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HACC's 41st Wildwood Writers’ Festival
Local award-winning writers, community members, HACC students and alumni engaged with the public and celebrated the art of writing during the 41st annual Wildwood Writers’ Festival on March 23, 2023, at the Harrisburg Campus of HACC, Central Pennsylvania’s Community College. 


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31 May 2018

Beyond Extraordinary: Donors to Launch Three Campaigns to Support HACC Students

HARRISBURG, Pa. – Would you run 200 miles to have your 70th birthday on a mountaintop?
Not many people would – or could.
However, a group of passionate donors will celebrate these achievements when they launch three separate crowdfunding campaigns in mid-June 2018 to raise funds to support students and programming at HACC, Central Pennsylvania’s Community College.
These HACC donors will:
  • Run a 200-mile relay
  • Climb two 11,000-foot mountains
  • Celebrate a 70th birthday
Although these are three separate events, the impact is the same – extraordinary!
These donors recognize that college is a challenge that requires physical and mental endurance, stamina and strength along with institutional and social support. On the road of life, HACC students, many of whom are the first in their families to attend college, face uneven surfaces, potholes, rain and uphill climbs that they think they can’t overcome. Just when they are about to give up, a teammate grabs the baton and gives them an opportunity to rest, reset and get back in the race. Please see below for the details of each crowdfunding event.


On June 15 and June 16, a six-person “HACC Yeah!” team will undertake a 200-mile relay during the Reebok Ragnar Road Pennsylvania race from Lancaster to Jim Thorpe. Their goal is to raise $3,000 to benefit the Collegewide Student Success Fund for Excellence.

The “HACC Yeah!” team includes:
  • Aimee Brough, vice president of human resources
  • Shannon Harvey, Gettysburg Campus vice president
  • Toni Mark, development officer for donor relations
  • Rob Swatski, associate professor of biology at the York Campus
  • Ken Shur, Harrisburg Campus interim dean of student affairs
  • John J. “Ski” Sygielski, College president
HACC’s Collegewide Student Success Fund for Excellence is available to assist students facing barriers to their success at HACC. For every mile the “HACC Yeah!” team runs (approximately 200 miles) during the relay, they are asking for contributions of at least $2 (per mile) to the Collegewide Student Success Fund for Excellence. YOUR support will help HACC students.


Would you attempt to climb a mountain of more than 11,000 feet? During his #Climb4Classes campaign, HACC Foundation Board member Jonathan Williams will attempt this not once, but twice in four days – then ski down both mountains upon reaching their summits. From June 15 to June 19, Jonathan and his friends, Jesse Whitcomb and Erik Kohan, plan to accomplish these feats at Mount Hood in Oregon and Mount Adams in Washington.
As they climb, the #Climb4Classes team’s goal is to raise $5,000 for the Nursing Fund for Excellence at HACC. As a HACC nursing faculty member, Williams’ wife, Diane Klescewski, sees the many challenges students face and overcome in their journey. He and his friends are seeking contributions to ensure students in need can “reach the summit” so that they can enjoy a fulfilling career. 
The Nursing Fund for Excellence keeps the nursing program at HACC on the cutting edge of innovation in a field that is constantly growing and changing. HACC is committed to continue providing a nursing program that is dynamic and innovative so that HACC nursing students can be successful in their careers.
Williams said, “The ski down off these summits is meant to symbolize the fun part, your career. We work so hard to climb to that summit so we can enjoy the righteous ‘turns’ of a fulfilling career. The initiative #Climb4Classes will further help many students achieve their academic summits!”


In celebration of his 70th birthday on June 20, Ron Rebuck, director of nursing at HACC’s Harrisburg Campus and proud HACC alumnus, is leading a crowdfunding campaign to support the Nursing Fund for Excellence. Rebuck’s goal is to raise $2,000 for the Nursing Fund for Excellence in celebration of his milestone birthday.
Rebuck said, “I always encourage students to explore all their options, and I am very forthright about what they will receive, educationally, at HACC. It has been a privilege and an honor to advise students about nursing education at HACC because I am a graduate. I have walked the walk, so I can talk the talk. I have spent many years here, and I have witnessed the growth of the College and the expansions to other campuses. HACC offers a caring environment for students, and the faculty is invested in the success and future of the students.”
HACC has remained on the cutting edge in nursing programs, but the technology in this field is constantly changing. Contributions to this crowdfunding campaign not only will help celebrate Rebuck's 70th birthday, they will help provide students with the most innovative equipment and training. Tax-deductible contributions will allow for innovation in this ever-changing field.
Linnie S. Carter, Ph.D., APR, vice president of college advancement at HACC and executive director of the HACC Foundation, said, “By undertaking these crowdfunding campaigns, these HACC supporters are seeking to ensure that the College can provide innovative support to help HACC students achieve their own educational journeys. The fact that they are willing to run miles and climb mountains for our students says it all. I am inspired, touched, honored and grateful.”
For more information about these campaigns and to donate, please visit

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