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HACC Increases On-Campus Class Offerings for Fall 2021 Semester
HACC, Central Pennsylvania’s Community College, will extend its mostly remote online instruction and student services through the fall 2021 semester. However, as a result of the decline of COVID-19 cases, HACC’s reported cases of COVID-19 remaining low, the state’s heightened vaccination plan and the announced ease of mitigation restrictions, the College will increase the number of approved on-campus classes offered and bring select student services back to campus by appointment.


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05 December 2019

HACC Remains YOURS in Midtown

By John J. “Ski” Sygielski, Ed.D., president, HACC, Central Pennsylvania’s Community College
Published in The Burg , Dec. 4, 2019

As some of you may know, I am a frequent visitor to the Midtown area. I visit classes, meet with colleagues and attend events at both of our Midtown locations; visit the Broad Street Market weekly, where I serve as a member of their board of directors; and participate in Third in the Burg events. I also bring out-of-town guests to Midtown dining establishments, ride my bicycle through the area using the Capital Area Greenbelt, visit friends and attend various meetings in the area on a regular basis.
In 2018, HACC announced its plan to relocate the College’s trade and technology programs from Midtown 2 on Third and Reily streets to other buildings on HACC campuses. However, in my recent visits, I’ve interacted with individuals who question if HACC is planning to depart the Midtown area all together. Let me assure you that we are not departing the Midtown area. In fact, Midtown 1 on Fourth and Reily streets, is thriving and HACC, Central Pennsylvania’s Community College, is committed to its success.
Midtown 1 offers over 20 programs, including forklift, medical assisting, personal care home administrator, pharmacy technician, and welding. The programs address many workforce training needs and, in-turn, provide pathways to jobs that pay family-sustaining wages. In 2018-19, over 670 HACC students were enrolled in classes offered at Midtown 1. In addition, numerous partnerships have been formed from the programs and services offered in the building that now meet the needs of local businesses, including in brewing science, health care, manufacturing and medical cannabis.

Therefore, HACC will continue to provide quality education and training opportunities in Midtown affording students opportunities to earn their associate degree, transfer to four-year institutions, enter the workforce or enhance their employability skills. We continue to do so because HACC is committed to the success of the Midtown area and its surrounding community. In fact, we look forward to continuing to serve you and your community for many years to come.
John J. “Ski” Sygielski, Ed.D., is president & CEO of HACC, Central Pennsylvania’s Community College, and can be emailed at or contacted on Twitter at @HACCSki.

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