbrocht Lancaster Lancaster
Michael  Hollender Lancaster Lancaster
Hyein  Hong Lancaster Lancaster
Sarah  Hunsicker Lancaster Lancaster
Emad  Ibrahim Lancaster Lancaster
Alexis  Jones Lancaster Lancaster
Nisha  Katuwal Lancaster Lancaster
Julia  Kuro Lancaster Lancaster
Alisia  Lara Lancaster Lancaster
Yen  Le Lancaster Lancaster
Micah  Lehman Lancaster Lancaster
Jason  Leighty Lancaster Lancaster
Lauren  Lesher Lancaster Lancaster
Jose  Liriano Lancaster Lancaster
Hai  Ly Lancaster Lancaster
Meyling  Maeda Lancaster Lancaster
Samuel  Martello Lancaster Lancaster
Gladys  Molina Hill Lancaster Lancaster
Erin  Moore Lancaster Lancaster
Amber  Mullin Lancaster Lancaster
Janardan  Neupane Lancaster Lancaster
Lyse  Ntsoumou Lancaster Lancaster
Sai  Nu Lancaster Lancaster
Amber  Oatman Lancaster Lancaster
Nicole  Patton Lancaster Lancaster
Quelebrian  Pietri Lancaster Lancaster
Isaac  Poe Lancaster Lancaster
Lynn  Pyott Lancaster Lancaster
Jason  Reese Lancaster Lancaster
Patrick  Ressler Lancaster Lancaster
Joshua  Riley Lancaster Lancaster
Sabrina  Rodriguez Lancaster Lancaster
Adam  Sclafani Lancaster Lancaster
Alison  Shank Lancaster Lancaster
Chaya  Terranova Lancaster Lancaster
Hung  Tran Lancaster Lancaster
Bishnu  Uprety Lancaster Lancaster
Rick  Vargas Rico Lancaster Lancaster
Michelle  VonNieda- Lagrassa Lancaster Lancaster
Alexandra  Weaver Lancaster Lancaster
Harrison  Weaver Lancaster Lancaster
Ashley  Wenger Lancaster Lancaster
Jasmine  Wiltshire Lancaster Lancaster
Alyna  Woodson Lancaster Lancaster
Whitney  Worley Lancaster Lancaster
Alexander  Yu Lancaster Lancaster
Todd  Zettlemoyer Lancaster Lancaster
Wei  Zhang Lancaster Lancaster
Jessica  Doman Landisville Lancaster
Rickey  Engle Landisville Lancaster
Kenneth  Wiederrecht Landisville Lancaster
Cameron  Eaby Leola Lancaster
Abby  Heiselman Leola Lancaster
Brandi  Norton Leola Lancaster
Kara  Overly Leola Lancaster
Dashanae  Washington Leola Lancaster
Jena  Armstrong Lititz Lancaster
Ellexis  Batturs Lititz Lancaster
Heidi  Bushong Lititz Lancaster
Olivia  Caporaletti Lititz Lancaster
Tanya  Caporaletti Lititz Lancaster
Jacqueline  Carpenter Lititz Lancaster
Justin  Cramer Lititz Lancaster
Amber  DeSantis Lititz Lancaster
Brittney  Dilucia Lititz Lancaster
Demi  Ehrhart Lititz Lancaster
Collin  Fink Lititz Lancaster
Dustin  Gebhard Lititz Lancaster
Jacob  Golden Lititz Lancaster
Rachel  Herr Lititz Lancaster
Lindsey  Horst Lititz Lancaster
Malina  Kongsynonh Lititz Lancaster
Heather  Linton Lititz Lancaster
Daniel  Machin Lititz Lancaster
Alessandro  Mancini Lititz Lancaster
Tia  Mauro Lititz Lancaster
Katharine  Miller Lititz Lancaster
Delaney  Ryan Lititz Lancaster
Emma  Samuelson Lititz Lancaster
Keri  Snyder Lititz Lancaster
Morgan  Snyder Lititz Lancaster
Tatiana  Stauffer Lititz Lancaster
Richard  Stepina Lititz Lancaster
Ethan  Stroh Lititz Lancaster
Taylor  Toborowski Lititz Lancaster
Katelyn  Young Lititz Lancaster
Allissa  Abbott Manheim Lancaster
Chandler  Eaby Manheim Lancaster
Caleb  Enck Manheim Lancaster
Emily  Good Manheim Lancaster
Giang  Hummel Manheim Lancaster
Skyfa  Inthavong Manheim Lancaster
Yvonne  Johnson Manheim Lancaster
Paul  Johnston Manheim Lancaster
Christine  Lehman Manheim Lancaster
John  McCormick Manheim Lancaster
Amy  Rieg Manheim Lancaster
Adam  Stone Manheim Lancaster
Joshua  Williams Manheim Lancaster
Alexandra  Witman Manheim Lancaster
Dustin  Beaverson Marietta Lancaster
Yara  Ortiz Marietta Lancaster
Justin  Zimmerman Marietta Lancaster
Marion  Williams Maytown Lancaster
Naiesha  Mendes Millersville Lancaster
Dianne  Neff Millersville Lancaster
Julia  Yoder Millersville Lancaster
Christina  Auer Mount Joy Lancaster
Joel  Burgo Mount Joy Lancaster
Madison  Eshbach Mount Joy Lancaster
Bethany  Gohn Mount Joy Lancaster
Jonathan  Juarbe Mount Joy Lancaster
Hannah  Kark Mount Joy Lancaster
Edward  Mumma Mount Joy Lancaster
Katrina  Peirson Mount Joy Lancaster
Hope  Settle Mount Joy Lancaster
Yelena  Tlumach Mount Joy Lancaster
Krista  Truett Mount Joy Lancaster
Kenneth  Alvarez Mountville Lancaster
April  Romanosky Mountville Lancaster
Caroline  Zook Mountville Lancaster
Jennifer  Brackett Narvon Lancaster
Jonathan  Good Narvon Lancaster
Nathan  Slye Narvon Lancaster
David  Stoltzfus Narvon Lancaster
Lijing  Dong New Holland Lancaster
Nichole  Esh New Holland Lancaster
Kristen  Martin New Holland Lancaster
Zachary  Cain Paradise Lancaster
Cody  Yoder Paradise Lancaster
Mark  Marzean Quarryville Lancaster
Amanda  Osborne Quarryville Lancaster
Britany  Slobodjian Quarryville Lancaster
Kei  Ariyoshi Ronks Lancaster
Megan  Ellenberger Stevens Lancaster
Mary  Harnish Stevens Lancaster
Matthew  McKinney Stevens Lancaster
Emily  Parrish Stevens Lancaster
Kaitlyn  Duncan Strasburg Lancaster
Grace  Epstein Strasburg Lancaster
Sarah  Koebley Strasburg Lancaster
Megan  Spalletta-Ferrari Strasburg Lancaster
Aaron  Blain Talmage Lancaster
Mark  Tlumach Terre Hill Lancaster
Stephen  Lownsbery Willow Street Lancaster
Preston  Peiffer Willow Street Lancaster
Kyrsten  Ross Willow Street Lancaster
Jared  Thomas Willow Street Lancaster
Patric  Altland Annville Lebanon
Amelia  Clay Annville Lebanon
Eva  Good Annville Lebanon
Austin  Kaylor Annville Lebanon
Justin  Lutz Annville Lebanon
Corinne  Porter Annville Lebanon
Emma  Semrau Annville Lebanon
Terri  Bardine Cleona Lebanon
Khalil  Guenther Cleona Lebanon
Sarah  Hummel Cleona Lebanon
Rebecca  Boltz Fredericksburg Lebanon
Julie  Brandt Fredericksburg Lebanon
Christian  Carrera Fredericksburg Lebanon
Julie  Chew Fredericksburg Lebanon
Michael  White Fredericksburg Lebanon
Crystal  Yost Fredericksburg Lebanon
Jarret  Zimmerman Fredericksburg Lebanon
Brianna  Derr Jonestown Lebanon
Ricky  Di Maria Jonestown Lebanon
Joseph  Letizia Jonestown Lebanon
Lauren  Parker Jonestown Lebanon
Lindsey  Smith Jonestown Lebanon
Ashley  Steinbacher Jonestown Lebanon
David  Acker Lebanon Lebanon
Magan  Albright Lebanon Lebanon
Abigail  Andrulonis Lebanon Lebanon
Erika  Arnold Lebanon Lebanon
Mary  Beard Lebanon Lebanon
Billy  Blair Lebanon Lebanon
Alexis  Boltz Lebanon Lebanon
Danica  Bordner Lebanon Lebanon
Omar  Boudriss Lebanon Lebanon
Samantha  Bowser Lebanon Lebanon
Christina  Candelieri Lebanon Lebanon
Nicholas  Cantrell Lebanon Lebanon
Samantha  Cappas Lebanon Lebanon
Leslie  Castro Lebanon Lebanon
Aidan  Coughlin Lebanon Lebanon
Justin  Culp Lebanon Lebanon
Nikolas  Daub Lebanon Lebanon
Jeremiah  Davis Lebanon Lebanon
Bryan  Dunbar Lebanon Lebanon
Ethan  Eckert Lebanon Lebanon
Murphy  Edwin Lebanon Lebanon
Molly  Finley Lebanon Lebanon
Dennis  Flanagan Lebanon Lebanon
Mary  Fratangeli Lebanon Lebanon
Kaleigh  Fuhrman Lebanon Lebanon
Megan  Gassert Lebanon Lebanon
Austin  Geissinger Lebanon Lebanon
Adrienne  Groff Lebanon Lebanon
Jonathan  Gunnells Lebanon Lebanon
Britny  Holzman Lebanon Lebanon
Alyssa  Huegel Lebanon Lebanon
Jesse  Hummel Lebanon Lebanon
Alexander  Johnson Lebanon Lebanon
Kenard  Jones Lebanon Lebanon
Megan  Kaylor Lebanon Lebanon
Kristine  Kennedy Lebanon Lebanon
Devon  Lutz Lebanon Lebanon
Janelle  Lynch Lebanon Lebanon
Andre  Martin Lebanon Lebanon
Jeanette  Mays Lebanon Lebanon
Kevin  McCarron Lebanon Lebanon
Eric  Miller Lebanon Lebanon
Colin  Myers Lebanon Lebanon
Rachel  Olson Lebanon Lebanon
Brandon  Ott Lebanon Lebanon
Andrew  Peters Lebanon Lebanon
Natasha  Pidgorodetskiy Lebanon Lebanon
Mackenzie  Richards Lebanon Lebanon
Brianna  Rissinger Lebanon Lebanon
Brittany  Rittle Lebanon Lebanon
Devon  Sebastian Lebanon Lebanon
Riley  Sharp Lebanon Lebanon
Kourtney  Sics Lebanon Lebanon
Vinessa  Sipe Lebanon Lebanon
Andrew  Snyder Lebanon Lebanon
Kristian  Thomas Lebanon Lebanon
Jennifer  VanVleet Lebanon Lebanon
Ala  Vega Lebanon Lebanon
Samantha  Waldron Lebanon Lebanon
Nathan  Wolfe Lebanon Lebanon
Charles  Yost Lebanon Lebanon
Miranda  Martin Mount Gretna Lebanon
Kyle  Clark Myerstown Lebanon
Layne  Conners Myerstown Lebanon
Damian  Fisher Myerstown Lebanon
Alexander  Jonovich Myerstown Lebanon
Austin  Kinney Myerstown Lebanon
Jennifer  Kinsey Myerstown Lebanon
Collin  Landis Myerstown Lebanon
Sharon  Nolt Myerstown Lebanon
Logan  Raiger Myerstown Lebanon
Katrina  Shimp Myerstown Lebanon
Amber  Tittle Myerstown Lebanon
Jamie  Wampler Myerstown Lebanon
Cole  Adams Newmanstown Lebanon
Sara  Bentz Newmanstown Lebanon
Brock  Elliott Newmanstown Lebanon
Annie  Gockley Newmanstown Lebanon
Courtney  Hogeland Newmanstown Lebanon
Kelly  Kiousis Newmanstown Lebanon
Jenna  Oliviero Newmanstown Lebanon
Todd  Bensinger Palmyra Lebanon
Telih  Boyiri Palmyra Lebanon
Breanna  Brannen Palmyra Lebanon
Derek  Crouse Palmyra Lebanon
Austin  Downie Palmyra Lebanon
Sage  Erdman Palmyra Lebanon
Michael  Hall Palmyra Lebanon
Laura  Hutson Palmyra Lebanon
Nyesha  Lynch-Matlack Palmyra Lebanon
Erin  Meola-Bjorkstedt Palmyra Lebanon
Daniel  Spaulding Palmyra Lebanon
Zachary  Stalnecker Palmyra Lebanon
Jessica  Theurer Palmyra Lebanon
Luke  Viozzi Palmyra Lebanon
Nicholas  Kitsch Richland Lebanon
Gage  Melusky Richland Lebanon
Tamara  Korotkikh Schaefferstown Lebanon
Levi  Spring Muncy Lycoming
Kelcey  Coppola South Williamsport Lycoming
Rebecca  Hartzler Belleville Mifflin
Gage  Wagner Lewistown Mifflin
Denis  Mulligan Danville Montour
Saliou  Ndiaye Danville Montour
Jesse  Wisowaty Danville Montour
James  Lenker Dalmatia Northumberland
Jeannette  Ramirez Milton Northumberland
Amilee  Miller Sunbury Northumberland
Sara  Beaston Blain Perry
William Archibald Duncannon Perry
Joy  Boettinger Duncannon Perry
Marisa  Boettinger Duncannon Perry
Joshua  Criswell Duncannon Perry
Joseph  Fabiankovitz Duncannon Perry
Shana  Louden Duncannon Perry
Rebekah  Smith Duncannon Perry
Austin  Wilt Duncannon Perry
Dainius  Shirmer Elliottsburg Perry
Dylan  Smith Elliottsburg Perry
Victoria  Albright Landisburg Perry
Adrienne  Grosso Landisburg Perry
Hannah  Bickel Liverpool Perry
Hannah  Dincau Loysville Perry
Jodie  Meglio Loysville Perry
Genevieve  Elmore Marysville Perry
Jacob  Nagengast Marysville Perry
Brandon  Rynard Marysville Perry
Sarah  Snyder Marysville Perry
Stephen  Stouffer Marysville Perry
Cole  Taylor Marysville Perry
Gwendolyn  Anderson Millerstown Perry
Rachel  Beaver Millerstown Perry
Jonathan  Bixler Millerstown Perry
Jenna  Nankivell Millerstown Perry
Erin  Clouser New Bloomfield Perry
Kyle  Keath New Bloomfield Perry
Kristen  Kertulis New Bloomfield Perry
Cameron  May New Bloomfield Perry
Mason  Arbogast Newport Perry
Nicholas  Cristoforo Newport Perry
Janelle  Frymoyer Newport Perry
Jessica  Gibboney Newport Perry
Rebekah  Laverty Newport Perry
Kyle  Leibich Newport Perry
Haydyn  OBrien Newport Perry
Michala  Spigelmyer Newport Perry
Craig  Wright Newport Perry
Tasha  Crone Shermans Dale Perry
Joshua  Henry Shermans Dale Perry
Joseph  Kon Shermans Dale Perry
Kendra  Reeder Shermans Dale Perry
Seth  Seely Shermans Dale Perry
Dusten  Taggart Shermans Dale Perry
David  Searles Ashland Schuylkill
Alicia  Garrity Auburn Schuylkill
Jinyoung  Jang Frackville Schuylkill
Jonathan  Glosek Klingerstown Schuylkill
Jamie  Ewart Muir Schuylkill
Lauren  Davis Pine Grove Schuylkill
Madison  Wolfe Pine Grove Schuylkill
Brandon  Auman Tower City Schuylkill
Lee  Dreisigacker Tower City Schuylkill
Serena  Howell Tower City Schuylkill
Ramonita  Leon Tower City Schuylkill
Brittany  Barnes Valley View Schuylkill
Sarah  Goulet Zion Grove Schuylkill
Jessica  Wetzel Beaver Springs Snyder
Ashley  Campbell Freeburg Snyder
Jonathan  Mull Middleburg Snyder
Anthony  Pellot Middleburg Snyder
Suzanne  Ross Middleburg Snyder
Alexis  Horst Mount Pleasant Mills Snyder
Ryan  Pyle Mount Pleasant Mills Snyder
Madeline  Reese Port Trevorton Snyder
Levi  Sanders Selinsgrove Snyder
Rebecca  Hosier Liberty Tioga
Erik  Lawton Lewisburg Union
Rebecca  Rosenberger Lewisburg Union
Caitlin  Dodge Mifflinburg Union
Amanda  Ackley Millmont Union
Katelinn  Gillespie Millmont Union
Joseph  Smith Millmont Union
Tyler  Hott Winfield Union
Laura  Reich Winfield Union
Christian  Ashlin Dallastown York
Samantha  Harman Dallastown York
Samantha  Sidesinger Dallastown York
Robert  Robinson Delta York
Jacob  Whitt Delta York
Jenny  Boliew Dillsburg York
Jessica  Crawford Dillsburg York
Miranda  Eckenrode Dillsburg York
Morgan Ehrich Dillsburg York
Kathleen  Hally Dillsburg York
Mark  Hally Dillsburg York
John  Markey Dillsburg York
Edward  Mooney Dillsburg York
Rachael  Mullen Dillsburg York
Angel  Nguyen Dillsburg York
Morgan  Richard Dillsburg York
Christopher  Strayer Dillsburg York
Ashley  Tissue Dillsburg York
David  Tristan Dillsburg York
Cassandra  Zeiger Dillsburg York
Kelsey  Allison Dover York
Clarissa  Avery Dover York
Christopher  Baker Dover York
Daniel  Baumes Dover York
Gwendolyn  Blouse Dover York
Brenden  Brooks Dover York
Shelly  Crone Dover York
Lynn  Easparro Dover York
Jenica  Firth Dover York
Brittany  Geiselman Dover York
Allison  Hanna Dover York
Jennifer  Ladd Dover York
Rachael  Laughead Dover York
Krystal  McClucas Dover York
Dwan  Peterson Dover York
Alexis  Potts Dover York
Matthew  Renfrew Dover York
Jonah  Walston Emigsville York
Luke  Bingaman Etters York
Brittany  Carroll Etters York
Nathaniel  Chambers Etters York
Alexandra  Curtis Etters York
Sarah  Dropkin Etters York
Kaitlyn  Evans Etters York
Dimitry  Facemire Etters York
Taylor  Harris Etters York
Marley  Lamb Etters York
Harrison  Mann Etters York
Johnathan  Newcomer Etters York
Allison  Reams Etters York
Zachary  Snyder Etters York
Megan  Stewart Etters York
Taylor  Stone Etters York
Brian  Stright Etters York
Rachael  Zindren Etters York
Ian  Hermanns Felton York
Lydia  Hermanns Felton York
Breanna  Sullivan Felton York
Nicole  Thomas Felton York
Cheryl  Bedgar Glen Rock York
Gaelan  Hagler Glen Rock York
Kathleen  Lochary-Quinn Glen Rock York
Megan  Rogers Glen Rock York
Rachael  Abrams Hanover York
Cassidy  Altland Hanover York
Maxwell  Bankert Hanover York
Ryan  Barlow Hanover York
Ryan  Barnhart Hanover York
Lauren  Bell Hanover York
Jeannette  Graf Hanover York
Jahir  Hernandez Hanover York
Morganne  Holtzman Hanover York
Benjamin  Ibisevic Hanover York
Taylor  Kocher Hanover York
Krystal  Kurtz Hanover York
Louis  Montecalvo Hanover York
Emily  Moore Hanover York
Jennifer  Muser Hanover York
Jack  Nunn Hanover York
Thomas  Parrish Hanover York
Krystal  Patton Hanover York
Lindsay  Propalis Hanover York
Julia  Richter Hanover York
Marisa  Riebling Hanover York
Indira  Rucic Hanover York
Andrew  Ruth Hanover York
Desiree  Serio Hanover York
Michael  Smith Hanover York
Sarah  Sperlein Hanover York
Sadira  Stallings Hanover York
Tobias  Talamantes Hanover York
Nathan  Tasker Hanover York
Faith  Thomas Hanover York
Ashlee  Wallace Hanover York
Rebecca  Wallen Hanover York
Taylor  Wildasin Hanover York
Lisa  Wysocki Hanover York
Bethany  Zinn Hanover York
Dakota  Blymire Hellam York
Levi  Dietz Hellam York
Madeline  Thompson Hellam York
Logan  Acri Lewisberry York
Mckayla  Buhr Lewisberry York
Rachel  Lippy Lewisberry York
Max  McAllister Lewisberry York
Cassidy  Moyer Lewisberry York
Jackie  Selack Lewisberry York
Jessica  Waller Lewisberry York
Kyrstin  Lawyer Manchester York
John  Lower Manchester York
Jordan  Reeser Manchester York
Sequoia  Seiler Manchester York
Chelsea  Childs Mount Wolf York
Sabastian  Keister Mount Wolf York
Hannah  McCowan Mount Wolf York
Lindsey  Alwine New Freedom York
Jaclyn  Ditt New Freedom York
David  Gallegos New Freedom York
Gerald  Kemper New Freedom York
Sadie  Leslie New Freedom York
Victoria  Rassa New Freedom York
Amelia  McKnight New Park York
Brooklyn  Wiles New Park York
Beverly  Baumgardner Red Lion York
Tanner  Brady Red Lion York
Heather  Caraway Red Lion York
Megan  Emge-Barnhart Red Lion York
Bryanna  Farley Red Lion York
Corey  Hoffman Red Lion York
Chad  Inners Red Lion York
Samuel  Jefferis Red Lion York
Cheyenne  Jones Red Lion York
Rami  Kennedy Red Lion York
Lily  McGahan Red Lion York
Heather  McKinley Red Lion York
Katie  Petry Red Lion York
Tristan  Scott Red Lion York
Jonathon  Sockwell Red Lion York
Tucker  Stokes Red Lion York
Ruzhou  Tang Red Lion York
Katie  Tyson Red Lion York
David  Weaver Red Lion York
Yordan  Mavrodinov Seven Valleys York
Kristi  Rauhauser Seven Valleys York
Nina  Barco Shrewsbury York
Dana  Blevins Shrewsbury York
April  Heil Shrewsbury York
Vikas  Patel Shrewsbury York
Nathan  Sergent Shrewsbury York
John  Whitesell Shrewsbury York
Mary  Altland Spring Grove York
Angela  Casseday Spring Grove York
Nicholas  Johnson Spring Grove York
Kelsey  Ruhlman Spring Grove York
Kellye  Shue Spring Grove York
Shawn  Stiles Spring Grove York
Courtney  Eldridge Stewartstown York
Erik  Hays Stewartstown York
Julie  Kemp Stewartstown York
Madeline  McEvoy Stewartstown York
Collin  Walsh Stewartstown York
Emma  Blottenberger Thomasville York
Skylar  Beard Wellsville York
David  Carapezza Wellsville York
Mariah  Shope Wellsville York
James  Birch Windsor York
Ashley  Holloway Windsor York
Wynter  Yarish Windsor York
Katherine  Greenwood Wrightsville York
Heather  Habecker Wrightsville York
Kate  Nopulos Wrightsville York
Ricky  Anders York York
Jamie  Anderson York York
Sara  Anstine York York
Jonathan  Arnold York York
Adam  Bardo York York
Adele  Bartha York York
Godiva  Biayi York York
Cherokee  Bingham York York
Laveta  Blackwill York York
Tanner  Bowman York York
Cory  Brown York York
Tyler  Burke York York
Malia  Burris York York
Marlene  Castillo York York
Jarin  Chowdhury York York
Jessica  DeArmas York York
Eliah  DeSeta York York
Olivia  Downs York York
Justin  Fantom York York
Jordan  Fenton York York
Noah  Fox York York
Dylan  Fry York York
Patrick  Gallagher York York
Rachel  Gibson York York
Jessica  Gotwalt York York
Forrest  Green York York
Mindy  Gruzin York York
Gabrielle  Guzman York York
Katie  Haldeman York York
Julie  Hall York York
Mandy  Holtzapple York York
Jadeia  Howell York York
Emma  Hull York York
Kelli  Jamieson York York
Mihail  Katsarov York York
Tyler  Ket York York
Travis  Knox York York
Cassady  Krinock York York
Dylan  Landes York York
Richard  Lehr York York
Shantelle  Lewis York York
Jade  Lopes York York
Dana  Lutz York York
Maxwell  Malley York York
Brittany  Mancha York York
Estefania  Martinez Dimas York York
Allison  McKee York York
Liam  Mclarney York York
Meghan  Michael York York
Kelli  Mitchell York York
Noura  Mohamed York York
Sara Mohamed York York
Kaitlin  Mueller York York
Ngoc Han  Nguyen York York
Thu anh Nguyen York York
Giuliano  Oliveira Lima York York
Miguel  Perez York York
Courtney  Perry York York
Benjamin  Peters York York
Amy  Philopena York York
Jaron  Picking York York
Matthew  Ribera York York
Joshua  Rosenberger York York
Lyliah  Rossi York York
Paul  Ruberg York York
Samantha  Sabatini York York
Payton  Salsgiver York York
Selma  Sejmenovic York York
Victoria  Siegel York York
Allison  Sinclair York York
Cheyanne  Skelton York York
Michelle  Snyder York York
Joseph  Staley York York
Ramel  Stephens York York
Rochelle  Stewart York York
Joanna  Stratis York York
Julieanne  Thomas York York
Michael  Thomas York York
Rachele  Tombolini York York
Morgan  Unruh York York
Kyle  Wagman York York
Karen  Wahl York York
Wade  Watkins York York
Angel  Whitaker York York
John  Wisniewski York York
Ashley  Zerne York York
Katlyn  Beard York Haven York
Trae  Beyer York Haven York
Megan  Cacchiani York Haven York
Jeff  Conley York Haven York
Sami  Richcreek York Haven York
Not in Pennsylvania City County
Jacqueline  Rogers Santa Maria California
Katherine  Hollibaugh Junction City Kansas
Marlene  Hudson Shamong New Jersey
Latif  Ougzin Jackson Heights New York
Jessica  Burgos Fredericksburg Virginia
Tyla  Franklin Lorton Virginia
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