Jan 08, 2016

HACC’s Statement on Hoverboards on HACC Campuses

Starting in early December 2015, we tasked HACC campus security supervisors with tracking and logging any issues with hoverboards on our campuses to determine if this was an issue. To date, we have not received any reports of any problems.  
We undertook this measure in anticipation of the holidays and the thought that the hoverboards would be received as gifts by students. We will continue to monitor this upon students’ return to our campuses when classes begin Jan. 19.
I have been in discussion with security directors at other college and university campuses on this issue, and the processes include everything from banning hoverboards, setting guidelines for their use or doing nothing at all. 
We are currently treating hoverboards as we do regular skateboards, which are allowed in outdoor common areas but not on top of any structures or within buildings. We feel that outright banning hoverboards may be premature at this time.
As usual, we will stay abreast of trends and research and modify HACC policies, procedures and practices as needed to ensure our students, employees and visitors remain safe while on HACC campuses.