Apr 02, 2019

HACC Adopts 2019-20 Budget

HARRISBURG, Pa. – On April 2, 2019, the Board of Trustees of HACC, Central Pennsylvania’s Community College, adopted a $140-million budget for 2019-20.
“The 2019-20 budget reflects initiatives to increase revenues as well as several cost-saving measures,” said HACC President John J. “Ski” Sygielski.
“Over the past decade, HACC, like other colleges and universities across the commonwealth and nation have seen a decline in their student enrollment, having a profound impact on our financial operations. During the same time period, for example, HACC has experienced a 25-percent reduction in enrollment, a significant reduction in financial support from sponsoring school districts and very modest increases in state funding,” said Sygielski.
“These and other operational challenges initially resulted in a $9.7-million projected revenue shortfall for HACC in the 2019-20 fiscal year,” Sygielski said.
“In order to address this shortfall, remain fiscally sound and continue to offer a high-quality, accessible education to our students, HACC’s Board of Trustees took the following measures to reduce the deficit to $2,773,126,” Sygielski said. This remaining deficit will be supported with the College’s reserve fund balances. 
An average 2.1-percent increase in tuition will generate revenue of $ 1.2 million. The budget includes a $5-per-credit-hour increase for students living non-sponsoring school districts and those who live out of state. Students living in a sponsoring school district will see no increase in tuition in 2019-20.
Students can save money on tuition, fees and books by applying for more than 200 scholarships through the HACC Foundation. Students who have registered for classes are eligible to apply.
Cost-Saving Measures
Internal cost-saving measures totaling $5.5 million are in the 2019-20 budget, including:
Employee Benefits
The 2019-20 budget includes an increase for employees who earn $40,000 or less annually. “This modest 2-percent salary increase recognizes the hard work contributed by these employees to the success of the College,” Sygielski said.
The HACC Foundation is spearheading a fundraising campaign to provide funding for student scholarships, innovative academic programs, state-of-the art training equipment and modernized facilities. To learn more, please visit hacc.edu/campaign.
Affordability and Sustainability
“HACC’s strong brand identity and renowned high-quality education helps students enter the workforce quickly; earn an associate degree, certificate or diploma; and save money while transferring credits to four-year institutions,” Sygielski said.
Students who attend HACC to further their postsecondary education and enhance career opportunities pay approximately 25 percent less than the average full-time tuition at nearby four-year institutions.
“We know that higher education is changing, and HACC needs to build on our strengths of flexibility and quality to meet our students’ changing needs,” Sygielski said.
“Over the next year, the College will develop an organizational structure that delivers to our communities and students a one-college philosophy centering on the student and the employment needs of the business community. Full execution of this new organizational structure should be completed by Dec. 31, 2020,” Sygielski said.
“We anticipate the new structure will better align our employee complement with the changing needs of our students and the business community and reflect current enrollment trends,” Sygielski said.
For more information about HACC, including previous budgets, please see College Fact Sheet.
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The HACC Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that was established in 1985 to raise private and corporate revenues in support of HACC, Central Pennsylvania's Community College. The HACC Foundation provides funding for student scholarships, innovative academic programs, state-of-the art training equipment and modernized facilities. To learn more about the HACC Foundation, please visit haccfoundation.org. To contribute to the HACC Foundation, please visit hacc.edu/GiveNow