Jan 20, 2020

Statement by HACC, Central Pennsylvania’s Community College Regarding the One-College Reorganization

HARRISBURG, Pa. - Mandated by the HACC Board of Trustees, the One-College reorganization shifts the College’s focus from campus-wide to collegewide decision making.
The One-College approach will:  
Following are some examples:
Improved scheduling of classes to meet the needs of our students.
Better curriculum planning.

Consistent quality in student services.

Consistent access to academic support services.

As part of the One-College reorganization, some positions have been eliminated or modified. No employee has been asked to reapply for their job. As positions are modified, employees are encouraged to apply for them.
For example: 
The Cabinet members have engaged the entire College in the reorganization process through dozens of one-on-one meetings, group meetings and campus forums. In addition, since October 2019, Dr. Ski and his Cabinet have invited all employees to participate in weekly videoconference sessions to provide updates on the One-College reorganization. They have also responded to more than 350 questions submitted through an online feedback form.
The following HACC employees shared the following testimonials in support of Dr. Ski, his leadership and the One-College reorganization:

“I believe that the reorganization is on track to help us serve students better. It is allowing us to clarify roles and take responsibility for the work we do to support students. For example, in Learning Enhancement, we have clearly differentiated academic advising from success coaching. This is allowing us to provide proactive individualized support, to meet students at their particular place of need.” Radecka Appiah-Padi, Assistant Vice President of Learning Enhancement
“I believe in the One-College vision that Dr. Ski is shepherding HACC toward through the reorganization. Becoming leaner and more fiscally sound will enable HACC to continue to exist for the communities we serve. I have only started transitioning into my new role as a collegewide dean for in the last two weeks, and in that short time, I have had many opportunities to collaborate with faculty across campus boundaries that I didn't have in the seven years in my prior role as a campus-based dean.” - Jennie Baar, Dean of School of Business, Technology and Industry
“The One-College model at HACC is ultimately about sustainability. We are at a time in higher education unlike any other in history. Not only are enrollments generally down across most sectors, but virtual learning has shrunk our world in ways that threaten onsite, physical delivery of education. Couple all that with additional disruptors such as employer-provided training and digital badging, and colleges are being forced to do business in much different ways, ways that require avant garde thinking and a divorce from some of the traditions of the academy. Obviously, these changes are not popular – and they are never easy – but they are absolutely necessary if colleges generally, and HACC specifically, are to survive. In the end, this is about HACC being around to serve our south central Pennsylvania communities for years into the future.” - Tim Barshinger, Assistant Vice President of Student Progression
“I personally believe in and support HACC’s current reorganization because it builds the solid foundation needed to achieve a sustainable and growth-oriented institution that serves students, faculty, staff, and our communities by leading the way in championing affordable tuition, affirming  a high quality educational experience, and maintaining a diverse and inclusive working environment.” - Kathy Brickner, Executive Director of Business Affairs
“HACC, along with many other institutions of higher education, is experiencing declines in enrollments. Part of those declines can be attributed to the lack of interest in higher education as we experience record low unemployment. Over the past decade, HACC has lost over 25% of its enrollments, but hasn't adjusted its workforce to align with that reality. Some low-enrolled programs were discontinued, but it hasn't been enough. Over the past several months, HACC has embarked on a reorganization that I think is necessary for its survival. Transformations bring uncertainty and sometimes angst. The College leadership has from the beginning been transparent with the need to transform. That transparency is a double-edged sword and has introduced additional angst to some. Employees are hearing about the changes as the plan is developing. But it is important to note that as with any project, there are mistakes, lessons and changes along the way. The College leadership continues to refine the plan and share information with the College community. I chose to work at HACC knowing how it benefits the community, and I support the reorganization as a way to ensure HACC continues serving Central Pennsylvania for decades to come.” - Rich Cardamone, Executive Director of Business Affairs and Interim Controller
“The reorganization of several functional areas will better serve current and future HACC students. A One-College approach helps students receive support and assistance consistently at all five locations and virtually, which better leads to their success.” - Gina Crance, Ed.D, Assistant Vice President of Student Engagement
“Nationally, higher education is facing unprecedented declines in enrollment due to demographic changes. In fact, 2026 will be one of the smallest graduating classes in the history of this county. For HACC to continue to remain as an institution committed to an affordable education, organizational changes must be made. Unfortunately, this reorganization involves eliminating positions and some services; however, in the long run, it will strengthen the position of the college in Central Pennsylvania and allow us to continue to provide a high quality education at a price point most families can afford.” - Elaine Madden, Associate Professor of Management
“Reorganization is never easy, but when it happens, it is necessary. In our case, it is necessary for our continued sustainability. For over 50 years, HACC has been an important part of our community, our students’ lives and their successes. I believe this reorganization will enable us to continue to be an important part of the community and presents an opportunity for the classified staff, to step out of our comfort zones and explore opportunities at the College that we may not otherwise reach for. I love what I do and HACC and am looking forward to what the future brings and the students’ lives we will continue to impact.” - Juanita Mort, Executive Assistant to the Vice President of Information Technology

Additional information regarding this issue is available at hacc.edu/TheVote and in the College’s online newsroom:

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