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HACC's 41st Wildwood Writers’ Festival
Local award-winning writers, community members, HACC students and alumni engaged with the public and celebrated the art of writing during the 41st annual Wildwood Writers’ Festival on March 23, 2023, at the Harrisburg Campus of HACC, Central Pennsylvania’s Community College. 


More News Releases

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08 October 2014

HACC Names Students to Part-Time Dean’s List

HACC has named 2,544 part-time students to the dean’s list for the 2013-14 academic year.
The dean’s list recognizes part-time students that attend any of the college’s five campuses in Harrisburg, Gettysburg, Lancaster, Lebanon and York, or are enrolled in online classes, who complete a total of 12 or more college-level credits beginning the fall semester and ending the second summer term, were never a full-time student during that time period and have earned a grade point average of 3.25 or higher.

Adams County:
Student City
Cliff B. Ayers Abbottstown
Susan M. Cardosa Abbottstown
Rosemary J. Cintron Abbottstown
Scott R. Collins Abbottstown
Christina M. Horn Abbottstown
Ryan S. Leib Abbottstown
Cheryl L. Moser Abbottstown
Alison K. Mummert Abbottstown
Jennifer M. Ostroff Abbottstown
Colby L. Scutta Abbottstown
Tammy L. Winand Abbottstown
BreAnna J. Bretzman Aspers
Karmen K. Kline Aspers
Sonia A. Leber Aspers
Brittany A. Riley Aspers
Tiffany L. Slaybaugh Aspers
Sharon O. West Aspers
Susan M. Cook Bendersville
Tyler D. Kime Bendersville
Danielle R. Schriver Bendersville
Brandee M. Diveley Biglerville
Nicole L. Eberhart Biglerville
Robert R. McCauslin Biglerville
Diana Olvera Biglerville
Holly R. Penn Biglerville
Diana S. Slothour Biglerville
Kaitlin J. Tuckey Biglerville
Logan A. Althoff East Berlin
Nicole Bolin East Berlin
Ariel L. Brown East Berlin
Maryl C. Deputy East Berlin
Heather L. Dino East Berlin
Aishia M. Eckert East Berlin
Andrew R. Eschrich East Berlin
Taylor Feeser East Berlin
Lucas D. Geiman East Berlin
Collin M. Gurgul East Berlin
Lauren Harman East Berlin
Stephanie N. Lawrence East Berlin
Alyssa M. Pivirotto East Berlin
Erika J. Reindollar East Berlin
Emily B. Rohrbaugh East Berlin
Brenna L. Ryan East Berlin
Joan M. Sabold East Berlin
Kimberlynn R. Seifert East Berlin
Rebecca S. Staub East Berlin
Andrew W. Stehley East Berlin
Abby L. Thomas East Berlin
Dana Williams East Berlin
Joseph R. Arrowood Fairfield
Sara A. Baker Fairfield
Susan E. Delaney Fairfield
Kathleen A. Heller Fairfield
Cameron B. Howe Fairfield
Darlene A. Keller Fairfield
Maria Marquez Fairfield
Kathleen L. Martin Fairfield
Michele L. Morris Fairfield
Jennifer L. Poole Fairfield
Morgan P. Riley Fairfield
Valerie N. Ritter Fairfield
Molly Ryan Fairfield
Matthew T. Strausbaugh Fairfield
Brandon C. King Gardners
LeAnne S. Blanc Gettysburg
Analy Blanco Gettysburg
Kayla R. Bower Gettysburg
Elizabeth C. Brooks Gettysburg
Jeremy Burke Gettysburg
Shana L. Carr Gettysburg
Fernanda M. Castillo Gettysburg
Kristine E. Daniels Gettysburg
Janet B. Davis Gettysburg
Danielle Eaton Gettysburg
Jade Elsberry Gettysburg
Noelle A. Faul Gettysburg
Heather M. Gentry Gettysburg
Danee Glass Gettysburg
Tyler W. Grace Gettysburg
Hollister A. Grant Gettysburg
Zachary R. Gulden Gettysburg
Troy L. Hadlock Gettysburg
Benjamin J. Hamm Gettysburg
Nora L. Hernandez Gettysburg
Brenda D. Herr Gettysburg
Elizabeth J. Hottenstein Gettysburg
Amy L. Hutchinson Gettysburg
Stacey L. Johnson Gettysburg
Dawn J. Kraus Gettysburg
Brenda J. Larson Gettysburg
Bradley N. Lukens Gettysburg
Edith L. Martinez Gettysburg
Beverly L. Matassa Gettysburg
Rebecca J. Mayberry Gettysburg
Audrey O. Mazur Gettysburg
David B. McCullen Gettysburg
Minerva Medina Gettysburg
Kayla R. Messinger Gettysburg
Nicole M. Myers Gettysburg
Katherine G. Orr Gettysburg
Kasey L. Parkman Gettysburg
Sarah B. Rasinska Gettysburg
Shannon M. Rennhack Gettysburg
Christine M. Schriver Gettysburg
Andrew Silva Gettysburg
Jennifer L. Smith Gettysburg
Brenda D. Staples Gettysburg
Matthew W. Thrasher Gettysburg
Kristi M. Trone Gettysburg
Sandra L. Watkins Gettysburg
Stacey K. Waybright Gettysburg
Alexa J. Wilhelm Gettysburg
Aaron S. Benson Hanover
Kirsten R. Hartlaub Hanover
Melanie M. Janocha Hanover
Samantha A. Kramer Hanover
Casandra Leonard Hanover
Sonya R. Mancha Hanover
Elizabeth C. McCrory Hanover
Autumn N. Miller Hanover
Keely R. Moore Hanover
Kelsey M. Walker Hanover
Amy K. Walter Hanover
Ronald J. Alcorn Littlestown
Rachel E. Anschuetz Littlestown
Nicole D. Breighner Littlestown
William C. Caple Littlestown
Denise Daly Littlestown
Joshua M. Irvin Littlestown
Melissa A. Kemmerzell Littlestown
Julia L. Kolasa Littlestown
Ashley N. Krenkowitz Littlestown
Amanda F. Plummer Littlestown
Mackenzie N. Poole Littlestown
Alexis C. Saghy Littlestown
Cassandra K. Shaffer Littlestown
Carianne Buckingham McSherrystown
Courtney M. Cutshaw McSherrystown
Kimberly DeLaTorre McSherrystown
Angela N. Griffith McSherrystown
Kyle R. Klunk Mcsherrystown
Ashley E. Luckabaugh McSherrystown
Nicole L. Meyer McSherrystown
Christine M. Morningstar McSherrystown
Laurie A. Smith McSherrystown
Dwight W. Washington McSherrystown
Joanie B. Altland New Oxford
Justin P. Bankert New Oxford
Nathan A. Barnes New Oxford
Logan M. Cramblitt New Oxford
Eugena M. Eckert New Oxford
Kelly M. Elkins New Oxford
Audrey M. Feeser New Oxford
Erica P. Ford New Oxford
Eric D. Gagne New Oxford
Emily M. Grau New Oxford
Craig M. Grimes New Oxford
Jay D. Hall New Oxford
April L. Hartlaub New Oxford
Lynelle M. Hess New Oxford
Shawn T. Honeycutt New Oxford
Aspen T. Keech New Oxford
Melissa A. Lua New Oxford
Linda Lupian New Oxford
Raquel Maldonado Pedroz New Oxford
Justin A. Moul New Oxford
Maranda N. Orner New Oxford
Ashley Pearson New Oxford
Denise M. Reisinger New Oxford
Zackery P. Slonaker New Oxford
Tyler B. Smith New Oxford
Rachel E. Startt New Oxford
Taylar R. Staub New Oxford
Shannon L. Strausbaugh New Oxford
Cheryl L. Toal New Oxford
Shelby L. Warehime New Oxford
Torah-Ann S. Warner New Oxford
Joseph J. Zero New Oxford
Amber E. Boehm Orrtanna
Patricia A. Hill Orrtanna
Amber C. Coble York Springs
Tammy L. Eckenrode York Springs
Eric C. Holsinger York Springs
Jessica C. Laughman York Springs
Kristen N. Wilson York Springs

Berks County:
Student City
Jonelle R. Angstadt Bernville
Dana Gil Bernville
Jesse R. Picklo Bethel
Amy E. Drebushenko Leesport
Michael C. Peters Leesport
Taylor R. Seidel Mohnton
Hillary K. Gary Reading
Katherine E. Lynde Reading
Justin T. Seidt Reading
Morgan C. Madsen Womelsdorf
Jenna Pitts Womelsdorf
Shawn Tighe Womelsdorf

Blair County:
Student City
Julie M. Smith Altoona

Bucks County:
Student City
Deborah L. Bandura Perkasie

Cambria County:
Student City
Kevin Noon Johnstown

Carbon County:
Student City
Jammie L. Vazquez Albrightsville

Centre County:
Student City
Darrian M. Woods Centre Hall

Chester County:
Student City
Thomas H. Hurley Atglen
Thaddeus G. Acosta-Davis Coatesville
Lindsay A. Billops Coatesville
Jessica L. Coe Coatesville
Jessica L. Frederick Coatesville
Christina Parker Coatesville
Julia G. Burns Parkesburg
John D. Stepto Parkesburg

Clinton County:
Student City
Cameron M. Rossell Renovo

Cumberland County:
Student City
Caroline S. Cole Boiling Springs
Shannon M. Keisling Boiling Springs
Kimberly R. Leo Boiling Springs
Jinalben Patel Boiling Springs
Derek J. Snyder Boiling Springs
Thomas R. Vinette Boiling Springs
Marilyn Amieva Camp Hill
Jazmine J. Baer Camp Hill
Antonio M. Brown Camp Hill
Michael L. Buffington Camp Hill
James W. Clarke Camp Hill
Caleb R. Collins Camp Hill
Brian D. Damsky Camp Hill
Rinzin Dolkar Camp Hill
Bronwyn E. Edwards Camp Hill
Nicholas J. Fazzolari Camp Hill
Beth C. Fine Camp Hill
Bridget Flint Camp Hill
Lena T. Fortini Camp Hill
Jessica L. Gallagher Camp Hill
Keith J. Gard Camp Hill
Heather L. Goodhue Camp Hill
Suparna Gope Camp Hill
Robin L. Goudy Camp Hill
Kristin R. Hallman Camp Hill
Megan D. Hart Camp Hill
Fallon C. Hartman Camp Hill
Aline D. Hess Camp Hill
Laurie A. Hess Camp Hill
Anna Hnativ Camp Hill
Lymaris L. Hosage Camp Hill
Zahra Ibnoukhaiber Camp Hill
Hend Izzeldin Camp Hill
Thomas H. Jones Camp Hill
Niccole A. Jorich Camp Hill
Lauren Kaminski Camp Hill
Barbara A. Kehler Camp Hill
Megan M. Kline Camp Hill
Lizabeth A. Kranzel Camp Hill
Eleftheria N. Lamnatos Camp Hill
Rebecca L. Lantz Camp Hill
Molly E. Lemke Camp Hill
Megan Lichtel Camp Hill
Allyson N. Lippi Camp Hill
Robert M. Liyai Camp Hill
Karsen K. Lund Camp Hill
Robyn D. Mackey Camp Hill
Justin M. May Camp Hill
Asmaa Mekkaoui Camp Hill
Sean M. Meyers Camp Hill
Maureen Minard Camp Hill
E J. Minarich Camp Hill
April M. Mitchell Camp Hill
Mohinur Nahar Camp Hill
Kristen M. Reese-Zelei Camp Hill
Candice C. Reynolds Camp Hill
Robert E. Schrader Camp Hill
Sami A. Snyder Camp Hill
Allison L. Stark Camp Hill
Fredericka M. Stump Camp Hill
Matthew Susavidge Camp Hill
Zachary J. Taylor Camp Hill
Amber J. Whiteleather Camp Hill
Aaron C. Williams Camp Hill
Mark J. Woodard Camp Hill
Michael K. Woodings Camp Hill
Jamie H. Zink Camp Hill
Kyle R. Baleto Carlisle
Emily A. Beck Carlisle
Micah D. Bennett Carlisle
Cariana R. Betts Carlisle
Spencer K. Binkley Carlisle
James R. Bolze Carlisle
Matthew L. Boyd Carlisle
Cortina E. Bush Carlisle
Dale F. Carr Carlisle
Victoria L. Chinnick Carlisle
Theodore S. Clements Carlisle
Judy C. Cobb Carlisle
Brittany A. Cunningham Carlisle
Dava M. Darhower Carlisle
Robert M. Deleon Carlisle
Tami L. DeMark Carlisle
Taylor E. Depue Carlisle
Sharon J. Devos Carlisle
Melissa S. Dombach Carlisle
Melissa J. Donath Carlisle
Cayla Q. Easley Carlisle
Erin E. Gibson Carlisle
Nicole L. Grissinger Carlisle
David L. Hartman Carlisle
Erika K. Herrington Carlisle
Todd Jones Carlisle
Kyrsten M. Kemp Carlisle
Hannah E. Kerr Carlisle
Katherine D. Landis Carlisle
Heather A. Martinez Carlisle
Christina L. Mast Carlisle
Andrea L. McClure Carlisle
Fernando J. Miranda Carlisle
Christen E. Moore Carlisle
Francheska M. Rivera Miranda Carlisle
Tammy J. Schall Carlisle
Emily M. Schlusser Carlisle
Beth Ann Schwarz Carlisle
Natacha Seraphin Carlisle
Tshanda C. Sheesley Carlisle
Karlee A. Shively Carlisle
Jill C. Shughart Carlisle
Jeni D. Smoker Carlisle
Joshua D. Tanner Carlisle
Kaci M. Vaughn Carlisle
Brian E. Walsh Carlisle
Stacey L. Weiant Carlisle
Tina Weyant Carlisle
Charles R. Wharton Carlisle
Sylvia A. White Carlisle
Cody M. Young Carlisle
Leigh M. Young Carlisle
Naseer A. Zia Carlisle
Alisha M. Newcomer Dillsburg
Stacey K. Adams Enola
Charles E. Bihl Enola
Lisa M. Blystone Enola
Vanessa L. Boarman Enola
Annette M. Brosius Enola
Steven L. Brothers Enola
Jerade M. Bucher Enola
Christopher M. Castellani Enola
Erin N. Cook Enola
Thanh-Binh T. Dang Enola
Sierra M. Denesevich Enola
Heidi J. D'Ignazio Enola
David P. Elofsky Enola
Gail E. Erford Enola
Alexis E. Fabiankovitz Enola
Raymond P. Fisher Enola
Renae E. Frei Enola
Jared M. Geary Enola
Christina M. Gingrich Enola
Sabrina M. Grady Enola
Assia Guerch Enola
Samantha E. Haley Enola
Ryan R. Hartzel Enola
Don C. Heaney Enola
Nitixa K. Jogani Enola
Bahija Khabar Enola
Jessica L. Krist Enola
Michelle M. Leger Enola
Douglas M. Mackey Enola
Kasi L. Martinez Enola
Christopher S. Mumma Enola
Zachary M. Murtorff Enola
Randall E. Musser Enola
Laila Ouaffai Enola
Veronica M. Pagan Enola
Laura A. Raymond Enola
Milinda M. Reinfeld Enola
Shawn E. Smith Enola
Sheba Thompson Enola
Donna J. Thornton Enola
Tatiana Vizelman Enola
Toni N. Ware Enola
Lindsay M. Young Enola
Sarah F. Warren Gardners
Alise M. Stiffler Grantham
Kamal Amouarak Lemoyne
Carey M. Anspach Lemoyne
Courtney L. Balaban Lemoyne
Richard A. Balmer Lemoyne
Kortny A. Bushman Lemoyne
Daniel J. Donelon Lemoyne
Abdesselam Elherch Lemoyne
John T. Galinac Lemoyne
James R. Grundon Lemoyne
Allison M. Hazzard Lemoyne
Eugene M. Henry Lemoyne
Russell P. Kolacek Lemoyne
Stuart R. Mathis Lemoyne
Tiffany J. Mutzabaugh Lemoyne
Tiffany A. Rothermel Lemoyne
Abdeslem Sadiki Lemoyne
Karen S. Smith Lemoyne
Wyatt A. Whitaker Lemoyne
Lauren A. Yingling Lemoyne
Cheyenne S. Ickes Mechancisburg
Vickie L. Weed Mechancisburg
Tia J. Anderson Mechanicsburg
Miqdad J. Annab Mechanicsburg
Shelly R. Anselmo Mechanicsburg
Hammad Aslam Mechanicsburg
Hassan Aslam Mechanicsburg
Joshua T. Bailey Mechanicsburg
Nermin Balkan Mechanicsburg
Brett J. Barker Mechanicsburg
John R. Baumgardner Mechanicsburg
Rena B. Benkovich Mechanicsburg
Susan E. Bennett Mechanicsburg
James D. Bensinger Mechanicsburg
Melinda K. Blankenship Mechanicsburg
Marjorie A. Brackbill Mechanicsburg
Jacqueline A. Brennan Mechanicsburg
Jessica L. Brewbaker Mechanicsburg
Stacy N. Brown Mechanicsburg
Jennifer L. Bucher Mechanicsburg
Amy L. Calderone Mechanicsburg
Michael G. Casner Mechanicsburg
Geetika Chaudhari Mechanicsburg
Amanda L. Clemm Mechanicsburg
Elizabeth R. Cline Mechanicsburg
Brigid K. Duggan Mechanicsburg
Erin E. Eppig Mechanicsburg
Lisa M. Fazekas Mechanicsburg
Sara M. Felmlee Mechanicsburg
Bethany C. Frymark Mechanicsburg
Haris Grahic Mechanicsburg
Kara M. Groff Mechanicsburg
Valbona Hada Mechanicsburg
Chesse S. Hall Mechanicsburg
Berkeley R. Halperin Mechanicsburg
Stephanie D. Hegedus Mechanicsburg
Canaan G. Henady Mechanicsburg
Alexis N. Hoffman Mechanicsburg
Marissa N. Houck Mechanicsburg
Brankica Juric Mechanicsburg
Alexandra E. Kaczerski Mechanicsburg
Nathaniel M. Kellar Mechanicsburg
Staci E. Kendall Mechanicsburg
Moobeen A. Khan Mechanicsburg
Robert J. Kivlan Mechanicsburg
Neil A. Kohler Mechanicsburg
William J. Krouse Mechanicsburg
Megan S. Krulock Mechanicsburg
Sara A. Long Mechanicsburg
Renee M. Loudon Mechanicsburg
Cho M. Lwin Mechanicsburg
Joseph-Robert G. Magallano Mechanicsburg
Cindy A. Marburger Mechanicsburg
Johnathan A. Marshall Mechanicsburg
Michael J. Martini Mechanicsburg
Adraine V. Mayo Mechanicsburg
Jonathan Mays Mechanicsburg
Amanda F. McGarvey Mechanicsburg
Heather B. McKay Mechanicsburg
Klaus C. Mercoucheff Mechanicsburg
Paige J. Michaud Mechanicsburg
Allison R. Miller Mechanicsburg
Anthony R. Misiti Mechanicsburg
Kurt J. Moffit Mechanicsburg
Hani K. Morshid Mechanicsburg
Daniel J. Mullin Mechanicsburg
Cheyenne N. Nickle Mechanicsburg
Nargisa S. Niyazova-Brewer Mechanicsburg
Deanna J. Oakes Mechanicsburg
Jennifer M. O'Hara Mechanicsburg
Tiffany A. Olmstead Mechanicsburg
Soumaly Onelangsy Mechanicsburg
Glenn P. Petersen Mechanicsburg
Angela M. Pornel Mechanicsburg
Kelly I. Quarles Mechanicsburg
Brigite A. Russo Mechanicsburg
El Hassane Sajidi Mechanicsburg
Omar Sellami Mechanicsburg
Christopher A. Shipman Mechanicsburg
Laurel A. Siemon Mechanicsburg
Nikole M. Smith Mechanicsburg
Adam N. Snavely Mechanicsburg
Alana L. Souders Mechanicsburg
Jon M. Spishock Mechanicsburg
Megan Steele Mechanicsburg
Ashley M. Stine Mechanicsburg
Stephen T. Streck Mechanicsburg
Rachael A. Strittmatter Mechanicsburg
Tue K. Stump Mechanicsburg
Charles F. Todd Mechanicsburg
Quyen T. Tran Mechanicsburg
Tan T. Tran Mechanicsburg
Jordan Trimmer Mechanicsburg
Frederick Van Kirk Mechanicsburg
Tiara D. Weedon Mechanicsburg
Jamie B. Young Mechanicsburg
Troy A. Zang Mechanicsburg
Coreena E. Gelsinger Mount Holly Springs
Spencer M. Otto Mount Holly Springs
Uyen Catherine H. Tran Mount Holly Springs
Youssef Ajlane New Cumberland
Trina Breon New Cumberland
Jeta C. Combs New Cumberland
Trent R. Eisenhart New Cumberland
Janine A. Eshleman New Cumberland
Kristen N. Holmes New Cumberland
Neelam Khokhar New Cumberland
Tonya M. Losh New Cumberland
Anthony D. Lucier New Cumberland
Dawn M. McFerren New Cumberland
Thomas C. Merrill New Cumberland
Linda M. Mull New Cumberland
Patrick J. Murphy New Cumberland
Jodi L. Pellegrom New Cumberland
Zach Sellers New Cumberland
Samantha M. Stoner New Cumberland
Ashley B. Wargo New Cumberland
Michael L. Weitzman New Cumberland
Charles W. Williams New Cumberland
Nicole M. Harris Newburg
Mackenna R. Kelley Newburg
Lindsey R. Baublitz Newville
Greg Bishop Newville
Angela R. Burkholder Newville
Dana C. Bury Newville
Shendelle L. Gleim Newville
Jacob S. Henry Newville
Temra R. Henry Newville
Stuart C. Kilpatrick Newville
Catrina E. Weaver Newville
Jeremy J. Durff Shippensburg
Alexander L. Geier Shippensburg
Tyler J. Gephart Shippensburg
Jason H. Hoyt Shippensburg
Logan M. Kistler Shippensburg
Carl L. Lynch Shippensburg
Cynthia Magnuson Shippensburg
Cindy A. Monismith Shippensburg
Elizabeth Seeders Shippensburg
Tanya A. Vymazal Shippensburg
Shawn R. Eckenrode Walnut Bottom

Dauphin County:
Student City
Jamie L. Forry Dauphin
Felicia E. Medvidovich Dauphin
Cheyanne K. Neely Dauphin
Neal M. Rose Dauphin
Janey L. Speelman Dauphin
Kristin H. Bere Elizabethtown
Samantha D. Tate Elizabethtown
Leonard D. Troiana Elizabethtown
Catherine M. Shoenberger Elizabethville
Rachelle E. Warner Elizabethville
Jill C. Weaver Elizabethville
Zachary I. Cree Grantville
Jessica C. Eichmann Grantville
Amanda H. Mende Grantville
Lyndsay A. Nelson Grantville
Tatiana G. Reza Grantville
Zoila I. Salinas Grantville
Yvonne M. Sharrow Grantville
Laura K. Barnhart Gratz
Nathan A. Kenyon Gratz
Jonathan D. Bickel Halifax
Amber C. Boston Halifax
Katherine A. Brown Halifax
Deborah A. Castellani Halifax
Amber E. Coppula Halifax
Jennifer M. Faust Halifax
Daniel A. Gros Halifax
Jennifer D. Halke Halifax
Adam J. Imhof Halifax
Cassie M. Lark Halifax
Miranda Laudenslager Halifax
Sara J. Reigle Halifax
Angela R. Rider Halifax
Sharon T. Ritchie Halifax
Dalton J. Rode Halifax
Kaylin J. Schoffstall Halifax
Angela C. Seitzinger Halifax
Michelle L. Swab Halifax
Megan L. Tracey Halifax
Sherin E. Abraham Harrisburg
Ahmed S. Abubakari Harrisburg
Nelsy I. Acosta Harrisburg
Abisola A. Adelanwa Harrisburg
Laxmi Adhikari Harrisburg
Argentina Adler Harrisburg
Kimberly M. Ahlers Harrisburg
Olawale S. Alagbala Harrisburg
Kaila C. Anderson-Garrison Harrisburg
Maureen F. Arnold Harrisburg
Brianna R. Auman Harrisburg
Duane M. Axe Harrisburg
Mohamed Baatote Harrisburg
Melissa L. Babish Harrisburg
Michael N. Bach Harrisburg
Tara P. Bajgai Harrisburg
Michael R. Barna Harrisburg
Murielle Barreau Harrisburg
Milton H. Baxter Harrisburg
Kaitlyn D. Beard Harrisburg
Samantha J. Bedford Harrisburg
Heather R. Beistline Harrisburg
Anna E. Benner Harrisburg
Jessica E. Bentz Harrisburg
Amber C. Berg Harrisburg
Brian P. Bertolette Harrisburg
Robert T. Bogutskie Harrisburg
Karol V. Bonilla Harrisburg
Lindsey K. Boss-Ruch Harrisburg
Dorothy Botsolis Harrisburg
Matthew Bradshaw Harrisburg
Andrew C. Breining Harrisburg
Christiana L. Brill Harrisburg
Zacharia S. Brodie Harrisburg
Jill I. Brodsky Harrisburg
John S. Brown Harrisburg
Keisha R. Brown Harrisburg
Martha C. Brown Harrisburg
Shakira N. Brown Harrisburg
Anna C. Buchanan Harrisburg
Scott A. Buckwalter Harrisburg
Long N. Bui Harrisburg
Madison P. Burg Harrisburg
James M. Burlingame Harrisburg
Niki L. Butler Harrisburg
Phuong L. Cao Harrisburg
Brittanee J. Carroll Harrisburg
Camillia Y. Carter Harrisburg
Kellie D. Carter Harrisburg
Venita J. Cheraparambil Harrisburg
Tacara S. Chesley Harrisburg
Samantha J. Clarke Harrisburg
Angela R. Colon Harrisburg
Anna Marie L. Conrad Harrisburg
Juan M. Cotto Harrisburg
Aida L. Crespo Harrisburg
Jessica L. Crum Harrisburg
Ronica L. Cummings Harrisburg
Arlene Da Paz Nascimento Harrisburg
Jordan G. Dandy Harrisburg
Bhagwat Dangal Harrisburg
Lindsey E. Daretzes Harrisburg
Prity Das Harrisburg
George E. Daubert Harrisburg
Salina M. Davenport Harrisburg
Ronnika N. Davis Harrisburg
Amanda L. Delaney Harrisburg
Jenna H. Denoyelles Harrisburg
Ryan J. Derr Harrisburg
Sarah B. Derr Harrisburg
Saida L. Diaz Harrisburg
Dulce N. Drew Harrisburg
Erin L. Dugan Harrisburg
Jeffrey S. Dunn Harrisburg
Melissa S. Elder Harrisburg
Tatum Espenshade Harrisburg
Stacey A. Eubanks Harrisburg
Kristen M. Evans Harrisburg
Kathryn R. Farver Harrisburg
Dawn N. Feaster Harrisburg
Joseph C. Feeley Harrisburg
Belaihun D. Feleke Harrisburg
Jennifer T. Felker Harrisburg
Jordan L. Fetterhoff Harrisburg
Benjamin L. Fierer Harrisburg
Abby G. Fife Harrisburg
Angelica M. Fiore Harrisburg
Zoe A. Fletcher Harrisburg
Allyn E. Foreman Harrisburg
Julia R. Forester Harrisburg
John W. Foster Harrisburg
Jessica L. Frank Harrisburg
Adrian M. Freeman Harrisburg
Kincy M. Gabriel Harrisburg
Liudmyla Galarza Harrisburg
Mark A. Gangaram Harrisburg
Giohana Garcia Harrisburg
Maria Lorraine I. Garcia Harrisburg
Megan C. Garland Harrisburg
Katelyn M. Gaylor Harrisburg
Natnael T. Gebrezgi Harrisburg
Tori A. Geib Harrisburg
Ebony M. Gibson Harrisburg
George A. Ginter Harrisburg
Nathaniel K. Glick Harrisburg
Ellen M. Gonsalves Harrisburg
Rebecca M. Goss Harrisburg
Evonne R. Gramlich Harrisburg
Meredith A. Guarducci Harrisburg
Sean K. Guckert Harrisburg
Mitchell A. Gutgold Harrisburg
Lisa A. Guyer Harrisburg
Rut E. Guzman Harrisburg
Allison L. Hadden Harrisburg
John W. Hair Harrisburg
Becky M. Hamblen Harrisburg
Scott W. Hammer Harrisburg
Hillary A. Harris Harrisburg
Nadia V. Harry Harrisburg
Angela J. Heagy Harrisburg
Rachel E. Hefner Harrisburg
Amanda L. Heilman Harrisburg
Christine M. Hepler Harrisburg
Victoria K. Hersh Harrisburg
Melissa L. Hoch Harrisburg
Tia L. Hodge Harrisburg
Sarah E. Hoffman Harrisburg
Debra L. Hoke Harrisburg
Marti C. Holmes Harrisburg
Chelsea C. Howard-Foley Harrisburg
Stephen B. Hudson Harrisburg
Zachary H. Hussing Harrisburg
Abdoulahi Idrissa Alou Harrisburg
Jefferey B. Jacox Harrisburg
Benjamin L. Joseph Harrisburg
Luckner Joseph Harrisburg
Lillian J. Kashishian Harrisburg
Kiranpreet Kaur Harrisburg
Laura A. Kaylor Harrisburg
Bryan A. Kendle Harrisburg
Mohamed H. Kenz Harrisburg
Benjamin H. Ketchum Harrisburg
Maja Kezic Harrisburg
Minh A. Kien Harrisburg
William C. Killinger Harrisburg
Tyler D. Kingsbury Harrisburg
Kaitlin E. Kiral Harrisburg
Lauren A. Kochel Harrisburg
Kellyann M. Kolanda Harrisburg
Rylee B. Kovats Harrisburg
Jonathan L. Kraft Harrisburg
Dylan W. Kroah Harrisburg
Dustin R. Krugh Harrisburg
Kirk Kulgavin Harrisburg
Melissa A. Lahutsky Harrisburg
Tara N. Lamparter Harrisburg
Gabriel E. Lara Harrisburg
Jessica L. Latchford Harrisburg
Bradley K. Lauver Harrisburg
Teah Lavender Harrisburg
Kelly M. Lee Harrisburg
Barbara A. Lepley Harrisburg
Eric A. Levesque Harrisburg
Byron K. Linder Harrisburg
Ryan S. Lione Harrisburg
James E. Little Harrisburg
Tieanna M. Lloyd Harrisburg
Klever M. Loja Harrisburg
Jeanette Long Harrisburg
Colleen Lopko Harrisburg
Breianna C. Lower Harrisburg
Daniel K. Lutz Harrisburg
Wade T. Mader Harrisburg
Ramatoulaye I. Mahamadou Harrisburg
Adam V. Malave Harrisburg
Sarah E. Mancuso Harrisburg
Christine C. Mann Harrisburg
Kimberly L. Marchese Harrisburg
Devin L. Marino Harrisburg
Shikyra D. Marshall Harrisburg
Ayesha L. Martin Harrisburg
Kara L. Martin Harrisburg
Jose L. Martinez Harrisburg
Saadia Masood Harrisburg
Megan A. Mauck Harrisburg
Mukisa D. Mayanja Harrisburg
Caitlin J. McClarren Harrisburg
Joyce McKay Harrisburg
Mary E. McKenna Harrisburg
Lauren R. McNair Harrisburg
Danielle McNulty Harrisburg
Mark A. McPherson Harrisburg
Liliana A. Melendez Harrisburg
Asante S. Mensah Harrisburg
Joelle Meyer Harrisburg
Allyson L. Miller Harrisburg
James R. Miller Harrisburg
Rachel A. Miller Harrisburg
Arlean P. Mitchell Harrisburg
John N. Mitchem Harrisburg
Jonathan M. Moldawsky Harrisburg
John W. Moore Harrisburg
Scott E. Moore Harrisburg
Kay L. Moorehead Harrisburg
Marisa L. Morrow Harrisburg
Sheena M. Mosley Harrisburg
Anica Muminovic Harrisburg
Hannah B. Murray Harrisburg
Maria T. Muth Harrisburg
David C. Myers Harrisburg
Emily A. Myers Harrisburg
Faith N. Myers Harrisburg
Michael T. Myers Harrisburg
William A. Myers Harrisburg
Vivian S. Negron Harrisburg
Antonio Neve Harrisburg
Ha T. Nguyen Harrisburg
Cara L. Nies Harrisburg
Reggan D. Nowlin Harrisburg
Stephanie P. Oscilowski Harrisburg
Lioubov Panova Harrisburg
Jessica J. Perez Harrisburg
Dylan A. Perkins Harrisburg
Abbey H. Petrie Boylan Harrisburg
Susan M. Phillips Harrisburg
Matthew R. Plouse Harrisburg
Bashu D. Pokhrel Harrisburg
Jeannetta R. Politis Harrisburg
Christopher J. Pollock Harrisburg
Susan E. Procope Harrisburg
Grant R. Proper Harrisburg
Cristy L. Quade Harrisburg
Laureen P. Ramos Harrisburg
Benjamin C. Rand Harrisburg
Melissa J. Randolph Harrisburg
Jenna A. Rappaport Harrisburg
Theresa A. Reed Harrisburg
Amy A. Reiber Harrisburg
Kenneth E. Reichelderfer Harrisburg
Aaron M. Ridley Harrisburg
Brian T. Ritterpusch Harrisburg
Alexis Rivera Harrisburg
Victoria K. Robinson Harrisburg
Andrew W. Rodda Harrisburg
Rene L. Romberger Harrisburg
Robert G. Rusnell Harrisburg
Richelle D. San Martin Harrisburg
Blandine W. Sandwidi Harrisburg
Christina N. Santiago Harrisburg
Tsani H. Scales Harrisburg
Abby J. Scharff Harrisburg
Richard A. Schindler Harrisburg
Holly S. Seelhorst Harrisburg
Jamie Lynn Servacek Harrisburg
Dana M. Servis Harrisburg
Kathi R. Shaw Harrisburg
Jason A. Shedaker Harrisburg
Hanniel A. Sindelar Harrisburg
Sabariah Siraj Harrisburg
Gregg M. Skerpon Harrisburg
Meghan L. Small Harrisburg
Emily S. Smetak Harrisburg
Jonathan D. Smith Harrisburg
Nathan E. Snelbaker Harrisburg
Olusegun S. Sodamola Harrisburg
Kricinda L. Spearman Harrisburg
Paul M. Spicer Harrisburg
Eric J. Starr Harrisburg
Jennifer L. Steltzer Harrisburg
Jennifer A. Stiller Harrisburg
Hannah E. Stoltz Harrisburg
Stefani L. Stoner Harrisburg
Brandon R. Stuck Harrisburg
Miltasari Suyatno Harrisburg
Krista N. Swanger Harrisburg
Aisata Sylla Harrisburg
Lauren M. Tanking Harrisburg
Orhan Taskin Harrisburg
Olufunke T. Tella Harrisburg
Adam T. Tipple Harrisburg
Sunny N. To Harrisburg
Edward L. Toro Harrisburg
Le B. Tran Harrisburg
Kimberly N. Tu Harrisburg
Abel O. Udigwe Harrisburg
Catherine Ugarte Harrisburg
Audrey Ulsh Harrisburg
Matt E. Varmecky Harrisburg
Andrea D. Vaughan Harrisburg
Brooke A. Vdov Harrisburg
Lisa N. Vidallon Harrisburg
Anthony Vigliotti Harrisburg
Reginald M. Walker Harrisburg
Robin L. Wallace Harrisburg
Valerie N. Waltz Harrisburg
Ali M. Weaver Harrisburg
Emily J. Weltmer Harrisburg
Marin E. Westman Harrisburg
Bryan D. Whaley Harrisburg
Sara A. Whitney Harrisburg
Leah P. Williams Harrisburg
Norma W. Williams Harrisburg
Travis C. Willow Harrisburg
Thelco L. Wilson Harrisburg
Heather Winkler Harrisburg
Cassaundra M. Wolfe Harrisburg
Corey Wood Harrisburg
Kimberly A. Wood Harrisburg
Christine J. Wooding Harrisburg
Kendra M. Wright Harrisburg
Zachary Yesser Harrisburg
Jason C. Yohn Harrisburg
Morgan C. Zernich Harrisburg
Janet L. Zimmerman Harrisburg
Maurice H. Poles harrisubrg
Allyson E. Billmyer Hershey
Laura A. Clarke Hershey
Jennifer L. Greenawalt Hershey
Jacob L. Horne Hershey
Alex R. Levens Hershey
Melissa J. Lewis Hershey
Jodi L. Noss Hershey
Rikin J. Patel Hershey
Christian E. Perez Hershey
Anja M. Swenson Hershey
Madeleine W. VanVickle Hershey
Shannon E. Zartman Hershey
Nicholas T. Brungard Highspire
Lisandra Caraballo Highspire
Brittany N. Johnson Highspire
Kelly E. Koons Highspire
Fatine Mouradi Highspire
Steven T. Servian Highspire
Eric D. Strickland Highspire
Jeremy R. Trowbridge Highspire
Allyce N. Weigle Highspire
Matthew J. Bowers Hummelstown
Julie A. Bowman Hummelstown
Summer R. Capp Hummelstown
Courtney R. Caudill Hummelstown
Lauren B. Davison Hummelstown
Jessica M. Donahue Hummelstown
Jennifer J. Doyle Hummelstown
Katherine R. English Hummelstown
Li Fang Hummelstown
Sharon Fink Hummelstown
Brenda A. Garber Hummelstown
Megan A. Giles Hummelstown
Emily J. Hahn Hummelstown
Kimberly K. Hansen Hummelstown
Cyndi Ho Hummelstown
Kelsey C. Jenakovich Hummelstown
Patricia L. Julius Hummelstown
Christopher Kaschak Hummelstown
Alexandra Kelm Hummelstown
Rebecca S. Kimmel Hummelstown
Kevin T. Kondracki Hummelstown
Tamara L. Lopresti Hummelstown
Katherine F. McClain Hummelstown
Brandi Olsen Hummelstown
Eleni Papachristou Hummelstown
Kimberly A. Pintarch Hummelstown
Taylor M. Reynolds Hummelstown
Johanna Rodriguez Hummelstown
Jason S. Ruzzi Hummelstown
Brandy L. Schneck Hummelstown
Abigail R. Schwanger Hummelstown
Christy M. Shiffler Hummelstown
Alexandria L. Stanton Hummelstown
Ashley M. Summers Hummelstown
Rong Tang Hummelstown
Daniel W. Werner Hummelstown
Cherri M. Whitson-Gontz Hummelstown
Nikole A. Zadov Hummelstown
Christine A. Zerance Hummelstown
Mary Jo Zimmer Hummelstown
Cathryn S. Kilgore Lykens
Brandon T. Miller Lykens
Bryce T. Wagner Lykens
Kayla E. Bates Middletown
Ashley K. Bechtel Middletown
Milissa R. Berstler Middletown
Heather L. Birmingham Middletown
Angela D. Burke Middletown
Melissa J. Dennis Middletown
William B. Fairchild Middletown
Karen N. Fawber Middletown
Victoria M. Folk Middletown
Michael A. Gainer Middletown
James C. Gejoff Middletown
Dana K. Gelbaugh Middletown
Lindsay N. Gilman Middletown
Nicole L. Graby Middletown
Darien N. Harris Middletown
Chelsea E. Hoffman Middletown
Melanie E. Jackson Middletown
Christopher M. Judy Middletown
Michelle L. Jumper Middletown
James P. Kort Middletown
Jamie N. Layton Middletown
Shannon McPherson Middletown
Lisa M. Nestler Middletown
Demetrios I. Paliometros Middletown
Andre L. Rodriguez Middletown
Clara Salvador Middletown
Keith L. Schuchardt Middletown
Ashley L. Shutt Middletown
Noelle E. Smiley Middletown
Amy S. Snyder Middletown
Jeffrey R. Souders Middletown
RaeAnne E. Stees Middletown
Stephanie L. Svolto-Patterson Middletown
Bobbie Jo Weaver Middletown
Angela G. Wolfe Middletown
Christine M. Wooddell Middletown
Lisa M. Young Middletown
Stacy R. Young Middletown
Ira Zook Middletown
Sayda A. Zroog Middletown
Crystal L. Altland Millersburg
Grant F. Beitler Millersburg
Amanda G. Kance Millersburg
Preston D. Minnich Millersburg
David M. Schell Millersburg
Janna M. Wack Millersburg
Shelby L. Witmer Millersburg
Jared M. Wolfgang Millersburg
Derek A. Crouse Palmyra
Yesenia Soto Palmyra
Shawn J. Schreffler Pillow
Aaron A. Curry Steelton
George W. Frometa Steelton
Robert E. McCleary Steelton
Urie M. Ngauss Ndoung Bissa Steelton
Hang L. Pham Steelton
Anthony M. Zlogar Steelton
Rashaun M. Kuehl Williamstown
Cassondra D. Smith Williamstown
Brooke A. Zaras Williamstown
Franklin County:
Student City
Amy L. Angle Chambersburg
Jenna R. Borzager Chambersburg
Caitlin A. Bowers Chambersburg
Wyatt A. Boyer Chambersburg
Brady M. Bumbaugh Chambersburg
Heather K. Butler Chambersburg
Michaela I. Clapper Chambersburg
Stacy A. Cline Chambersburg
Paige N. Clutter Chambersburg
Yadeiry Desena Chambersburg
Annika N. Dowd Chambersburg
Alessandra Esposito Chambersburg
Brittany N. Gift Chambersburg
Crystal M. Gomes Chambersburg
Elizabeth N. Hershey Chambersburg
Brittni M. Hull Chambersburg
Brett A. Hultzapple Chambersburg
Trevor Kelly Chambersburg
Ashley N. Landis Chambersburg
Trevaun M. Landis Chambersburg
Matthew A. McIntyre Chambersburg
Werquin Perez Geraldo Chambersburg
Bailey A. Price Chambersburg
Matthew B. Price Chambersburg
Amanda L. Reeder Chambersburg
Corey N. Rife Chambersburg
Elizabeth M. Shoop Chambersburg
Kala M. Stufft Chambersburg
Melissa A. Wampler Chambersburg
Christopher S. Whitehead Chambersburg
Kayla M. Woodal Chambersburg
Jeremy R. Yeargan Chambersburg
Catherine M. Dinsmore Fannettsburg
Lukas E. Hess Fannettsburg
Linda Castro Fayetteville
Marco A. Davila Fayetteville
Amanda J. Etter Fayetteville
Aaron C. Farrow Fayetteville
Paul R. Kurzawa Fayetteville
Carrie L. McCrossen Fayetteville
Zachary A. Mower Fayetteville
Jonathan Sensenig Fayetteville
Tori R. Guyer Fort Loudon
Chatchanok Bennett Greencastle
Jacob W. Fox Greencastle
Jennifer L. Smith Greencastle
Debra Arena Mont Alto
Karli E. Coppens Orrstown
Benjamin L. Portner Saint Thomas
Brooke E. Delancy Shippensburg
Elijah N. Miller Shippensburg
Lisa A. Skiles Shippensburg
Valerie Stum Shippensburg
Laura R. Bentz Waynesboro
Crachelle M. Dixon Waynesboro
Kari Eigenbrode Waynesboro
Zachary R. Freeman Waynesboro
Megan E. Gabrielson Waynesboro
Kristi L. Gift Waynesboro
Jennifer M. Grimes Waynesboro
Daniel S. Hagan Waynesboro
Samantha J. Mostardi Waynesboro
Lorie M. Nye Waynesboro
Mark J. Russo Waynesboro
Ashley J. Sturdivant Waynesboro
Justin J. Timmons Waynesboro

Huntingdon County:
Student City
Allyson L. Knepper Shade Gap

Juniata County:
Student City
Crystal D. Snyder East Waterford
Joshua X. Murray Liverpool
Bethany N. Alderfer McAlisterville
Alan R. Bender Mifflintown
Christa L. Auker Millerstown
Travis M. Gonsalves Millerstown
Karly S. Esh Port Royal
Gabriel R. Heckert Port Royal
Abigail E. Kepner Port Royal
Mukunda S. Mensah-Dzomley Port Royal
Lauren G. Krahn Thompsontown
Amey J. Wileman Thompsontown

Lancaster County:
Student City
Nicole M. Whitcraft Adamstown
Timothy J. Wilson Adamstown
Christina L. Bowman Akron
Justin M. Gehman Akron
Jenny M. Jackson Akron
Joseph A. Martin Akron
Ashley D. Pike Akron
Kristin L. Sawyer Akron
Benjamin C. Zimmerman Akron
Lance T. Carter Bainbridge
Tracy L. Cramer Bainbridge
Kelly L. Garber Bainbridge
Tracey A. Hampton Bainbridge
Emily N. Pavalonis Bainbridge
Rachel A. Meyer Bird in Hand
Patricia L. Nissley Bird in Hand
Kathryn J. Rodgers Bird in Hand
Tiffany A. Patton Blue Ball
Teresa J. Burkhart Brownstown
Lisa H. Graham Brownstown
Jessamy R. Martin Brownstown
Thomas G. Huller Christiana
Cynthia Beaston Columbia
Isabel Bueno Columbia
Cody D. Danks Columbia
Amy C. Danz Columbia
John S. Ferrara Columbia
Jessica S. Graham Columbia
Sara A. Greth Columbia
Matthew W. Hoffman Columbia
Andrea M. Kellon Columbia
Kelly A. Kendig Columbia
Kimberly A. Motter Columbia
Jordan M. Nikolaus Columbia
Kayla R. Ortman Columbia
Consuella R. Pray Columbia
Kenneth J. Roberts Columbia
Stephan L. Smith Columbia
Tom G. Thomas Columbia
Lizet A. Tikhonov Columbia
Anthony S. Wallick Columbia
Colleen M. Welsh Columbia
Julia E. Baker Conestoga
Mandi L. Reardon Conestoga
Michele N. Calabretta Denver
Derrick A. Dimitris Denver
Jacque L. Gray Denver
Kimberly S. Joyce Denver
Heather M. Ludwig Denver
Amy S. Maier Denver
Troy A. Martin Denver
Gina M. Orgera Denver
Jennifer M. Patterson Denver
Susan A. Sandusky Denver
Brooke L. Stewart Denver
Allison P. Welker Denver
Lindsay J. Winn Denver
Tonda L. Adams East Earl
Hunter Metzger East Earl
Elizabeth J. Byler East Petersburg
Tara M. Czeluscinski East Petersburg
Crystal L. Mays East Petersburg
Alkiviadis Petropoulos East Petersburg
Nicole B. Rauch East Petersburg
Garrison N. White East Petersburg
Salman Al-Habieli Elizabethtown
Erika A. Belmont Elizabethtown
Jeanne A. Carlisle Elizabethtown
David A. Cisneros Elizabethtown
Ashley R. Dohner Elizabethtown
Ashley E. Eppley Elizabethtown
Nicole A. Eppley Elizabethtown
Kathryn E. Fanus Elizabethtown
Averie N. Gill Elizabethtown
Jared A. Harsh Elizabethtown
Wendy Kahler Elizabethtown
Jennifer L. Lamason Elizabethtown
David N. Longenecker Elizabethtown
Victoria C. Madonna Elizabethtown
Jacob A. McNitt Elizabethtown
Christine M. Obenstine Elizabethtown
Kenneth Ordyk Elizabethtown
Nicholas H. Pakosky Elizabethtown
Zachary Patterson Elizabethtown
Erika A. Putt Elizabethtown
Bryan D. Range Elizabethtown
Julie D. Rutt Elizabethtown
Bradley A. Satteson Elizabethtown
Chad R. Stehman Elizabethtown
Alexandra C. Von Otto Elizabethtown
Brooke M. Walters Elizabethtown
Ivy J. Wesner Elizabethtown
Tina M. White Elizabethtown
Karri L. Winter Elizabethtown
Clinton A. Witmer Elizabethtown
David A. Arguello Ephrata
Karen P. Banerjee Ephrata
Matthew D. Barrett Ephrata
William E. Been Ephrata
Renee E. Benedick-George Ephrata
Tyler T. Bornstad Ephrata
Nadine Boyd Ephrata
Alison M. Brill Ephrata
Melissa A. Burkett Ephrata
Alissa F. Davis Ephrata
Deborah Deguzman Ephrata
Kelly M. Emerson Ephrata
Stephanie D. Falls Ephrata
Ricky L. Gerhart Ephrata
Tina M. Gerome Ephrata
Maria V. Golub Ephrata
Andrea J. Groff Ephrata
Nichol A. Hehnly Ephrata
Danielle N. Herr Ephrata
Orlando Huertas Jr Ephrata
Beverly A. Johns Ephrata
Charles Jones Ephrata
Katy A. Kolle Ephrata
Caleb J. Krauter Ephrata
Samuel P. Krauter Ephrata
Amy L. Martin Ephrata
Ashley B. McClune Ephrata
Brittany Morgan Ephrata
Lauren E. Morneault Ephrata
Yvette Ramos Ephrata
Valarie A. Ripson Ephrata
Katelyn M. Schannauer Ephrata
Jessica A. Schwankl Ephrata
Brett J. Simmons Ephrata
Jessica E. Stamper Ephrata
Katherine E. Stewart Ephrata
Victoria A. Surkin Ephrata
Mariana Vladicescu Ephrata
Isabelle B. Warfel Ephrata
Michaela P. Werner Ephrata
Nikki T. Wise Ephrata
Christa L. Witman Ephrata
Deanne L. Wolfe Ephrata
Calah R. Brewer Ephratra
German Lespier Florin
Troy R. Pyfrom Gap
Diane Szalay Gap
Charles E. Tilkens Gap
Katrina M. Tilkens Gap
April E. Ward Gap
Christy N. Smucker Gordonville
Katty Acosta Holtwood
Kristen A. Schnell Holtwood
Deborah L. Whitman Hopeland
Hadassah G. Huyard Kinzers
Rhiannon M. DeLong Kirkwood
Marla R. Riehl Lampeter
Emina Alagic Lancaster
Lisa R. Anderson Lancaster
John A. Augeri Lancaster
Christopher L. Auker Lancaster
Richard Austin Lancaster
Gillan Bagapuro Lancaster
Margaret A. Barlow Lancaster
Safiyyah A. Bashir Lancaster
Angeline N. Bautista Lancaster
Keturah L. Beiler Lancaster
Christopher D. Bersheim Lancaster
Erin Brenckman Lancaster
Daniel A. Brown Lancaster
Nathan S. Brown Lancaster
Shante Brown Lancaster
Kelli L. Bryant Lancaster
Dejanera L. Burnside Lancaster
Meeghan F. Bustaque Lancaster
Tung T. Cao Lancaster
Juan S. Cardona Lancaster
Erin Carey Lancaster
Ryan J. Carmody Lancaster
Emily J. Carrigan Lancaster
Matthew D. Carroll Lancaster
Wenchy P. Castro Tapia Lancaster
Veronica Castro Lancaster
Kilian T. Cavallo Lancaster
Marco Cerrone Lancaster
Jonathan C. Choi Lancaster
Brian C. Collier Lancaster
Kristin M. Collins Lancaster
Allexa M. Colombo Lancaster
Troy Cook Lancaster
Rebecca M. Cramer Lancaster
Jenna L. Crork Lancaster
Luz Y. Cuevas Lancaster
Catrina L. Dean Lancaster
Megersa Deyessa Lancaster
Gerba A. Dheresa Lancaster
Eliud L. Diaz Lancaster
Kathleen E. Dissler Lancaster
Melanie J. Donnelly Lancaster
Yolanda J. Douglas Lancaster
Peter E. Drogaris Lancaster
Jason J. Dutill Jr Lancaster
Maia A. Edmunds Lancaster
Angela K. Edwards Lancaster
Deborah T. Fan Lancaster
Jaime L. Farrell Lancaster
Christopher Flinchbaugh Lancaster
Nichole E. Gage Lancaster
Tarraney A. Gallo Lancaster
Jennifer N. Galloway Lancaster
Andrew M. Gehman Lancaster
Joshua W. Gerlitzki Lancaster
Ryan J. Gilchrest Lancaster
Eric Gluck Lancaster
Donald R. Gochenaur Lancaster
Brittany N. Graver Lancaster
Rachel L. Greiner Lancaster
Leonard K. Griswell Lancaster
Austin D. Grosh Lancaster
Michele L. Gutshall Lancaster
Joshua A. Haden Lancaster
Michelle L. Haugh Lancaster
Carl R. Heckert Lancaster
Clarissa Heffner Lancaster
Heather A. Herman Lancaster
Jerraca A. Hernandez Lancaster
Justin D. Hernandez Lancaster
Randolph Hernandez Lancaster
Jennifer L. Herr Lancaster
Thinh X. Hoang Lancaster
Jeffrey M. Holland Lancaster
Nicholas A. Hoover Lancaster
Connor R. Ingram Lancaster
Elizabeth A. Joseph Lancaster
Sarah N. Kalend Lancaster
Stacy M. Kelley Lancaster
Henry Khuu Lancaster
Molly Kim Lancaster
Kyle M. Kline Lancaster
Elysa J. Klopfle Lancaster
Thomas M. Kramer Lancaster
Taylor R. Laird Lancaster
Khuyen H. Le Lancaster
Ly T. Le Lancaster
Elysia N. Lear Lancaster
Kaitlin E. Leeking Lancaster
Samuel C. Lepadatu Lancaster
Derek M. Lewis Lancaster
Douglas S. Livengood Lancaster
Hector A. Lopez Lancaster
Yanfang Lu Lancaster
Litza M. Luciano Lancaster
Alyssa Lunz Lancaster
Blair N. Maldonado Lancaster
Amanda L. Malone Lancaster
William F. Maneus Lancaster
Carrie A. Martin Lancaster
Kimberly E. Martin Lancaster
Timothy J. Martin Lancaster
Jakie M. Martinez-McKee Lancaster
Ashley N. McGinnis Lancaster
Colin T. Mekeel Lancaster
Morgan R. Mellinger Lancaster
Kerri L. Meyer Lancaster
Kelly A. Miller Lancaster
Kelly J. Miller Lancaster
Lisa A. Moose Lancaster
Patrick P. Morgan Lancaster
Mildred M. Morillo Lancaster
Trisha Moss Lancaster
Anh Thi Van Nguyen Lancaster
Vincent Nguyen Lancaster
Benard K. Olinda Lancaster
Christine Owuonda Lancaster
Angel S. Pagan Lancaster
Emily M. Pautler Lancaster
Trevor D. Pereira Lancaster
Trenesa Perkins Lancaster
Pamela E. Peters Lancaster
Jennifer A. Phillips Lancaster
Jodi L. Porta Lancaster
Ashlee A. Psenicka Lancaster
Ryan C. Risser Lancaster
Arpasia M. Rivera Lancaster
Gena A. Rivera Lancaster
Luz S. Rivera-Valentin Lancaster
Ha T. Roberts Lancaster
Navado Robinson Lancaster
Denise Rodriguez Lancaster
Christine A. Rohlf Lancaster
Alexander L. Ross Lancaster
Tanya M. Runkle Lancaster
Michelle L. Rybner Lancaster
David Sadiwnyk Lancaster
Wera M. Savin Lancaster
Kathleen M. Schlager Lancaster
Timothy T. Schuck Lancaster
Christine Sebastian Bair Lancaster
Ian M. Severson Lancaster
Alexandrea R. Sexton Lancaster
Lyndsy N. Shaubach Lancaster
Brianna F. Shenk Lancaster
Amy R. Shortes Lancaster
Neema Shrestha Lancaster
Keshia R. Simmons Lancaster
Moriah Smith Lancaster
Mersina C. Sosangelis Lancaster
Andrea R. Souders Lancaster
Chelsea L. Stevenson Lancaster
Zhe Stoltzfus Lancaster
James E. Stuchel II Lancaster
Guangting Sui Lancaster
Desiree Suliveras Lancaster
Shelly L. Summers Lancaster
Nicole D. Sweigart Lancaster
Nang Seng Pan Tangbau Lancaster
Chaltu M. Tolla Lancaster
Ilsa M. Torres Lancaster
Davina N. Tourkodimitris Lancaster
Aura K. Tremellen Lancaster
Taylor L. Turner Lancaster
Lynsey L. Tyson Lancaster
Loretta Vaccarino Lancaster
Jinerci D. Valdez Lancaster
Jessica M. Velazquez Lancaster
Heather M. Venezia Lancaster
Elin Villanueva Lancaster
Brittany N. Wagner Lancaster
Wendy D. Walton Lancaster
Josh A. Weaver Lancaster
Kimberly R. Weaver Lancaster
Jacqueline F. Welch Lancaster
Jason M. Wiederwax Lancaster
Ashton M. Williams Lancaster
Amy E. Worden Lancaster
Allison L. Wright Lancaster
Jennifer A. Wynn Lancaster
Linsey L. Yates Lancaster
Rebecca J. Yoder Lancaster
Jordan M. Arment Landisville
Christine M. Bruce Landisville
Erica Bryan Landisville
Kristen A. Gillespie Landisville
Stacy L. Haugen Landisville
Amber N. Mazzeo Landisville
Amber N. Morris Landisville
Kelsey D. Wettig Landisville
Margarita Agosto Leola
Heidi L. Applegate Leola
Katrina A. Aviles Leola
Suzette Bartholomee Leola
Kimberly A. Beyer Leola
Amanda R. Deebel Leola
Jessica N. Ebersol Leola
Kelly L. Givler Leola
Paul M. Hammes Leola
Karen Kirsten Leola
Dawn J. Kunkle Leola
Marilyn S. Martin Leola
Chelsy R. McCarty Leola
Darren R. Overly Leola
Raksmey Prak Leola
Joel M. Bailey Lititz
Heidi L. Bushong Lititz
Wildiliza A. Carrasco Lititz
David E. Childs Lititz
Jennifer L. Clemons-Casillo Lititz
Terry Doyle Lititz
Adrian R. Eshleman Lititz
Viorica G. Frazier Lititz
Austin M. Fruin Lititz
Nicole A. Hauck Lititz
Raechel H. Hiatt Lititz
Danielle Howard Lititz
Wesley S. Iehle Lititz
Laura C. Jacobs Lititz
Emmalee L. Keeney Lititz
Sarah E. Lazar Lititz
Timothy E. Lefever Lititz
Christine R. Letch Lititz
Fiona Lines Lititz
Nicholas G. Martin Lititz
Edward B. McFarlane Lititz
Patrick J. Osborne Lititz
Marcela Pessoa Oliveira Cruce Lititz
Zoya V. Reshchykovets Lititz
Carol Rodgers Lititz
Deborah A. Schmidt Lititz
Tina Schober Lititz
John G. Shorb Lititz
Kenneth N. Shorter Lititz
Shane N. Shultz Lititz
Justin P. Sisbarro Lititz
Inessa D. Steele Lititz
Ann Stoltzfus Lititz
Angelique L. Taylor Lititz
Keith D. Thomsen Lititz
Bryana E. Unangst Lititz
Valerie S. Weiler Lititz
Marvetta Wentzel Lititz
Randell L. Yost Lititz
Jennifer R. Zimmerman Lititz
Scott J. Alogna Manheim
Wendy J. Blauch Manheim
Kathryn S. Coe Manheim
Benjamin T. Engle Manheim
Jonathan R. Fink Manheim
Joseph P. Goodhart Manheim
Holly L. Kirchner Manheim
Jonathan W. Knapp Manheim
Nicole Mannion Manheim
Deena L. Minney Manheim
Olena I. Peiffer Manheim
Ashleigh L. Reppert Manheim
Gregory S. Riehl Manheim
Bethany M. Roscoe Manheim
Noah J. Shaffer Manheim
Lauren R. Shaffner Manheim
Danielle M. Shaver Manheim
Andrew N. Shumaker Manheim
Danielle C. Sprankle Manheim
Briawna K. Wenger Manheim
Casie D. Witmer Manheim
Jomarie Angier Marietta
Kathleen A. Bedoni Marietta
Lori A. Dewitt Marietta
Kimberly A. Leed Marietta
Katelyn L. Marrello Marietta
Kirsti Onesemo Marietta
Christal D. Porta Marietta
Heather Trimble Marietta
Rachel L. Warren Marietta
Nechel A. Agee Millersville
Cassandra L. Hess Millersville
Adam M. Rohrer Millersville
Karen Salem Millersville
Emma E. Viets Millersville
Glenn D. Wolfe Millersville
John C. Wenger Mohnton
Kaitlin J. Austin Mount Joy
Renee E. Buckwalter Mount Joy
Julie A. Davis Mount Joy
Andrea M. Donato Mount Joy
Eva N. Feuerstacke Mount Joy
Travis J. Hameloth Mount Joy
Kaitlyn N. Johnson Mount Joy
Irina M. Kanegene Mount Joy
Stephanie A. Kern Mount Joy
Alana D. Lintner Mount Joy
Leah Meckley Mount Joy
Hillary S. Myford Mount Joy
Kathryn L. Nees-Davis Mount Joy
Luis J. Nieves Mount Joy
Julia R. Ober Mount Joy
Remsy A. Ruhl Mount Joy
Pamela D. Scipioni Mount Joy
Christopher T. Signor Mount Joy
Michael G. Zaki Mount Joy
Debra J. Bastian Mountville
Zainat Hernandez Mountville
Gabrielle E. Petrina Mountville
Erica A. Remauro Mountville
April R. Romanosky Mountville
Karen E. Walls Mountville
Brittany K. Darrow Narvon
Deborah A. Gossert Narvon
Abigail A. Reiter Narvon
Erica N. Rutter Narvon
Fallon C. Wise Narvon
Travis W. Arment New Holland
Chloe Chapman New Holland
Taylor N. Graham New Holland
Kelley Jenkins New Holland
Theresa M. Kings New Holland
Goran Kovacevic New Holland
Laretta A. Kulp New Holland
Larissa Lenhardt New Holland
Leslie A. Reedy New Holland
Stacy A. Simmons New Holland
Erin N. Smoker New Holland
Jeffery E. Todd New Holland
Julie A. Wiker New Holland
Alex W. Bond New Providence
Valerie W. Boos New Providence
Harold P. Houlday New Providence
Christine E. Kile New Providence
Dustin E. Schroeder New Providence
Shelly L. Swinehart New Providence
Johanna L. Bertogli Nottingham
Christina A. Anderson Paradise
Jude G. Horton Paradise
Gina L. Vaughn Paradise
Jason M. Dommel Peach Bottom
Julie A. Greenhalgh Peach Bottom
Keith D. Kilgore Peach Bottom
Michael J. Miller Peach Bottom
Tobias T. Greenawalt Pequea
Lauren A. Haas Pequea
Nichole A. Kilby Pequea
Maranda M. Kurtz Pequea
Megan R. Stock Pequea
Erika E. Adshead Quarryville
Kayla A. Armer Quarryville
Toni L. Boos Quarryville
Nicholas C. Choplick Quarryville
Maureen M. Dalrymple Quarryville
Suzanne S. Hershey Quarryville
Hope Kotschessa Quarryville
John P. Miller Quarryville
Hannah M. Opdenaker Quarryville
Connie M. Plank Quarryville
Kent M. Redcay Quarryville
Koby D. Redcay Quarryville
Robyn E. Weaver Quarryville
Debra L. Zimmerman Quarryville
Cara C. Hall Reamstown
Carl E. Mentz Reamstown
Kaitlyn S. Good Reinholds
Cassie L. Martin Reinholds
Brenda K. Perkins Reinholds
Krystin Rothenberger Reinholds
Greta K. Mellinger Ronks
Holly Ranson Ronks
Alexandria R. Wallace Ronks
Angelique Anderson Stevens
Svetlana K. Borisik Stevens
Kathryn J. Leisey Stevens
Heather M. Reinhold Stevens
Jennifer R. Gilbert Strasburg
Jeffrey D. Hill Strasburg
Christina M. Killinger Strasburg
Brianna D. Splain Strasburg
Lance B. Witmer Strasburg
Daniel E. Blain Talmage
Benjamin S. Hurst Terre Hill
Catherine Crites Washington Boro
Breanna M. Caggiano Willow Street
Abraham A. Diaz Willow Street
Heather A. Fawber Willow Street
April L. Herr Willow Street
Roberta L. Kessler Willow Street
Vanessa I. Lake Willow Street
Michael P. Reardon Willow Street
Kyrsten J. Ross Willow Street
Brandon J. Stream Willow Street
Cory B. Texter Willow Street

Lebanon County:

Student City
Tara Bittle Annville
Francesco Canale Annville
Clayton M. Clawser Annville
Richard Z. Clay Annville
Heather L. Crynock Annville
Christina A. Delgado Annville
Ethan Gehenio Annville
Curtis L. Gingrich Annville
Valerie D. Gingrich Annville
Kimberly S. Hammond Annville
Emma V. Ivanchenko Annville
Elizabeth A. Morrison Annville
Chelsea L. Moyer Annville
Jessica A. Muldoon Annville
Lesley C. Shreve Annville
Angela M. Shuman Annville
Donald J. Swafford Annville
Kyla A. Wolfe Annville
Chelsea Bressler Cleona
Connie S. Farling Cleona
Kimberly L. Hoffer Cleona
Janell R. Smith Cleona
Megan N. Stager Cleona
Emily A. Young Cleona
Shannon N. Kelley Fredericksburg
Jessica J. Simmons Fredericksburg
Alyssa D. Moyer Grantville
Andrew D. Bell Jonestown
Devon P. Boger Jonestown
Sheena M. Corl Jonestown
Melissa A. Dengler Jonestown
Janelle E. Hess Jonestown
Jorie P. Mason Jonestown
Michael A. Meyer Jonestown
Sonya S. Myer Jonestown
Christy A. Occhiena Jonestown
Ashley N. Schaeffer Jonestown
Janelle R. Seip Jonestown
Todd O. Shirk Jonestown
Hope Snyder Jonestown
Jazmine M. Weatherholtz Jonestown
Patrick J. Whalen Jonestown
Lisa A. Witherson Jonestown
Ann M. Witherspoon Jonestown
Alexander Algier Lebanon
Craig A. Beaver Lebanon
Brenton J. Bender Lebanon
Erica R. Benton Lebanon
Hannah R. Boyanowski Lebanon
Megan O. Bradley Lebanon
Nikole C. Camacho Lebanon
Megan E. Clark Lebanon
Shelvadine M. Cook Lebanon
Sandra A. Dekyi Lebanon
Jaime A. Del Palazzo Lebanon
Dana S. Dotterman Lebanon
Erin S. Eisenhauer Lebanon
Joseph A. Estevez Lebanon
Cynthia Fitch Lebanon
Michelle N. Frey Lebanon
Tye N. Gardner Lebanon
Frank C. Gasper Lebanon
Emily L. Gilbert Lebanon
Emilio J. Gonzalez Lebanon
Danielle K. Graby Lebanon
Sherri L. Graham Lebanon
Janel M. Grim Lebanon
Jessica M. Guzman Lebanon
Leah M. Hartlieb Lebanon
Summer J. Hartlieb Lebanon
Barbara A. Hetrick Lebanon
Alyssa M. Huegel Lebanon
Alice E. Jenkins Lebanon
Cynthia R. Johnston Lebanon
Donna E. Kistler Lebanon
Kristie L. LaBarre Lebanon
Shawn E. Lentz Lebanon
Kyle Levengood Lebanon
Jaclyn S. Mareno Lebanon
Holly K. Marinkov Lebanon
Lesvi J. Marrero Lebanon
Benjamin C. Martin Lebanon
Nileyka Martinez Lebanon
Troy A. Massey Lebanon
Bethany L. Matias Lebanon
Melanie R. Moore Lebanon
Emily R. Moyer Lebanon
Dismary A. Munoz-Castillo Lebanon
Jason A. Nace Lebanon
Rachael M. Numer Lebanon
Rachelle A. O'Dea Lebanon
Katy E. Olson Lebanon
Kesha L. Onwurah Lebanon
Benjamin J. Oyerly Lebanon
Brianna E. Rissinger Lebanon
Kayla A. Rittle Lebanon
Torie M. Roe Lebanon
Alexandra N. Romeo Lebanon
Amanda L. Rudisill Lebanon
Morgan R. Shirk Lebanon
Angie N. Shultz Lebanon
Michelle Skettini Lebanon
Zarah Soria Rivera Lebanon
Trisha L. Spangler Lebanon
Nicholas A. Stickler Lebanon
Angelica D. Thorn Lebanon
Ivan D. Toledo Lebanon
Nickolas M. Trayer Lebanon
Carmen M. Troain Lebanon
James L. Waldron Lebanon
Christina Walsh Lebanon
Christine Webb Lebanon
Amanda M. Wooley Lebanon
Danielle M. Zombro Lebanon
Naoual Zorguan Lebanon
J Uriah N. Alleman Myerstown
Kayla E. Bauer Myerstown
Carol A. Clissold Myerstown
Ryan A. Gettle Myerstown
Cory T. Kneasel Myerstown
Joseph L. Kramer Myerstown
Anita A. Newhouse Myerstown
Jody K. Ream Myerstown
Michael J. Sakrudkar Myerstown
Justin R. Stamm Myerstown
Renee A. Stroud Myerstown
Douglas L. Werley Myerstown
Stephen Hartmoyer Newmanstown
Nicole M. Turner Newmanstown
Jacqueline Watson Newmanstown
Somia R. Abdelgawad Palmyra
Matthew Berger Palmyra
Alyce R. Bomgardner Palmyra
Tammy M. Bricker Palmyra
Angela L. Foore Palmyra
Kathryn M. Frazier Palmyra
Shawn A. Garman Palmyra
Derek M. Haggard Palmyra
Christine E. Hallman Palmyra
Melissa N. Harper Palmyra
Kaitlin Haughwout Palmyra
Sreyleak Hong Palmyra
Amanda J. Kijowski Palmyra
Tara M. Logan Palmyra
William C. Mattern Palmyra
Radica D. Persaud Palmyra
Marian J. Pitsenberger Palmyra
Molly Pylypciw Palmyra
Jordan M. Smith Palmyra
Lori Wenger Palmyra
Samantha Wood Palmyra
Jacob W. Young Palmyra
Candace J. Dixon Rexmond
Jane E. Johnson Richland
Nicholas S. Long Richland
Jessica Kline Schaefferstown

Luzerne County:
Student City
David A. Wenninger White Haven

Lycoming County:
Student City
Jack P. Wilson Williamsport

McKean County:
Student City
Timothy D. Taylor Duke Center

Mifflin County:
Student City
Meghan M. Specht Burnham
Kelly J. Bair Lewistown
Nathaniel R. Kincaid Lewistown
Matthew S. Leister Lewistown
Cale J. Matthews Lewistown
Jodie A. Roberts Lewistown
Andrew V. Vdov Lewistown
David V. Vdov Lewistown
Amanda G. Kurtz McVeytown
Amanda R. Freed Reedsville
April N. Maben Yeagertown

Northumberland County:
Student City
Danielle J. Barry Dalmatia
Mistee H. Hawk Dalmatia
Ashlee E. Kruskie Mt Carmel
Douglas A. Grove Rebuck
Edward W. Pawluk Riverside

Perry County:
Student City
Betty I. Fuller Blain
Abigail R. Flanagan Duncannon
Heather J. Hare Duncannon
Philip K. Heller Duncannon
Stephanie N. Jones Duncannon
Emily L. Matia Duncannon
Brittany E. Miller Duncannon
Bobbie Reed Duncannon
Jennifer L. Reed Duncannon
Heather M. Rodgers Duncannon
Sheila Scott Duncannon
Troy J. Sturgeon Duncannon
Andrew J. Farner Ickesburg
Danielle M. Gibbons Ickesburg
Katrina L. Stuck Ickesburg
Trudy A. Forney Landisburg
Morgann E. Goodling Landisburg
Montana M. Kowalewski Landisburg
Katherine A. Linville Landisburg
Tessa L. Reisinger Loysville
Thomas L. Slick Loysville
Jessie A. Asper Marysville
Melissa S. Fedyniak Marysville
Ryan M. Knipe Marysville
Francis T. White Marysville
Antone L. Wilson Marysville
Kerri A. Nye Maryville
Mary J. Andrzejewski Millerstown
Margaret P. Ritzman Millerstown
Barbara L. Bronson New Bloomfield
Matthew C. Eicher New Bloomfield
George A. Gardner New Bloomfield
Jennifer L. Hymans New Bloomfield
Whitney E. Marschner New Bloomfield
Robert E. Nickel New Bloomfield
Emily J. Saldana New Bloomfield
Adam E. Sheriff New Bloomfield
Nicole A. Smeigh New Bloomfield
Seth D. Washinger New Bloomfield
Emily S. Brown New Bloomfield
Brittani C. Decker New Buffalo
Leann L. Baer Newport
Jessica E. Barry Newport
April Y. Good Newport
Robin L. Lehman Newport
David S. Magill Newport
Victoria L. McConnell Newport
Jared E. Myers Newport
Toni M. Spotts Newport
Alysha L. Stone Newport
Diana Gregory Newport
Dallas R. Foster Shermans Dale
Lori Masonis Shermans Dale
Kendra Reeder Shermans Dale

Schuylkill County:
Student City
Michelle L. Wright Hegins
Jamie L. Ewart Muir
Jennifer S. Nelson Muir
Patrick P. Cleary Pine Grove
Rebecca H. Matuella Pine Grove
Mishael M. Meyer Pine Grove
J-mee L. Smith Pine Grove
Wesley J. Ulsh Pine Grove
Briana L. Maurer Pitman
Sarah J. Berry Schuylkill Haven
Jessica M. Fairburn Tower City
Michael Mace Tower City
Kristina M. Palmer Tower City
James L. Wagner Tower City
Amanda E. Wolfe Tower City

Snyder County:
Student City
Emily Ulrich Freeburg
Brent J. Geisel Middleburg
Melissa S. Glass Middleburg
Ryan D. Pyle Mount Pleasant Mills
Stephanie L. Herr Winfield

Susquehanna County:
Student City
Sara M. Sobota New Freedom

Tioga County:
Student City
Michael D. Greenfield Wellesboro

Union County:
Student City
Brittany L. Waltman Mifflinburg

Westmoreland County:
Student City
Chad A. Friedline Mount Pleasant

York County:
Student City
Carissa M. Hayes Airville
Robert M. Yasalonis Camp Hill
Sandra P. Baublitz Dallastown
Jaime M. Bradfield Dallastown
Carl H. Castell Dallastown
Stephanie Childress Dallastown
Chloe M. Childs Dallastown
Ashley R. Clegg Dallastown
Corey J. Cunningham Dallastown
Denise L. Dellone Dallastown
Ashley D. Donnelly Dallastown
Tamara T. Epps Dallastown
Joy L. Green Dallastown
Rachel A. Hammers Dallastown
Samantha J. Harman Dallastown
Tina E. Lackey Dallastown
Blanca Martinez Dallastown
April N. Minnich Dallastown
Tiffany M. Nanna Dallastown
Lauren A. Pennewill Dallastown
Sarah M. Rhine Dallastown
Raechel L. Weikel Dallastown
Angel L. Alvez Delta
Matthew D. Petersen Delta
Brady D. Beck Dillsburg
Shannon L. Dalessio Dillsburg
Danielle K. Dees Dillsburg
Brittany M. Ford Dillsburg
Julie A. Fried Dillsburg
Christine B. Hall Dillsburg
Tiffany N. Julian Dillsburg
Jessica C. Klawitter Dillsburg
Tessa L. Klugh Dillsburg
Hunter M. Leitzell Dillsburg
Elijah T. Locke Dillsburg
Julie N. Mays Dillsburg
Kaitlyn N. McDonald Dillsburg
John Pavese Dillsburg
Olivia R. Snare Dillsburg
Jonathan Spangler Dillsburg
Crystal P. Starcher Dillsburg
Lori A. Suter Dillsburg
Melissa E. Taylor Dillsburg
Kelsey Allison Dover
Jessica L. Arruda Dover
Jacqueline M. Becker Dover
Miffawny Bixler Dover
Jessica C. Boring Dover
Anthony W. Bunty Dover
Yvonne D. Cone Dover
Adam P. Conner Dover
Lindsay S. Davenport Dover
Misty M. Detter Dover
Lauren A. Dluzeski Dover
Shawnee L. Franklin Dover
Amanda H. Geesey Dover
Mary L. Graffius Dover
Audrey M. Griffith Dover
Ashley R. Grim Dover
James B. Helton Dover
Ashley R. Hoskin Dover
Sarah E. Hutchins Dover
Pedro J. Irizarry Dover
Crystal L. Keeseman Dover
Natallia A. Kozak Dover
Jill L. Larson Dover
Jennifer L. Latchaw Dover
Allison R. Lighty Dover
Nicholas W. Logue Dover
Jason L. Long Dover
Jerry L. Lucky Dover
Lori A. Martin Dover
Monica McCarthy Dover
Trenton R. Mellott Dover
Marcia A. Miller Dover
Andrea M. Neff Dover
Jerry O'Neal Dover
Jessica S. Plank Dover
Jesse A. Platts Dover
Shawn M. Reed Dover
William R. Smith Jr Dover
Jenna M. Smith Dover
Savannah R. Snyder Dover
Christina F. Sowers Dover
Tina M. Swords Dover
Jared A. Thoman Dover
Julie A. Thornton Dover
Jennifer L. Tracy Dover
Brittany N. Unger Dover
Regina E. Whitfield Dover
Shawnya E. Wolf Dover
Hope A. Yeager Dover
Kearstyn N. Yontz Dover
Harley C. Briceland East Berlin
Tara C. Duncker East Berlin
Shawn P. Perry East Berlin
Rebekah M. Adamski Etters
Alicia R. Apple Etters
Lynne A. Blessing Etters
Amber R. Concadora Etters
Jennifer M. Cook Etters
Mary M. Daman Etters
Marissa L. Dodd Etters
Justin P. Fike Etters
Christie M. Fournier Etters
Tammy E. Grim Etters
Frank A. Grumbine Etters
Kalynn R. Knaub Etters
Crystal Kordowski Etters
Kenneth L. Lauer Etters
Samantha R. Leslie Etters
Micah N. Mance Etters
Susan A. Plummer Etters
Marina Radanovic Etters
Joshua J. Searfoss Etters
Amanda R. Spaseff Etters
Kimberly A. Stielper Etters
Tara L. Villarreal Etters
Teresa L. Waller Etters
Jennifer Wampler Etters
Maria O. Wulfers Etters
Amber L. Gemmill Felton
Tiffany A. Larkie Felton
John L. O'Rourke Felton
Audrey M. Schmidt Felton
Rainor C. Smith Felton
Kelly J. Thompson Felton
Samuel J. Albright Glen Rock
Brooke L. Edwards Glen Rock
Jeremy J. Fisher Glen Rock
Rachel D. Fisher Glen Rock
Sarah Howell Glen Rock
Zachary J. Immel Glen Rock
Courtney M. Raver Glen Rock
Asheala J. Shirvani Glen Rock
Megan C. Stanski Glen Rock
Julie L. Stewart Glen Rock
Robert W. Wege Glen Rock
Matthew G. Dominguez Glenville
Jacob A. Kopp Glenville
Christina M. Menefee Glenville
Kyle A. Smith Glenville
Natasha E. Ahmed Hanover
Nicholas G. Assi Hanover
Johnnie T. Barnhart Hanover
Beth A. Baumgardner Hanover
Emily N. Beaver Hanover
Jessica J. Bentley Hanover
Tiffany L. Bievenour Hanover
Robyn G. Blank Hanover
Kellie M. Blassingame Hanover
Laurel B. Bollinger Hanover
Chelsea L. Boyce Hanover
Nicole L. Brehm Hanover
Helen R. Brust Hanover
Austin D. Carroll Hanover
Tasha A. Christie Hanover
Tori N. Conrad Hanover
Erin C. Dozier Hanover
Jessica L. Duke Hanover
Ashley D. Ellis Hanover
Tanya M. Felix Hanover
Christine L. Fiorucci Hanover
Christopher M. Frye Hanover
Shari L. Gatchell-Ferguson Hanover
Breanna E. Hann Hanover
Kelli Hise Hanover
Matthew O. Houston Hanover
Jennifer R. Hudgins Hanover
Ashley N. Keane Hanover
Katarina L. Klingensmith Hanover
Teressa J. Klunk Hanover
Laura R. Kumasaka Hanover
Krystal R. Kurtz Hanover
Mark S. Lawrence Hanover
Jamil A. Lee Hanover
Laura R. Linebaugh Hanover
Angela C. Luckenbaugh Hanover
Casey L. Manning Hanover
Michelle A. Mill Hanover
Jennifer M. Muser Hanover
Robert A. Myers Hanover
Jennifer E. Orner Hanover
Megan A. Owings Hanover
Michael A. Plutt Hanover
Lindsay C. Propalis Hanover
Starr Reed Hanover
Erica D. Rhine Hanover
Ashley M. Riley Hanover
Kevin C. Riley Hanover
Natalie M. Smith Hanover
Monica A. Solis Hanover
Howard L. Spencer Hanover
Jonathan St Jacques Hanover
John T. Stein Hanover
Tina J. Stevens Hanover
Alecia M. Storm Hanover
Kathleen L. Stump Hanover
Deborah Taylor Hanover
Heather N. Trinks Hanover
Yuliya Vitkovska Hanover
Samantha K. White Hanover
Keith R. Willard Hanover
Naudy A. Williams Hanover
Katherine G. Winter Hanover
Jessica A. Young Hanover
Kaitlyn M. Krug Hellam
Nathan E. Mansberger Hellam
Theresa D. Witkowski Jacobus
Billie Jo Augustine Lewisberry
Teresa Barnhart Lewisberry
Janyce E. Hobart Lewisberry
Tara A. Kline Lewisberry
Tricia C. Landis Lewisberry
Bill Leavens Lewisberry
Anthony A. Miller Lewisberry
Jessica A. Miller Lewisberry
Amy L. Moyer Lewisberry
Joshua T. Robinson Lewisberry
Courtney C. Thomas Lewisberry
Amanda J. Turner Lewisberry
Natalie R. Varos Lewisberry
Susan J. Waller Lewisberry
Anthony E. Young Lewisberry
Elizabeth Zappe Lewisberry
Charles T. Paschke Loganville
Valerie S. Paschke Loganville
Marla J. Stiffler Loganville
Heather E. Bear Manchester
Amanda Chetaitis Manchester
Erin E. Estep Manchester
Elizabeth M. Evans Manchester
Sharon V. Hawkins Manchester
Naomi M. Hughlett Manchester
April M. Murtorff Manchester
Richard A. Pavoncello Manchester
Lisa M. Petrosky Manchester
Iryna Potapchuk Manchester
Tammy L. Raab Manchester
Matthew P. Trish Manchester
Julia D. Clemens Mount Wolf
Logan E. Douglass Mount Wolf
Amanda L. Elliott Mount Wolf
Jordan S. Evans Mount Wolf
Jacki L. Lease Mount Wolf
Mackenzie B. Lehman Mount Wolf
Jean Leisher Mount Wolf
Tana L. Markel Mount Wolf
Gregory W. McLyman Mount Wolf
Brandy M. Meyers Mount Wolf
Nichelle Myers Mount Wolf
Jason J. Pruner Mount Wolf
Rachel M. Rauch Mount Wolf
Lacey A. Womack Mount Wolf
Deborah E. Bolger New Cumberland
Kathryn S. Fogle New Cumberland
Andrew P. Kline New Cumberland
Melissa K. Porter New Cumberland
Lizzetsh Wilson Marquez New Cumberland
Samantha M. Johnson New Freedom
Shanese K. Johnson New Freedom
Brooke A. Kline New Freedom
D K. Snyder New Freedom
Bethany A. Wheeler New Freedom
Cynthia A. Kaifer Railroad
Clarissa N. Axe Red Lion
Anne Baum Red Lion
Jenna C. Benge Red Lion
Jessica L. Bonaduci Red Lion
Susan L. DeBiase Red Lion
Jahaira DeJesus Red Lion
James P. Dieter Red Lion
Tarsha Eaddy Red Lion
Bryanna L. Farley Red Lion
Gabriel S. Garonzik Red Lion
Robin L. Geiselman Red Lion
Ashley E. Gibbs Red Lion
DonnaSue W. Graham Red Lion
Meghan M. Gray Red Lion
Heather A. Hannigan Red Lion
Holly A. Hewins Red Lion
Erin E. Hiltz Red Lion
Nichole M. Lamond Red Lion
Matthew R. Lane Red Lion
Heidi Logan Red Lion
Crystal A. McDonald Red Lion
Ryan E. McLarney Red Lion
Catheryn L. Miller Red Lion
Sara B. Paules Red Lion
Jacquelyn Plummer Red Lion
Zachery M. Puller Red Lion
Daniel J. Saikia Red Lion
Amanda L. Sauter Red Lion
Cody Schaeffer Red Lion
Penny L. Smith Red Lion
Brandy L. Stabley Red Lion
Melissa S. Stitely Red Lion
Casey M. Vogel Red Lion
Elizabeth A. Willard Red Lion
Kavita V. Williams Red Lion
Kimberley A. Young Red Lion
Zulhumar Ablimit Seven Valleys
Madeline J. Beachtel Seven Valleys
Christopher L. Brenneman Seven Valleys
Stacy J. Fisher Seven Valleys
Angela M. Goodling Seven Valleys
Karrie E. Holt Seven Valleys
Jennifer L. Hoy Seven Valleys
Kaitlee A. O'Neill Seven Valleys
Albert S. Raimer Seven Valleys
Kristyn E. Schnur Seven Valleys
Edna M. Smith Seven Valleys
Susan P. Snow Seven Valleys
Justin M. LePore Shrewsbury
Julianna R. Reed Shrewsbury
Amy Z. Truong Shrewsbury
Cassidy L. Accardi Spring Grove
Rachel M. Angle Spring Grove
Samantha N. Bickerstaff Spring Grove
Samantha Chevillar Spring Grove
Melina R. Digruttola Spring Grove
Bobbi S. Heller Spring Grove
Jeniffer M. Kaiser Spring Grove
Nathan T. Miller Spring Grove
Aaron M. Pollak Spring Grove
Emily R. Poplin Spring Grove
Annette M. Powell Spring Grove
Maryann R. Shifflett Spring Grove
Ashley L. Weagley Spring Grove
Krystal N. Wine Spring Grove
Michelle L. Cole Stewartstown
Betsy L. Copenhaver Stewartstown
Jessica P. Jones Stewartstown
Jenna McCardle Stewartstown
Deana J. Moatts Stewartstown
Tina R. Snyder Stewartstown
Kelsey A. Stanley Stewartstown
Linda M. Waltermyer Stewartstown
Sherry L. Wright Stewartstown
Jennifer M. Frey Thomasville
Wendy S. Kadish Thomasville
Janey B. Wells Thomasville
Beverly T. Clites Wellsville
Spring R. Cromer Wellsville
Karin M. Hall Wellsville
Zachary E. Ilgenfritz Wellsville
April Troshak West York
Veronica S. Baldwin Windsor
Shawny R. Bintner Windsor
Alexie J. Diaz Windsor
Carla M. Doyle Windsor
Bridget L. Hilliar Windsor
Summer T. Ingersoll Windsor
Christine M. Mauler Windsor
Tanya M. Maynard-Jones Windsor
Terry A. McKee Windsor
Trisha L. Speight Windsor
Constance F. Valdez Windsor
Stephanie L. Warner Windsor
Sean R. Craig Wrightsville
Jennah Fisher Wrightsville
Dusty C. Gardner Wrightsville
Nikolaus A. Kaehler Wrightsville
Mark L. Koppenhaver Wrightsville
Michelle Laliberte Wrightsville
Amanda S. Lehman Wrightsville
Marcia L. Ness Wrightsville
Joshua A. Ortiz Wrightsville
Kirsten E. Page Wrightsville
Alyssa N. Ross Wrightsville
Malaka A. Salama Wrightsville
Melanie K. Stanton Wrightsville
Samantha A. Stewart Wrightsville
Stephanie N. Taormina Wrightsville
Matilde Busse Yoe
Jennifer M. Coates-Rush Yoe
Joliette M. Miller Brown Yoe
Alyssa C. Abel York
Laura B. Adams York
Emran Ahmed York
Brian S. Aikey York
Ernesto T. Aldea York
Biff S. Alexander York
Cynthia L. Allison York
Jillian L. Altland York
Kayley N. Arnold York
Elizabeth Arrebato York
Angela G. Atkins York
Lauren E. Atkins York
Bernade Azor-Munoz York
Charles E. Bales York
Briana T. Ball York
Ian M. Bankert York
Katelyn R. Basgall York
Ava Bastress York
Kathy A. Beard York
Devin M. Beck York
Kimberly A. Becker York
Dawn Bell York
Jason A. Bisker York
Brigitte R. Brady York
Samuel Brands York
Amelia K. Breault York
Caitlin Brenneman York
Stephanie A. Brenneman York
Crystal M. Browning York
Erin M. Brunner York
Essie P. Bustamante York
Brittany M. Campo York
Davan Chance York
Robert C. Childress York
Guho Chung York
Gregory T. Clayton York
Lewellyn Coleman York
Joseph L. Cook York
Brian M. Costella York
Brad C. Couch York
Ayisha A. Cox York
Nathan M. Cozzi York
Alina S. Crehul York
Kaleen M. Curry York
Andrea Cutler York
Beatrice J. Dangombe York
Carlene M. Daniel-Cassimy York
Georgia D. Davis York
Olga Davis York
Kaitlyn M. Deardorff York
Kyle D. Deardorff York
Lindsay R. Dedrick York
Olga A. DelGrande York
Jennifer L. Deller York
Christina E. Detwiler York
Brianna E. DiMattia York
Angela M. Dintaman York
Jill M. Dise York
Sarah A. Doane York
Benjamin A. Dopp York
Kimberly S. Dowling York
Jenna C. Eckenrode York
Jade Efko York
Hind A. Elsheikh York
Michael P. Esler York
Michael J. Fissel York
Nicole N. Fitchett York
Jamie M. Folkenroth York
Isaiah Fontan York
Sara N. Forry York
MaShell I. Freeland York
Melinda Friend York
Laura B. Fry York
Erik A. Galzerano York
Laurice A. Garcia York
Chanda Garver York
Charmaine M. Gehly York
Ellysa J. Geiman York
Christina M. Gingerich York
Tiffany E. Glatfelter York
Arthur G. Graff York
Roman E. Green York
Christina L. Grimm York
Jessica M. Grove York
Abbi Hake York
Allison N. Hamilton York
Kirstin J. Hankey York
Mary E. Harrison York
Tiffney Haupt York
Susan E. Haverstock York
Cierra J. Heilman York
Tammy I. Heim York
Katlyn A. Helms York
Susan L. Herman-McKim York
Amber L. Holland York
Tiffany L. Hollifield York
Deborah L. Holmes York
Cortney L. Howard York
James F. Hughes York
Emma L. Hull York
Autumn Q. Huntsberry York
Soala J. Idasetima York
Tasha N. Johnson York
Amanda M. Jones York
Kristin M. Jones York
Heather L. Jovanelly York
Mckenna A. Keator York
Abbie E. Keller York
Kassidy R. Kelley York
Daniel C. Kelshaw York
Russell D. Kensinger York
Rana Z. Khan York
Travis R. Knaub York
Manfred A. Kodila York
Timothy D. Koimene York
Karen F. Komenda York
Robert J. Koss York
Natalie A. Laughman York
Greg Lavalleye York
Melissa Lazarony York
Van Q. Le York
Caitlin E. Leiphart York
Gerson R. Leon York
Joseph S. Lesoken York
Leah M. Limpert York
Rachel Lint York
Melanie M. Litsinger York
Donald J. Little York
Tricia L. Loaiza York
Megan E. Lowman York
Maksim V. Makushin York
Chad Markle York
Samanta A. Marshall York
William R. McDermott York
Bobbi J. McFeely York
Beonckia S. McManus York
David W. McMaster York
Sharon E. McMaster York
Sean A. McWatters York
Krista L. Mellott York
Jennifer M. Meyers York
Jennifer L. Miller York
Katherine E. Miller York
Kevin M. Miller York
Megan M. Miller York
Sandra J. Miller-Ertz York
Moheb Mina York
Vanessa Miranda York
Vennilyn K. Mitranhoff York
Kelley L. Mittel York
Roberto E. Molina York
Christopher R. Moreschi York
Robert C. Moyer York
Margaret G. Mumma York
Galakpai G. Murray York
Sarah E. Muskett York
Angela M. Nazay York
Chau Nguyen York
Quan H. Nguyen York
Viet T. Nguyen York
Damian P. Nopulos York
Preston D. Ortmyer York
Shaelyn N. Owens York
Evette R. Perry York
Shurella D. Perry York
Chelsea L. Peters York
John R. Phillips York
Mindi L. Pittenger York
Sarah B. Pooler York
Shanda K. Preston York
Terriann Preston-Simpson York
Melvin T. Price York
Eduardo A. Ramos York
Kathryn M. Ramsey York
Simone Renfroe York
Adrian J. Rentzel York
Dorothea L. Reynolds York
Claudia V. Richard York
Kendra F. Richard York
Brittany R. Romey York
Jennifer A. Rufo York
Molly M. Ruppert York
Josue Sanchez York
Britney J. Sanders York
Ida K. Sauerwein York
Nicole L. Saylor York
Jeremy M. Schaffner York
Silvia D. Segura Lopez York
Christine M. Seibert York
Elizabeth K. Serotte York
Bickey Shah York
Brooke E. Sheckells York
Michael E. Shields York
Dana B. Shifflett York
Kayla M. Siple York
David E. Skidmore York
Alicia M. Smith York
Amy J. Smith York
Bruce W. Smith York
Gavin D. Smith York
Jamar E. Smith York
Janet A. Smith York
Jeffrey C. Smith York
Amy R. Snyder York
Anthony J. Sottasante York
Angela D. Spellman York
Sarah C. Stanko York
Angela J. Stauffer York
Jayshaun T. Stinson York
Lora J. Stone York
Elise M. Stoner York
Taylor Strategos York
Patrick T. Strine York
Zegeye Tafesse York
Ashley C. Taylor York
Nicole I. Taylor York
Eman A. Thabet York
Ragaa A. Thabet York
Deborah H. Thomas York
Jason C. Thompson York
J D. Toe York
Sierra M. Trago York
Susan K. Traylor York
James L. Truitt York
Vidusha Udayalal York
Kate L. Umlah-Staub York
Deborah A. Vandover McFeinics York
Alexander Veras York
Ruby Waight York
Marcie D. Walker York
Jaime L. Wallace York
Jon Wallen York
Danielle N. Walton York
Vonyal M. Watkins York
Tara L. Weaver York
Lauren E. Weikert York
Holly E. Weir York
Michael J. Wiecks York
Christina M. Williams York
Lucinda S. Williams York
Roxanne E. Wilson York
Kimberly A. Wilt York
Kimberly S. Windon York
Ashley A. Witman York
Michael J. Wozniak York
Lisa R. Wright York
Junho E. Yun York
Gabrielle Zeigenfuse York
Christine Bryan York
Nathan D. Binns York Haven
Shalyn E. Bowman York Haven
Sharon A. Clunk York Haven
Allison L. Englert York Haven
Carrie M. Fielding York Haven
Jennifer Kelly York Haven
Patrick J. Klunk York Haven
Tina L. Noaker York Haven
Carrie M. Scott York Haven
Jenny L. Workinger York Haven
Forrest M. Zimmerman York Haven
Sharon K. Zimmerman York Haven
Amy L. Colbourn Yorkana

Out-of-State Students:
Student City State
Mariama Adamou Souley Silver Spring MD
Wondimu S. Hewando Silver Spring MD
Daniel R. Gehr Big Pool MD
Samuel E. Kubala Freeland MD
Lisa M. Connolly Ocean City MD
Sarah M. Weber White Hall MD
Ian Hiltz Montville ME
Alesha L. Widdall Whitney Point NY

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HACC, Central Pennsylvania’s Community College, offers more than 150 career and transfer associate degree, certificate and diploma programs to nearly 20,000 students at campuses in Gettysburg, Harrisburg, Lancaster, Lebanon and York and through online classes. In addition, HACC serves more than 29,000 students in noncredit workforce development, public safety, adult basic education and continuing education programs offered at all campuses and off-site locations in many communities in Central Pennsylvania. For more information on how HACC is uniquely YOURS, visit

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