Jan 30, 2019

HACC Foundation Allocates $239,403 for HACC Projects, Announces New Funds

HARRISBURG, Pa. – The HACC Foundation, a nonprofit educational trust established in 1985 to raise private and corporate revenues in support of HACC, Central Pennsylvania’s Community College, announces allocations and new funds.
HACC Foundation Allocates $239,403 for College Projects
HARRISBURG, Pa. - The HACC Foundation recently provided funding for key projects at HACC, Central Pennsylvania’s Community College. 
The HACC Foundation, a nonprofit organization that raises private contributions in support of HACC, approved $239,403 for projects at the College.

This funding is made possible through generous contributions from individual and organizational donors.
The HACC Foundation funded the following projects:
Purpose of HACC Foundation Funding Benefit to Students and College Funded Amount
English Language Learner Fast Track Funds will support continuing education for mastery of the English language and U.S. acculturation services to compete in the U.S. job market. The program will be implemented at HACC’s Harrisburg and Lebanon campuses. $106,565
HACC’s Harrisburg Campus Bench Revamp Funds will support replacing 40 concrete and wooden benches on HACC’s Harrisburg Campus with new aluminum and steel benches. The low-maintenance benches will provide a more modern, uniform look to the campus. $43,200
Harrisburg Promise 2018-19 Program Enhancements Funds will support creating and delivering innovative educational programming and comprehensive supportive services to motivate middle and high school students. These services will provide the academic tools and knowledge needed to achieve success in school. $18,450
Embedded Tutoring for HACC’s Harrisburg Campus Nursing Programs Funds will deliver embedded professional and peer tutoring to the nursing programs at HACC’s Harrisburg Campus. $14,475.83
Financial Aid Mobility Funds will be used to implement technology within and surrounding the Financial Aid Office on HACC’s York Campus to best facilitate students in completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by the priority deadline. $13,318.50
HACC’s Lebanon and York Campus Veteran and Military Student Lounges Funds will support a designated space to provide an area for active military and veteran students to congregate, develop friendships, provide support and host veteran-related services. $8,500
“Spring Awakening” Funds will support the production of the Tony Award winning musical, “Spring Awakening,” on HACC’s Harrisburg Campus. The musical will attract a larger audience base to include students, staff, faculty and community members, while also providing marketable skill sets to HACC’s theatre students. $8,465
Live at Rose Lehrman Outreach Funds will support the 2018-19 Live at Rose Lehrman series. $5,866
Matthew Desmond “Evicted” Lecture and Discussion Funds will support partnering with the Adams County Affordable Housing Coalition, Gettysburg College and Wellspan Gettysburg Hospital to host Matthew Desmond at HACC’s Gettysburg Campus for a lecture and discussion of his book, “Evicted.”
Desmond’s presentation will provide an opportunity to continue a community and College dialogue on his central question: “Do we believe that the right to a decent home, regardless of race, gender or socioeconomic status, is part of what it means to be American?”  
HACC’s Harrisburg Campus Food Voucher Program Funds will support a food voucher program at HACC’s Harrisburg Campus to foster student success by implementing an innovative strategy to positively impact enrollment, retention, graduation and transfer and placement rates.  $5,000
American Culinary Federation Baron H. Galand Culinary Knowledge Bowl Funds will support entrance into the Baron H. Galand Culinary Knowledge Bowl competition and conference for five HACC students and their coach, Chef Autumn Patti. $4,065.80
Honors Program Visibility and Fundraising Funds will support the development of a video to promote HACC’s Honors Program and a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for the Honors Scholarship Fund. These initiatives will increase the visibility of the program and attract more students to HACC. $3,347
HACC Crisis Response Protocol for Suicide Ideation and Attempts  Funds will support the development of a crisis response protocol for those in the HACC community who have experienced suicide or who have attempted suicide. $2,200
Give Back HACC Funds will help combat food insecurity for HACC’s Gettysburg Campus by purchasing 38 gift cards to Weis Markets for HACC students. Approximately 46 percent of the Adams County region struggles with food insecurity on a daily basis.  $950
  Total $239,403.13
Photo Caption: The HACC Foundation recently provided funding for key projects at HACC, Central Pennsylvania’s Community College, including the Harrisburg Promise 2018-19 Program Enhancements. Here participants attend an event at HACC’s Harrisburg Campus.
Adams County Students Benefit from New Fund for Excellence for Dual Enrollment
GETTYSBURG, Pa. – Do you know what Sadira Stallings, Emma Ham, Erin Heeschen and Alicia Hernandez have in common?
These four Adams County women earned either a two-year associate degree or a diploma – before receiving their high school diplomas – by taking advantage of the Dual Enrollment Program at HACC, Central Pennsylvania’s Community College. They are among the more than 400 Adams County high school students who have dual enrolled in college-level classes at HACC’s Gettysburg Campus.
Stallings, a 2017 South Western High School graduate, and 2018 Gettysburg High School graduates Ham, Heeschen and Hernandez took HACC classes online and at the Gettysburg Campus while attending their respective high schools.
More Adams County high school juniors and seniors can get a head start on college at a significant savings through a new Fund for Excellence for Dual Enrollment. The fund received $7,500 from the Robert C. Hoffman Charitable Endowment Trust and will give 50 eligible low- to moderate-income high school students the opportunity to earn three credits per term at a reduced cost.

“We are extremely grateful to the Robert C. Hoffman Charitable Trust for providing financial assistance so this opportunity is not out of reach for students with the greatest need and who have the greatest opportunity to benefit,” Shannon Harvey, campus vice president.

“Funding is one of the most significant barriers preventing greater student participation in dual enrollment programs.
The goal is to reach out to individuals, businesses and other private foundations to meet the needs of our students in order to provide the reduced fee to an additional 150 students who are dual-enrolled at HACC’s Gettysburg Campus,” Harvey said.

For more information, please contact a Gettysburg Campus admissions counselor at 717-337-3855 or gettyadmit@hacc.edu.
HACC, TE Connectivity Partnership Establishes Tool and Die Apprenticeship
HARRISBURG, Pa. – A new apprenticeship in tool and die, a class of machinists in the manufacturing industry, is being developed at HACC, Central Pennsylvania’s Community College, with support from TE Connectivity.
TE Connectivity established the TE Connectivity Fund for Excellence in Tool & Die with a charitable investment of $132,000 over the next four years. This partnership supports the creation of an apprenticeship program for tool and die makers, who set up and operate a variety of computer-controlled and mechanically controlled machine tools to produce precision metal parts, instruments and tools.

Classes began Jan. 17, 2019, at Midtown 1 of HACC’s Midtown Trade and Technology Center and are offered within HACC’s Workforce Development and Continuing Education Division.
TE Connectivity identified current employees to enroll in the program, which is four years long with 144 hours of training each year. Students also receive training in first aid, CPR and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) safety practices.
Graduates will earn a journey worker credential from the U.S. Department of Labor certifying they are competent and authorized to work in the field as a fully qualified employee.
HACC has a longstanding partnership with TE Connectivity. Through collaboration and involvement from the company, the College has been able to serve students in new and dynamic ways over the years. With mutual benefit, HACC has welcomed TE professionals as advisory board members and adjunct instructors. Additionally, HACC students have been presented with the opportunity to work on special TE projects that prepare them for successful careers with this global industrial technology leader.
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