Feb 18, 2022

HACC Statement About Faculty Unionization

HARRISBURG, Pa. – HACC, Central Pennsylvania’s Community College, recognizes that faculty members have the right as public employees to organize and bargain collectively. The decision to unionize is ultimately a faculty matter and a faculty decision. 

HACC desires to maintain a union-free college community, where shared communication and governance has and will continue to add to the successes of HACC and its students. The College firmly believes that a faculty union is not in the best interest of the faculty or the students.

We encourage all eligible faculty to vote and follow the procedures established by the Pennsylvania Labor Relations Board for mailing in their ballots.

Throughout the organizing process, HACC has consistently shared accurate information with faculty and corrected misleading promises made by the union organizers. One example of inaccurate information that the College needs to correct is the claim that HACC used “stall tactics” to delay the election. The truth is that the College believed the position taken by the union concerning which faculty members could be included in the initial evaluation by the Pennsylvania Labor Relations Board (PLRB) of whether the union had sufficient support to move forward with an election was unduly restrictive and excluded a large number of faculty who had a long relationship with the College. As a result, 276 adjunct faculty were excluded from that initial evaluation. HACC simply exercised its right under the PLRB procedures. In the final ruling on the issue, which the College has accepted, the PLRB expressly recognized that the College engaged in no impropriety.

Over time, HACC has consistently followed its Shared Governance Policies, which are collaboratively written by committees that include all employees, including faculty. All faculty have been encouraged to express their views and engage in the shared governance process through participation within the Faculty Organization as well as other aspects of the College community.

In addition, the President meets with the faculty president monthly to share information and seek input and has done so since his tenure began in July 2011.

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