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HACC Graduates Ready for Bright Future
Graduating students at HACC's spring 2023 Commencement ceremony
HACC, Central Pennsylvania’s Community College, welcomed the College’s newest alumni during its May 9, 2023, Commencement ceremony. More than 560 of the 1,192 students eligible to graduate in spring and summer 2023 walked across the stage at the Giant Center to receive their associate degrees, certificates and diplomas.

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14 November 2016

HACC Announces Part-Time 2015-16 Dean’s List

HARRISBURG, Pa. – HACC, Central Pennsylvania’s Community College, has named 2,398 students to the part-time dean’s list for the 2015-16 academic year.
The 2015-16 part-time dean’s list recognizes students who achieved a 3.25 grade point average or higher in college level classes; were not a full-time student in either the fall or spring terms; and completed a minimum of 12 credits.
The students are listed by county and according to hometown mailing address.
Name City County
Justin P. Bankert Abbottstown Adams
Kevin W. Bartell Abbottstown Adams
Bethany M. Breighner Abbottstown Adams
Rosemary J. Cintron Abbottstown Adams
Joey M. Giannotto Abbottstown Adams
Michael G. Lentz Abbottstown Adams
Patrick W. Glover Arendtsville Adams
Brooklyn J. Depalmer Aspers Adams
Jessi O. Gillingham Aspers Adams
Tia A. Hay Aspers Adams
Sonia A. Leber Aspers Adams
Natalie M. Stover Aspers Adams
Danielle R. Schriver Bendersville Adams
Lisa M. Chapman Biglerville Adams
Cecilia Diaz-Lua Biglerville Adams
Manda S. Dodwell Biglerville Adams
Robert Esquivias Biglerville Adams
Rebekah E. Lamb Biglerville Adams
Bridget M. Williams Biglerville Adams
Jeffrey A. Blair East Berlin Adams
Kimberly M. Bogue East Berlin Adams
Brian W. Bowling East Berlin Adams
Cheynae M. Donofrio East Berlin Adams
Aishia M. Eckert East Berlin Adams
Jack A. Edmondson East Berlin Adams
Trevor W. Grim East Berlin Adams
Morgan L. Hoak East Berlin Adams
Brendon R. Holtzman East Berlin Adams
Shannon L. Jackson East Berlin Adams
Samuel R. Johnson East Berlin Adams
Kathryn A. Johnston East Berlin Adams
Taylor J. Kocher East Berlin Adams
Lorie A. McKee East Berlin Adams
Clarissa M. Newlin East Berlin Adams
Mathew J. Robinson East Berlin Adams
Joan M. Sabold East Berlin Adams
Madeline N. Sassani East Berlin Adams
Michelle R. Seifert East Berlin Adams
Kayla L. Silvis East Berlin Adams
Christina N. Spahr East Berlin Adams
Donald Sponseller East Berlin Adams
Paul J. Sponseller East Berlin Adams
Emalee E. Stambaugh East Berlin Adams
Rebecca S. Staub East Berlin Adams
Eli M. Thornton East Berlin Adams
Michael Watson East Berlin Adams
Brittany R. Briar Fairfield Adams
Chelsea R. Burkett Fairfield Adams
Shelby L. Coldsmith Fairfield Adams
Kaitlyn R. Culley Fairfield Adams
Crystal L. Durbin Fairfield Adams
Kinsey R. Fogle Fairfield Adams
Darlene A. Keller Fairfield Adams
Barbara A. Lingg Fairfield Adams
Victoria A. Moser Fairfield Adams
Karen L. Pennington Fairfield Adams
Louesa A. Piatak Fairfield Adams
Jennifer L. Poole Fairfield Adams
Mary E. Pryor Fairfield Adams
Valerie N. Ritter Fairfield Adams
Larry D. Roberts Fairfield Adams
Brooke A. Sanders Fairfield Adams
Kimberly L. Sites Fairfield Adams
Matthew T. Strausbaugh Fairfield Adams
Bridget N. Weaver Fairfield Adams
Tricia N. Wivell Fairfield Adams
Gary M. Baker Gardners Adams
Abigail G. FinFrock Gardners Adams
Brandon M. Heller Gardners Adams
Dylan J. Lott Gardners Adams
Trista L. Marcus Gardners Adams
Ricky L. Scott Gardners Adams
Marguerite I. Shughart Gardners Adams
LeAnne S. Blanc Gettysburg Adams
Janett Blanco Gettysburg Adams
Aeriel M. Buss Gettysburg Adams
McKinsey A. Caraway Gettysburg Adams
Lisa M. Connolly Gettysburg Adams
Anya G. Coscia Gettysburg Adams
Amanda M. Daniels Gettysburg Adams
Alaina Dorans Gettysburg Adams
Tishon R. Downer Gettysburg Adams
Shannon M. Faircloth Gettysburg Adams
Anne M. Fofanah Gettysburg Adams
Benjamin J. Hamm Gettysburg Adams
Jillian Hancock Gettysburg Adams
Christina M. Hazlett Gettysburg Adams
Patrick B. Heidecker Gettysburg Adams
Brian R. Hines Gettysburg Adams
Amy E. Inskip Gettysburg Adams
Heather M. Kraus Gettysburg Adams
Heather L. Livelsberger Gettysburg Adams
Jennifer Loveless Gettysburg Adams
Bethany K. Martin Gettysburg Adams
Beverly L. Matassa Gettysburg Adams
Stacy L. Miller Gettysburg Adams
Mikayla G. Myers Gettysburg Adams
Nicole M. Myers Gettysburg Adams
Sandy K. Robinette Gettysburg Adams
Heather A. Samples Gettysburg Adams
Kimberly D. Shultz Gettysburg Adams
Kelsey Slonaker Gettysburg Adams
Brandi N. Steinour Gettysburg Adams
Lindsay G. Stevens Gettysburg Adams
Jesse B. Tom Gettysburg Adams
Jon Wallen Gettysburg Adams
Sandra L. Watkins Gettysburg Adams
Stacey K. Waybright Gettysburg Adams
Kelsey A. Wendell Gettysburg Adams
Michael J. Wilhelm Gettysburg Adams
Jennifer M. Williams Gettysburg Adams
Christopher R. Wilson Gettysburg Adams
Kristin M. Wilson Gettysburg Adams
Alan Winkler Gettysburg Adams
Christopher J. Ziegler Gettysburg Adams
Michael G. Reed Hanover Adams
James M. Sanders Hanover Adams
Kegan S. Brauning Littlestown Adams
William C. Caple Littlestown Adams
Sandra K. Cooper Littlestown Adams
Jordan M. Deckert Littlestown Adams
Caroline E. Dowling Littlestown Adams
Zachariah T. Fair Littlestown Adams
Regina M. Gonnella Littlestown Adams
Matthew Hall Littlestown Adams
Breanna E. Hann Littlestown Adams
Jessica M. Hood Littlestown Adams
Joshua M. Irvin Littlestown Adams
William J. Lavender Littlestown Adams
Samantha M. Lemaster Littlestown Adams
Taylor N. Russell Littlestown Adams
Christyn E. Wetzel Littlestown Adams
Tabitha M. Williams Littlestown Adams
Cory A. Zimmerman Littlestown Adams
Stephanie M. Cignetti McSherrystown Adams
Erica R. Krumrine McSherrystown Adams
Emily E. Lawrence McSherrystown Adams
Andrea K. Leyva McSherrystown Adams
Christine M. Morningstar McSherrystown Adams
Amanda C. Pugh McSherrystown Adams
Tina M. Reyes McSherrystown Adams
Natasha A. Wolford McSherrystown Adams
Joanie B. Altland New Oxford Adams
Jodi A. Byers New Oxford Adams
Stacey Cullen New Oxford Adams
Jessica N. Dollar New Oxford Adams
Devon A. Downin New Oxford Adams
Eugena M. Eckert New Oxford Adams
Audrey M. Feeser New Oxford Adams
Lucas D. Geiman New Oxford Adams
Deana K. Gerneth New Oxford Adams
Sarah Green New Oxford Adams
Jay D. Hall New Oxford Adams
Lynelle M. Hess New Oxford Adams
Lisa M. Hinton-Hardison New Oxford Adams
Brandy Kern New Oxford Adams
Jessica K. Ladbrook New Oxford Adams
Regina Murphy New Oxford Adams
Renee L. Myers New Oxford Adams
Katilyn E. Santana Leyva New Oxford Adams
Karen Sierra-Delgado New Oxford Adams
Tara L. Taylor New Oxford Adams
Tosha N. Toney New Oxford Adams
William VanDyke New Oxford Adams
Ashley N. Wolfgang New Oxford Adams
Emily R. Forsyth Orrtanna Adams
Erin E. Switzer Orrtanna Adams
Samuel L. Fletcher York Springs Adams
Niccole R. Harder York Springs Adams
Derrick J. Miller York Springs Adams
Brittany L. Rhodes York Springs Adams
Kristen Wilson York Springs Adams
Katherine Bluis Pittsburgh Allegheny
Arne S. Kotte Wexford Allegheny
Julia K. Mohn Bernville Berks
Natalie S. Hummel Bethel Berks
Samantha Blessing Mohnton Berks
Rebecca L. Crandall Mohnton Berks
Angelia E. Foster Reading Berks
Laura D. Rowlands Reading Berks
Christina A. Service Reading Berks
Tiffany A. Warner Reading Berks
Brianna Achey Robesonia Berks
Christine Barbera Robesonia Berks
Maria F. Mickey Robesonia Berks
Julie R. Webber Robesonia Berks
Wendy L. Van Etten Shillington Berks
Daphny Champagne Sinking Spring Berks
Michele L. Cameron West Lawn Berks
Tiffany L. Reeves West Lawn Berks
Jennifer N. Mengel Wyomissing Berks
Melissa S. Reinford Quakertown Bucks
Michelle L. Mehlberger Yardley Bucks
Sayda A. Zroog Boalsburg Centre
Chendan Tang State College Centre
Melissa A. Burgos Avondale Chester
Thaddeus G. Acosta-Davis Coatesville Chester
Jessica L. Bosly Coatesville Chester
Jennymar Colon Coatesville Chester
Christy Lam Coatesville Chester
Cara N. Mendenhall Coatesville Chester
Marissa N. Peticca Cochranville Chester
Johanna L. Bertogli Nottingham Chester
Nicole A. Kousisis Parkesburg Chester
Rita I. Whitehead Parkesburg Chester
Kylie M. Winkler Parkesburg Chester
Rachel M. Anderson Thorndale Chester
Amber Temple Lock Haven Clinton
Madison A. Darhower Boiling Springs Cumberland
Ross P. Griffin Boiling Springs Cumberland
Elizabeth J. Migatulski Boiling Springs Cumberland
Jacob A. Neil Boiling Springs Cumberland
Hannah Peck Boiling Springs Cumberland
Abdelmagid Abdelmagid Camp Hill Cumberland
Hieton S. Ahmed Camp Hill Cumberland
Zohreh Akhtar Camp Hill Cumberland
Nicodemo Alvaro Camp Hill Cumberland
Brett W. Baer Camp Hill Cumberland
Dylan Baggett Camp Hill Cumberland
Noureddine Bahanni Camp Hill Cumberland
Erin E. Baker Camp Hill Cumberland
Jennifer J. Bonner Camp Hill Cumberland
Gus Bostdorf Camp Hill Cumberland
Jordan Boyer Camp Hill Cumberland
Tiffany M. Boyer Camp Hill Cumberland
Erica D. Culbert Camp Hill Cumberland
Rikki M. DeSanto Camp Hill Cumberland
Melissa A. Dixon Camp Hill Cumberland
Nicholas J. Fazzolari Camp Hill Cumberland
Jessica Firster Camp Hill Cumberland
Kathryn E. Glaviano Camp Hill Cumberland
Robin L. Goudy Camp Hill Cumberland
Paris A. Gregoire Camp Hill Cumberland
Erin M. Hempt Camp Hill Cumberland
Laurie A. Hess Camp Hill Cumberland
Marianna L. Horowitz Camp Hill Cumberland
Lauren Kaminski Camp Hill Cumberland
Kimberlee A. Kaylor Camp Hill Cumberland
Madeline R. Kelly Camp Hill Cumberland
Gregory S. Koons Camp Hill Cumberland
Sina Lam-Getz Camp Hill Cumberland
Ciara N. Laudenslager Camp Hill Cumberland
Alexander P. Liffick Camp Hill Cumberland
Jami L. Llewellyn Camp Hill Cumberland
Pamela J. Locke Camp Hill Cumberland
Maria D. Loy Camp Hill Cumberland
Joy Lude Camp Hill Cumberland
Wyatt R. McMartin Camp Hill Cumberland
Basma S. Mekhaeil Camp Hill Cumberland
Asmaa Mekkaoui Camp Hill Cumberland
Diana Mihalachi Camp Hill Cumberland
E J. Minarich Camp Hill Cumberland
Jenny A. Miranda Camp Hill Cumberland
Taylor L. Mitterlehner Camp Hill Cumberland
Beverly Nice Camp Hill Cumberland
Zaina Oubraim Camp Hill Cumberland
Frank Plesic Camp Hill Cumberland
Emela Prasovic Camp Hill Cumberland
Luanna C. Ramcharran Camp Hill Cumberland
Eric Richards Camp Hill Cumberland
Anya B. Rini Camp Hill Cumberland
Kristen Schell Camp Hill Cumberland
Robert E. Schrader Camp Hill Cumberland
Jessica E. Semick Camp Hill Cumberland
Clara N. Spivey Camp Hill Cumberland
Morgan C. Stanisic Camp Hill Cumberland
Zachary J. Taylor Camp Hill Cumberland
Raymond E. Thompson Camp Hill Cumberland
Kayleigh Titzel Camp Hill Cumberland
Meghan Trout Camp Hill Cumberland
Paige M. Weaver Camp Hill Cumberland
Megan S. Weyant Camp Hill Cumberland
Rachel R. Wilson Camp Hill Cumberland
Lori A. Wittwer Camp Hill Cumberland
Mark J. Woodard Camp Hill Cumberland
Amelia J. Yoder Camp Hill Cumberland
Jessica L. Zellers Camp Hill Cumberland
Cole A. Zimmerman Camp Hill Cumberland
Emily A. Beck Carlisle Cumberland
Chelsea M. Black Carlisle Cumberland
Brandi Bonawitz Carlisle Cumberland
Emily E. Burke Carlisle Cumberland
Whitney N. Cameron Carlisle Cumberland
Nicole A. Case Carlisle Cumberland
Anna E. Clouser Carlisle Cumberland
Bryanna R. Curtis Carlisle Cumberland
Sharon J. Devos Carlisle Cumberland
Rachel D. Disilvestri Carlisle Cumberland
Tynan S. Donnelly Carlisle Cumberland
Michael P. Edwards Carlisle Cumberland
MacKenzie L. Fauver Carlisle Cumberland
Morganne R. Frampton Carlisle Cumberland
Zachary R. Freeman Carlisle Cumberland
Noel Danemil O. Garcia Carlisle Cumberland
Nathan A. Gardner Carlisle Cumberland
Tabitha J. Gensler Carlisle Cumberland
Tiffany M. Grimes Carlisle Cumberland
Michael E. Grove Carlisle Cumberland
Haley M. Halwany Carlisle Cumberland
Casey D. Hamor Carlisle Cumberland
Karl E. Heinemann Carlisle Cumberland
Cynthia Hoffman Carlisle Cumberland
Lena D. Hyvesson Carlisle Cumberland
Panagiota C. Katsifis Carlisle Cumberland
Chelsey M. Kiner - Barrick Carlisle Cumberland
Kaitlyn M. Klusman Carlisle Cumberland
Rosemary T. Kole Carlisle Cumberland
Jasmine Kreiner Carlisle Cumberland
Isaac D. Kuhn Carlisle Cumberland
Melissa S. Loscher Carlisle Cumberland
Anthony D. Lucier Carlisle Cumberland
Brandon S. Lupfer Carlisle Cumberland
Austin K. Marks Carlisle Cumberland
Skylar P. McCoy Carlisle Cumberland
Rachel B. McDonough Carlisle Cumberland
Dawn M. McFerren Carlisle Cumberland
Sarah C. Mentzer Carlisle Cumberland
Daniel L. Miller Carlisle Cumberland
Amanda A. Moyer Carlisle Cumberland
Vanessa N. Ortiz Carlisle Cumberland
Kristi S. Pantaleon Carlisle Cumberland
Derek C. Pospisil Carlisle Cumberland
Nicole M. Potts Carlisle Cumberland
Pamella A. Price Carlisle Cumberland
Elizabeth D. Reed Carlisle Cumberland
Sydney E. Ritchie Carlisle Cumberland
Tristan Sanderson Carlisle Cumberland
Peter M. Selib Carlisle Cumberland
Maura E. Smith Carlisle Cumberland
Kirstyn N. Sokolsky Carlisle Cumberland
Evan T. Tollett Carlisle Cumberland
Travis R. Turner Carlisle Cumberland
Samantha N. Vangi Carlisle Cumberland
Tina Weyant Carlisle Cumberland
Sylvia A. White Carlisle Cumberland
Abigale L. Whitsell Carlisle Cumberland
David C. Wood Carlisle Cumberland
Brandon M. Woodrow Carlisle Cumberland
Cody M. Young Carlisle Cumberland
Stacey K. Adams Enola Cumberland
Yana R. Akopova Enola Cumberland
Amy N. Baughman Enola Cumberland
Najib Bourassi Enola Cumberland
Steven L. Brothers Enola Cumberland
Jessica N. Collins Enola Cumberland
Jennifer L. Coyl Enola Cumberland
Thanh-Binh T. Dang Enola Cumberland
Fatima Driouich Enola Cumberland
Hae Young Eum Enola Cumberland
Olivia Feliciano Enola Cumberland
Renae E. Frei Enola Cumberland
Amber M. Johnson Enola Cumberland
Utsav D. Kanani Enola Cumberland
Joshua N. Kipp Enola Cumberland
Jessica B. Lilly Enola Cumberland
Leslie J. Loper-Glazer Enola Cumberland
McKenzy C. McAlister Enola Cumberland
Corinne C. Mitchell Enola Cumberland
Olivia C. Neavling Enola Cumberland
Annette M. Obrock Enola Cumberland
Kyle P. O'Malley Enola Cumberland
Laila Ouaffai Enola Cumberland
Stephanie S. Pasda Enola Cumberland
Alexandra J. Pazich Enola Cumberland
Adrian P. Piechowicz Enola Cumberland
Andrea D. Potteiger Enola Cumberland
Crystall R. Sanchez Enola Cumberland
Cathy L. Shaner Enola Cumberland
Donna J. Thornton Enola Cumberland
Justine E. Tillman Enola Cumberland
Dawn E. Williams Enola Cumberland
Addie M. Cassel Lemoyne Cumberland
Abdesselam Elherch Lemoyne Cumberland
Loni L. Herrera Lemoyne Cumberland
Rena Hilty Lemoyne Cumberland
Fatima Zohra Mojab Lemoyne Cumberland
Charles A. Morrison Lemoyne Cumberland
Muzzamil K. Abdalla Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Leea Abdelmalek Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Mariama Adamou Souley Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Soma M. Ahmad Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Ehab M. Asaad Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Haseeb M. Aslam Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Aurora L. Bailey Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Debora B. Bangs Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Patrick L. Barnard Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Maxwell T. Basehore Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Carol A. Bellis Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Kyrie T. Book Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Kendall M. Bortner Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Jessica L. Brewbaker Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Maureen A. Brouse Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Kaylee J. Buggy Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Jordon Byers Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Amy L. Calderone Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Jonele D. Clawser Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Tristen A. Coca Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Shawn C. Cooper Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Lisa C. Cornman Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Chris J. Crawford Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Jessica D. Deimler Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Madyson R. Diehl Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Rebekah E. DiFilippo Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Mytu T. Do Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Samer Doss Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Mary W. Dostie Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Erin V. Downey Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Erin H. Duffy Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Makala P. Eberly Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Benjamin R. Eichman Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Emily H. Eisenhower Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Stephen Emanuel Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Shaun P. Fieseler Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Natalie C. Flood Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Michelle Fournier Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Norman J. Franceschi Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Rebecca P. Gibbs Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Nathaniel K. Glick Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Michelle L. Goodwin Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Edward C. Griffith Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Ashley M. Gunn Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Valbona Hada Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Berkeley R. Halperin Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Alex H. Harral Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Stacy N. Harris Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Madison S. Hart Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Christopher D. Hayter Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Sadie L. Heiges Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Cynthia L. Hill Mechanicsburg Cumberland
James E. Hinckley Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Amanda E. Hopple Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Traci M. Huffer Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Stephanie M. Huth Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Bryce J. Johnson Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Leslie M. Jones Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Kimberly A. Jordan Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Amanda G. Kateluzos Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Amber M. Kaylor Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Staci E. Kendall Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Kyle M. Koons Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Christine Krahulec Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Miranda L. Kuykendall Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Maureen L. Leen Mechanicsburg Cumberland
William Lemin Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Kiana A. Lemus Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Brianna C. Leopold Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Shalini Logidasan Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Brian J. Lucente Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Sierra M. Mathur Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Jessica A. McCoy Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Garrett R. McGrath Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Tessann M. Merkel Mechanicsburg Cumberland
E C. Merritt Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Taylor N. Merritts Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Tiffany M. Meyers Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Hazel Milano Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Matthew S. Miller Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Sara M. Miller Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Anthony R. Misiti Mechanicsburg Cumberland
James D. Moore Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Allison M. Morgan Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Aisha S. Mustafa Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Trang H. Nguyen Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Cheyenne N. Nickle Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Brady J. Nye Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Alexandra D. Osipov Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Carlo Palumbo Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Christopher J. Parvin Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Khoa V. Pham Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Bethany F. Pirtle Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Clayton J. Pirtle Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Tara J. Pyke Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Hannah E. Quarterson Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Julia M. Quigley Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Tyler R. Reeves Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Donald W. Richmond Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Jessy L. Ringquist Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Timothy J. Risser Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Lauren B. Roach Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Jacqueline Rogers Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Jenna Rose Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Keri A. Rothermel Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Timothy I. Rowe Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Nicholas A. Rubinic Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Zachary S. Santor Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Kristen M. Saphore Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Tori A. Schreffler Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Connor A. Sebastian Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Stephen Seymore Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Matthew B. Shetzline Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Cody W. Shreffler Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Arazwo J. Shwani Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Kenneth R. Smith Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Christopher Sokalsky Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Jon M. Spishock Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Megan Steele Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Joshua C. Steinour Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Shannon M. Stokes Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Tue D. Stump Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Aida Tarini Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Patricia A. Tilton Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Tiffany M. Todd Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Krista Voggenreiter Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Jason E. Walde Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Jenna L. Walters Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Maria E. Weedon Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Piper C. Williams Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Zachary R. Wilson Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Natalie Wiltrout Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Kathryn A. Wingard Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Gillian K. Withers Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Toni R. Wray Mechanicsburg Cumberland
Linda J. Bixler Mount Holly Springs Cumberland
Alexia N. Dragon Mount Holly Springs Cumberland
Hannah E. Kerr Mount Holly Springs Cumberland
Chelsea J. Stackfield Mount Holly Springs Cumberland
Gary A. Stackfield Mount Holly Springs Cumberland
Farrah L. Trimble Mount Holly Springs Cumberland
Jared A. Whitten Mount Holly Springs Cumberland
Veronica S. Alger New Cumberland Cumberland
Amanda L. Anders New Cumberland Cumberland
Amy L. Carey New Cumberland Cumberland
Ronda M. Chasteen New Cumberland Cumberland
Olivia Dalby New Cumberland Cumberland
Michael DeTemple New Cumberland Cumberland
Stevie L. Dunn New Cumberland Cumberland
Trent R. Eisenhart New Cumberland Cumberland
Madeline Emory New Cumberland Cumberland
Justin E. Erdman New Cumberland Cumberland
Ryan K. Fillers New Cumberland Cumberland
Madalynn Gault New Cumberland Cumberland
Jonathan P. Good New Cumberland Cumberland
George W. Gunnett New Cumberland Cumberland
Megan J. Gunnett New Cumberland Cumberland
Lisa M. Harrison New Cumberland Cumberland
Erin E. Hastings New Cumberland Cumberland
Andi A. Hummel New Cumberland Cumberland
Tessa K. Long New Cumberland Cumberland
Patricia A. Lopez New Cumberland Cumberland
Thomas C. Merrill New Cumberland Cumberland
Sara A. Myers New Cumberland Cumberland
Emeline M. Proctor New Cumberland Cumberland
Lauren E. Roelke New Cumberland Cumberland
Bailey A. Sacoman New Cumberland Cumberland
Zach Sellers New Cumberland Cumberland
Kristina V. Skripnikova New Cumberland Cumberland
Annabelle E. Stoner New Cumberland Cumberland
Angela N. Tarkington New Cumberland Cumberland
Shawn P. Towsley New Cumberland Cumberland
Maria V. Villafane New Cumberland Cumberland
Alexander Whelchel New Cumberland Cumberland
Kelsey C. Williams New Cumberland Cumberland
Kisha A. Young New Cumberland Cumberland
James M. Astolas Newburg Cumberland
Mackenna R. Kelley Newburg Cumberland
James J. Ragan Newburg Cumberland
Danielle Beitler Newville Cumberland
Greg Bishop Newville Cumberland
Lance B. Bonner Newville Cumberland
Sherri E. Killian Newville Cumberland
Brooke M. Kiner Newville Cumberland
Katelyn McQuiston Newville Cumberland
Katrina K. Smith Newville Cumberland
Ashley N. Thorson Newville Cumberland
Kirsty Conner Shippensburg Cumberland
Jeanette Corman Shippensburg Cumberland
Daniel H. Dunsmoor Shippensburg Cumberland
Lauren C. Garrett Shippensburg Cumberland
Gayle M. Jumper Shippensburg Cumberland
Heather R. Martin Shippensburg Cumberland
Patrick T. McDevitt Shippensburg Cumberland
Ashley N. Mowery Shippensburg Cumberland
Amanda R. Navas Shippensburg Cumberland
Karen M. Oakman Shippensburg Cumberland
Drew Robinson Shippensburg Cumberland
Stephanie J. Varner Shippensburg Cumberland
Allison R. Wright Shippensburg Cumberland
Saleh Hamzane Shiremanstown Cumberland
Benjamin Mengle Shiremanstown Cumberland
Rachel L. Mixell Summerdale Cumberland
Jennifer L. Turner Bressler Dauphin
Emily A. Kiner Dauphin Dauphin
Alicia V. Kocher Dauphin Dauphin
Kayla N. Shoop Dauphin Dauphin
Michele L. Shuey Dauphin Dauphin
Jennifer M. Wilson Dauphin Dauphin
Ashley K. Hobbs Elizabethville Dauphin
Erik S. Espenshade Grantville Dauphin
James K. McHenry Grantville Dauphin
Janard P. Megonnell Grantville Dauphin
Ronald C. Peters Grantville Dauphin
Rebecca R. Richards Grantville Dauphin
Kayla A. Wampler Grantville Dauphin
Whitney M. Jones Gratz Dauphin
Nicholas W. Bednar Halifax Dauphin
Sara L. Buffington Halifax Dauphin
Amber D. Capouillez Halifax Dauphin
Taylah H. Erdman Halifax Dauphin
Morgan A. Foulds Halifax Dauphin
Holly M. Laudenslager Halifax Dauphin
Miranda Laudenslager Halifax Dauphin
Curt W. Leas Halifax Dauphin
Stephanie Luzier Halifax Dauphin
Cody Ramer Halifax Dauphin
Kaylin J. Schoffstall Halifax Dauphin
Lisa A. Stoneroad Halifax Dauphin
Issaka G. Abubakar Harrisburg Dauphin
Dipika Acharya Harrisburg Dauphin
Sarah Adamou Harrisburg Dauphin
Isaac Agoni Harrisburg Dauphin
Charity C. Ahanonu Harrisburg Dauphin
Kimberly M. Ahlers Harrisburg Dauphin
Diana Akech Harrisburg Dauphin
Thameena Alaji Harrisburg Dauphin
Shanai N. Alexander Harrisburg Dauphin
Olivia Allbritton Harrisburg Dauphin
Brianna Alvarez-Bingaman Harrisburg Dauphin
Zachary S. Antoun Harrisburg Dauphin
Ammelina Arsyad Harrisburg Dauphin
Samantha N. Auer Harrisburg Dauphin
Bosede A. Babalola Harrisburg Dauphin
Laxmi P. Bajgai Harrisburg Dauphin
Douglas S. Bardo Harrisburg Dauphin
Rita A. Barlup Harrisburg Dauphin
Timi S. Bates Harrisburg Dauphin
Stefani A. Beamer Harrisburg Dauphin
Kaitlyn D. Beard Harrisburg Dauphin
Samantha J. Bedford Harrisburg Dauphin
Amanda Bell Harrisburg Dauphin
Christopher D. Benedetto Harrisburg Dauphin
Jesse N. Berdanier Harrisburg Dauphin
Tayyaba J. Bhatti Harrisburg Dauphin
Atticus J. Bierbaum Harrisburg Dauphin
Jonathan T. Bishop Harrisburg Dauphin
Kristen L. Blust Harrisburg Dauphin
Russel P. Blust Harrisburg Dauphin
David Boehm Harrisburg Dauphin
Kodjo Boutou Harrisburg Dauphin
Sarah L. Brough Harrisburg Dauphin
Ashley E. Brown Harrisburg Dauphin
Leah R. Brown Harrisburg Dauphin
Martha C. Brown Harrisburg Dauphin
Michael Bruce Harrisburg Dauphin
Kenneth R. Buller Harrisburg Dauphin
Sharon Burke Harrisburg Dauphin
Patricia K. Burke-Dawson Harrisburg Dauphin
Niki L. Butler Harrisburg Dauphin
Courtney E. Buzulak Harrisburg Dauphin
Myron L. Byas Harrisburg Dauphin
Benjamin M. Byler Harrisburg Dauphin
Jonnathan Calle Silva Harrisburg Dauphin
Alexandra Calp Harrisburg Dauphin
Adam J. Campbell Harrisburg Dauphin
Tacara S. Chesley Harrisburg Dauphin
Shakora D. Chisolm Harrisburg Dauphin
Petrigaye J. Christian Harrisburg Dauphin
Zachary D. Cincotta Harrisburg Dauphin
Tasha R. Coley Harrisburg Dauphin
Jenna C. Colyer Harrisburg Dauphin
Kristen Conley Harrisburg Dauphin
Erica L. Cook Harrisburg Dauphin
Yuderka C. Correa Harrisburg Dauphin
Taylor M. Crawford Harrisburg Dauphin
David M. Criste Harrisburg Dauphin
Wendi T. Crowe Harrisburg Dauphin
Jessica L. Crum Harrisburg Dauphin
Udhav Dahal Harrisburg Dauphin
Rukayat O. Dairo Harrisburg Dauphin
Holly N. Dalton Harrisburg Dauphin
Deepak Dangal Harrisburg Dauphin
Anita A. Danquah Harrisburg Dauphin
Earlene S. Dantzler Harrisburg Dauphin
Ronnika N. Davis Harrisburg Dauphin
Andrea N. Dearwechter Harrisburg Dauphin
Klaudia I. Defrank Harrisburg Dauphin
Jonathan A. Deitrick Harrisburg Dauphin
Seth L. Delp Harrisburg Dauphin
Adam G. Demmel Harrisburg Dauphin
Charles R. Dennis Harrisburg Dauphin
Loki M. Dhamala Harrisburg Dauphin
Angela Diaz Harrisburg Dauphin
Carmen M. Diaz Harrisburg Dauphin
Roderick C. Dixon Harrisburg Dauphin
Dragana Djeordjic Harrisburg Dauphin
Mikhail V. Dolzhenko Harrisburg Dauphin
Melissa J. Donath Harrisburg Dauphin
James M. Dorson Harrisburg Dauphin
Jennifer J. Doyle Harrisburg Dauphin
Shaheema L. Duncan Harrisburg Dauphin
Rikki K. Dyer Harrisburg Dauphin
Wanda O. Englishbooth Harrisburg Dauphin
Nebiy Esayas Harrisburg Dauphin
Kelley M. Ewings Harrisburg Dauphin
Denise Fahie Harrisburg Dauphin
Ryan M. Farver Harrisburg Dauphin
Jennifer T. Felker Harrisburg Dauphin
Tyler P. Ferrusi Harrisburg Dauphin
Benjamin L. Fierer Harrisburg Dauphin
Brenda A. Fineburg Harrisburg Dauphin
Angelica M. Fiore Harrisburg Dauphin
Brandie L. Fortney Harrisburg Dauphin
Gabrielle M. Frattaroli Harrisburg Dauphin
Bria E. Fulmer Harrisburg Dauphin
Danica S. Fulmer Harrisburg Dauphin
Kara M. Fultz Harrisburg Dauphin
Pramod Gadam Harrisburg Dauphin
Natalie M. Gan Harrisburg Dauphin
Bethany Garber Harrisburg Dauphin
Jenny L. Gardner Harrisburg Dauphin
Marian E. Gardner Harrisburg Dauphin
Cindy Glessner Harrisburg Dauphin
Zach D. Graham Harrisburg Dauphin
Leonard Green Harrisburg Dauphin
Zariyah U. Green Harrisburg Dauphin
Mina G. Grees Harrisburg Dauphin
Zoran Grujic Harrisburg Dauphin
John W. Hair Harrisburg Dauphin
Algery D. Hall Harrisburg Dauphin
Elizabeth S. Hankerson Harrisburg Dauphin
Jacqueline N. Hanna Harrisburg Dauphin
Brandon M. Hanson Harrisburg Dauphin
Taihesha Hawkins Harrisburg Dauphin
Paige Hawthorne Harrisburg Dauphin
Daria Hayman Harrisburg Dauphin
Angela J. Heagy Harrisburg Dauphin
Laurie L. Henry Harrisburg Dauphin
Dominique M. Herman Harrisburg Dauphin
Troy A. Hill Harrisburg Dauphin
Walter W. Howard Harrisburg Dauphin
Haoran Hu Harrisburg Dauphin
Arielle T. Itzhaki Harrisburg Dauphin
Corinna E. Jablonski Harrisburg Dauphin
Oliver Johnson Harrisburg Dauphin
Akomba Kankarafou Harrisburg Dauphin
Laura A. Kaylor Harrisburg Dauphin
Melissa G. Keckler Harrisburg Dauphin
Jenna M. Kehler Harrisburg Dauphin
Shannon C. Keller Harrisburg Dauphin
Dragana Kezic Harrisburg Dauphin
Joyce Y. Kigembe Harrisburg Dauphin
Victoria S. Kitts Harrisburg Dauphin
Amanda M. Klaboe Harrisburg Dauphin
Heather L. Knott Harrisburg Dauphin
Cassandra M. Kohler Harrisburg Dauphin
James A. Koons Harrisburg Dauphin
Sarah A. Kopp Harrisburg Dauphin
Eileen A. Kramer Harrisburg Dauphin
Amanda Kresge Harrisburg Dauphin
Marti G. Kuhr-Bair Harrisburg Dauphin
Terrian D. Lawrence Harrisburg Dauphin
Tabitha K. Lewis Harrisburg Dauphin
Samantha E. Liggett Harrisburg Dauphin
Tasha M. Long Harrisburg Dauphin
Debora E. Lopez Harrisburg Dauphin
Kayla M. Low Harrisburg Dauphin
Eric Lubold Harrisburg Dauphin
Andrea M. Marchione Harrisburg Dauphin
Julie L. Marolf Harrisburg Dauphin
Andrew T. Marrs Harrisburg Dauphin
Shikyra D. Marshall Harrisburg Dauphin
Samuel L. Martin Harrisburg Dauphin
Demone R. Maxwell Harrisburg Dauphin
Patrick R. McCutcheon Harrisburg Dauphin
Amanda L. McMillin Harrisburg Dauphin
Danye M. McMullen Harrisburg Dauphin
Shannon McPherson Harrisburg Dauphin
Marco A. Mellinger Harrisburg Dauphin
Allison R. Miller Harrisburg Dauphin
Lisa N. Miller Harrisburg Dauphin
Robert J. Miller Harrisburg Dauphin
Jason M. Milletics Harrisburg Dauphin
Kimberly D. Minifield Harrisburg Dauphin
Michael J. Modica Harrisburg Dauphin
Christa J. Mohr Harrisburg Dauphin
Jacqueline P. Molnar Harrisburg Dauphin
Estelle M. Mosley Harrisburg Dauphin
Kelsey N. Moyer Harrisburg Dauphin
Nicole A. Mullins Harrisburg Dauphin
Austin H. Mundis Harrisburg Dauphin
Gina M. Murray Harrisburg Dauphin
Scott T. Musgrave Harrisburg Dauphin
Maria T. Muth Harrisburg Dauphin
Gina M. Naccarato Harrisburg Dauphin
Wendy Narvaez Harrisburg Dauphin
Priska Nata Harrisburg Dauphin
Wyatt S. Neyman Harrisburg Dauphin
Peter M. Ngang Harrisburg Dauphin
Christin T. Nguyen Harrisburg Dauphin
Le Minh T. Nguyen Harrisburg Dauphin
Joseph C. Nickle Harrisburg Dauphin
Alice A. Nimala Harrisburg Dauphin
Andrew Noel Harrisburg Dauphin
Ashley M. Norwood Harrisburg Dauphin
Vitaliy A. Opalko Harrisburg Dauphin
Yarelis Ortiz Harrisburg Dauphin
Charles A. Otto Harrisburg Dauphin
Kyle R. Pancher Harrisburg Dauphin
Robert E. Parkins Harrisburg Dauphin
Disha J. Patel Harrisburg Dauphin
Daniel K. Patterson Harrisburg Dauphin
Amanda C. Pearce Harrisburg Dauphin
Helen Perez Harrisburg Dauphin
Ocelia E. Perry Harrisburg Dauphin
Theresa Pham Harrisburg Dauphin
Kelsi M. Pipes Harrisburg Dauphin
Nathan Plantz Harrisburg Dauphin
Mackenzie M. Plasic Harrisburg Dauphin
Jeannetta R. Politis Harrisburg Dauphin
Christopher J. Pollock Harrisburg Dauphin
Jenna E. Polston Harrisburg Dauphin
Blinora Qazimi Harrisburg Dauphin
Jade M. Quezada Harrisburg Dauphin
Nadera Rammouni Harrisburg Dauphin
Brittney A. Randolph Harrisburg Dauphin
Sheena M. Ravenel Harrisburg Dauphin
Ashley N. Ray Harrisburg Dauphin
Kara M. Reagan Harrisburg Dauphin
Hannah R. Reddecliff Harrisburg Dauphin
Amber N. Reichwein Harrisburg Dauphin
Felicia M. Richmond Harrisburg Dauphin
Felipe A. Rivera Harrisburg Dauphin
Doris J. Roadcap Harrisburg Dauphin
Krista N. Rodkey Harrisburg Dauphin
Rene L. Romberger Harrisburg Dauphin
Amanda M. Rosa-Colon Harrisburg Dauphin
Tiffany C. Roseman Harrisburg Dauphin
Reuben J. Rosenberg Harrisburg Dauphin
Piotr Roszczenko Harrisburg Dauphin
Caroline L. Rubin Harrisburg Dauphin
Alex N. Rubinic Harrisburg Dauphin
Adam S. Rupich Harrisburg Dauphin
Cassidy N. Salvador Harrisburg Dauphin
Patience Saye-Bryemah Harrisburg Dauphin
Rita Schiano di Cola Harrisburg Dauphin
Rossella Scotto D'Apollonia Harrisburg Dauphin
Kenneth J. Seib Harrisburg Dauphin
Tracey E. Sessomes Harrisburg Dauphin
Erika L. Shellhamer Harrisburg Dauphin
Lauren N. Shellhamer Harrisburg Dauphin
Kalpana Siwakoti Harrisburg Dauphin
Meghan L. Small Harrisburg Dauphin
Eric Smith Harrisburg Dauphin
Modenna L. Smith Harrisburg Dauphin
Rodney T. Smith Harrisburg Dauphin
Brian Snyder Harrisburg Dauphin
Jenna L. Snyder Harrisburg Dauphin
Sheima E. Soliman Harrisburg Dauphin
Benjamin K. Soltero De Martin Harrisburg Dauphin
Sattya Som Harrisburg Dauphin
Joslyn R. Spiegel Harrisburg Dauphin
Elvisa Stanimirovic Harrisburg Dauphin
Thomas R. Stark Harrisburg Dauphin
Sara M. Steckler Harrisburg Dauphin
Rebekah Steele Harrisburg Dauphin
Rachel M. Steinbaugh Harrisburg Dauphin
Tiffany A. Sterling Harrisburg Dauphin
Alise M. Stiffler Harrisburg Dauphin
Jennell R. Stine Harrisburg Dauphin
Stefani L. Stoner Harrisburg Dauphin
Phul M. Sunuwar Harrisburg Dauphin
Megan L. Taylor Harrisburg Dauphin
Samuel R. Telep Harrisburg Dauphin
Craig A. Thompson Harrisburg Dauphin
Stephen Thompson Harrisburg Dauphin
Christopher M. Todd Harrisburg Dauphin
Le B. Tran Harrisburg Dauphin
Tuyet T. Tran Harrisburg Dauphin
Christoffer G. Trydestam Harrisburg Dauphin
Catherine D. Turner Harrisburg Dauphin
Kent W. Umberger Harrisburg Dauphin
Amy A. Veigle Harrisburg Dauphin
Robin L. Wallace Harrisburg Dauphin
Kimberly Wampler Harrisburg Dauphin
Joy M. Washington Harrisburg Dauphin
Nicole C. Watson Harrisburg Dauphin
Clark M. Weaver Harrisburg Dauphin
Taylor M. Weber Harrisburg Dauphin
Allyce N. Weigle Harrisburg Dauphin
Nathaniel M. Weise Harrisburg Dauphin
Suchada Winiyakul Harrisburg Dauphin
Candace N. Woods Harrisburg Dauphin
Tori E. Yardsley Harrisburg Dauphin
Christene L. Bollinger Hershey Dauphin
Caridad Bryan Hershey Dauphin
Meagan R. Clark Hershey Dauphin
Samantha M. Diener Hershey Dauphin
Allyson J. Eby Hershey Dauphin
James C. Garrett Hershey Dauphin
Jordan M. Garvin Hershey Dauphin
Seth E. Huff Hershey Dauphin
Jane K. Lawrence Hershey Dauphin
Carlos R. Mason Hershey Dauphin
Eleazar N. Oliva Hershey Dauphin
Jacinta Onwufuju Hershey Dauphin
Sophia N. Rowe Hershey Dauphin
Alexa G. Schaffner Hershey Dauphin
Carissa M. Walborn Hershey Dauphin
Brennan M. Watt Hershey Dauphin
Emily A. Waverka Hershey Dauphin
Aida Wilkinson Hershey Dauphin
Jennifer L. Zaghloul Hershey Dauphin
Nicholas T. Brungard Highspire Dauphin
Lisandra Caraballo Highspire Dauphin
Brianne B. Cooper Highspire Dauphin
Bojan Hrgic Highspire Dauphin
Brittany N. Johnson Highspire Dauphin
Karen M. Armstead Hummelstown Dauphin
Alexis Black Hummelstown Dauphin
Emily A. Brinich Hummelstown Dauphin
Shaina Cohle Hummelstown Dauphin
Kelly M. Davis Hummelstown Dauphin
Kristina DeBoard Hummelstown Dauphin
Sharon Fink Hummelstown Dauphin
Matthew M. Ford Hummelstown Dauphin
April L. Guess Hummelstown Dauphin
Christopher Kaschak Hummelstown Dauphin
Michael S. Kellenberger Hummelstown Dauphin
Samantha N. Kelley Hummelstown Dauphin
Edina Makul Hummelstown Dauphin
Lindsay K. McCann Hummelstown Dauphin
Jared D. Moody Hummelstown Dauphin
Ashley Patrick Hummelstown Dauphin
Aaron M. Perry Hummelstown Dauphin
Christy M. Shiffler Hummelstown Dauphin
Cybil C. Thompson Hummelstown Dauphin
Gregory T. Wolbrette Hummelstown Dauphin
Kristopher S. Zartman Hummelstown Dauphin
Christina L. Zimmerman Hummelstown Dauphin
Nicole M. Buffington Lykens Dauphin
Terrylasia A. McLenegan Lykens Dauphin
Brandon T. Miller Lykens Dauphin
Brianna N. Pendal Lykens Dauphin
Rachel E. Romanofsky Lykens Dauphin
Jordan L. Arnold Middletown Dauphin
Charles K. Barkman Middletown Dauphin
Milissa R. Berstler Middletown Dauphin
Nicholas E. D'Agostino Middletown Dauphin
Nelson E. Diaz Middletown Dauphin
Karen N. Fawber Middletown Dauphin
Karen M. Foster Middletown Dauphin
Michael A. Gainer Middletown Dauphin
Heather M. Hardy Middletown Dauphin
Jessica B. Heckler Middletown Dauphin
Eduardo Hernandez-Barajas Middletown Dauphin
Chavonte L. Hunter Middletown Dauphin
Jessica L. Jones Middletown Dauphin
Christopher M. Judy Middletown Dauphin
Kelly E. Koons Middletown Dauphin
Konstantinos N. Koutris Middletown Dauphin
Maggie C. Kulus Middletown Dauphin
Molly K. Lahr Middletown Dauphin
Hany Mohamed Middletown Dauphin
Nicholas C. Myers Middletown Dauphin
Pooja K. Patel Middletown Dauphin
Jodi L. Pelletier Middletown Dauphin
Elizabeth C. Perchalski Middletown Dauphin
Brittany D. Rachau Middletown Dauphin
Lane C. Reigle Middletown Dauphin
Rachel E. Ruhl Middletown Dauphin
Daniel F. Ruzansky Middletown Dauphin
Jeffrey R. Souders Middletown Dauphin
Matthew R. SteMarie Middletown Dauphin
Andrew S. Thomas Middletown Dauphin
Jaelise Thompson Middletown Dauphin
Megan M. Weaver Middletown Dauphin
Donna M. Wierzbowski Middletown Dauphin
Katelyn J. Wolfe Middletown Dauphin
Dawn A. Frey Millersburg Dauphin
Jennie A. Gilbert Millersburg Dauphin
Dominique C. Hoover Millersburg Dauphin
Shelby L. Witmer Millersburg Dauphin
Gina L. LaPenna Oberlin Dauphin
Caitlin M. Lawson Steelton Dauphin
Elizabeth A. Murlin Steelton Dauphin
Shawna C. Sturdevant Steelton Dauphin
Sean A. Zivanovich Steelton Dauphin
Hannah R. Schwak Williamstown Dauphin
Marissa M. Shutt Williamstown Dauphin
Brooke A. Zaras Williamstown Dauphin
Rachael L. Varnish Wayne Delaware
Damarys Alicea Chambersburg Franklin
Alyssa Boock Chambersburg Franklin
Rebecca Carbaugh Chambersburg Franklin
Madison E. Citro Chambersburg Franklin
Stacy A. Cline Chambersburg Franklin
Chabeli Concepcion Chambersburg Franklin
AimeeBeth Davis Chambersburg Franklin
Alexis N. Dubbs Chambersburg Franklin
Dennis E. Fleagle Chambersburg Franklin
Carly M. Gunnett Chambersburg Franklin
Erin L. Kluczkowski Chambersburg Franklin
Trevaun M. Landis Chambersburg Franklin
Yurgin R. Lopez Chambersburg Franklin
Ekaterina Maier Chambersburg Franklin
Joshua V. Naugle Chambersburg Franklin
Rebecca S. Powers Chambersburg Franklin
Bailey A. Price Chambersburg Franklin
Nathan D. Prohonic Chambersburg Franklin
Shannon E. Pyne Chambersburg Franklin
Laura Schoonover Chambersburg Franklin
Jessica M. Seymore Chambersburg Franklin
Amber D. Shaffer Chambersburg Franklin
Melissa A. Wampler Chambersburg Franklin
Jeremy J. Whitmore Chambersburg Franklin
Jeremy R. Yeargan Chambersburg Franklin
Michael D. Dick Doylesburg Franklin
Amy L. Bryant Fayetteville Franklin
Aaron C. Farrow Fayetteville Franklin
Wanda F. Jones Fayetteville Franklin
Paul R. Kurzawa Fayetteville Franklin
Holley M. Miller Fayetteville Franklin
Cindy M. Rodriguez Fayetteville Franklin
Alyssa B. Wooler Fayetteville Franklin
Jessica Crouse Fort Loudon Franklin
Danielle E. Amyot Greencastle Franklin
Lauren A. Freeman Greencastle Franklin
Peter A. Cradduck Mercersburg Franklin
Nichole Elk Orrstown Franklin
Amy S. Failor Orrstown Franklin
Jessica N. Miller Orrstown Franklin
Raven L. Neil Orrstown Franklin
Kayla M. Clevenger Saint Thomas Franklin
Eric C. Gervasio Saint Thomas Franklin
Anna S. Lovett Scotland Franklin
BreeLynn A. Myers Shippensburg Franklin
Valerie Stum Shippensburg Franklin
Jacqueline C. Green Upper Strasburg Franklin
Colleen M. Bradley Waynesboro Franklin
Sonja D. Gray Waynesboro Franklin
Benton Mitchell Waynesboro Franklin
Gleybis Norona Waynesboro Franklin
Lorie M. Nye Waynesboro Franklin
Shadrach C. Roundy Waynesboro Franklin
Robert G. Snader Waynesboro Franklin
Lori B. James Mount Union Huntingdon
Jessica R. Dickinson East Waterford Juniata
Crystal D. Snyder East Waterford Juniata
Bethany N. Alderfer Mc Alisterville Juniata
Benjamin J. Leitzel Mc Alisterville Juniata
Danielle Schrack Mc Alisterville Juniata
Tonya L. Seeger Mc Alisterville Juniata
Phoebe L. Forry Mifflin Juniata
Victoria A. Zarkovich Mifflin Juniata
Jessie A. Wagner Mifflintown Juniata
Karen L. Burkhart Port Royal Juniata
Mukunda S. Mensah-Dzomley Port Royal Juniata
David K. Quirion Port Royal Juniata
Ashlin J. Zook Port Royal Juniata
Shane A. Royce Clarks Summit Lackawanna
Nicole M. Whitcraft Adamstown Lancaster
Christina L. Bowman Akron Lancaster
David L. Deamer Akron Lancaster
Desiree N. Diem Akron Lancaster
Kirstie A. Emerson Akron Lancaster
Kenneth M. Mikos Akron Lancaster
Mara A. Stoltzfus Akron Lancaster
Eathen J. Theimer Akron Lancaster
Taylor A. Schmidt Bainbridge Lancaster
Albert L. Kauffman Bird In Hand Lancaster
Teresa J. Burkhart Brownstown Lancaster
Brendon R. Carroll Brownstown Lancaster
Jonathan Arasin Christiana Lancaster
Katrina M. Tilkens Christiana Lancaster
Kara J. Best Columbia Lancaster
Racheal M. Droege Columbia Lancaster
Robert J. Dutcher Columbia Lancaster
Jasmine S. Haldeman Columbia Lancaster
Julie R. Hedgepeth Columbia Lancaster
Elizabeth L. Landis Columbia Lancaster
Paula A. Leonard Columbia Lancaster
Crystal A. Mentzer Columbia Lancaster
Alissa M. Murillo Columbia Lancaster
Kenneth J. Roberts Columbia Lancaster
Lauren E. Schoenly Columbia Lancaster
Derek R. Stoudt Columbia Lancaster
Gloria G. Stoudt Columbia Lancaster
Brittany E. Vallandingham Columbia Lancaster
Jocelyn I. Alvarez Conestoga Lancaster
Jaime Ambrose Conestoga Lancaster
Ian Gingerich Conestoga Lancaster
Katie L. Gingerich Conestoga Lancaster
Sara Leidich Conestoga Lancaster
Hannah R. Miller Conestoga Lancaster
Kyle A. Scogland Conestoga Lancaster
Peter M. Abraham Denver Lancaster
Derrick J. Good Denver Lancaster
Micah J. Greiner Denver Lancaster
Charles E. Hicks Denver Lancaster
Lelinna Hinh Denver Lancaster
Michael A. Kovall Denver Lancaster
Robin A. Mays Denver Lancaster
Amber D. Murphy Denver Lancaster
Andrea L. Payne Denver Lancaster
Michelle N. Rodriguez Denver Lancaster
Sarah A. Ruth Denver Lancaster
Tricia Sweigart Denver Lancaster
Lindsey A. Wanner Denver Lancaster
Jacob Zimmerman Denver Lancaster
Mark J. Mahalis Drumore Lancaster
Scott J. Teale E Petersburg Lancaster
Tonda L. Adams East Earl Lancaster
Galina Medina East Earl Lancaster
Ala Nacu East Earl Lancaster
Ashley N. Snader East Earl Lancaster
Douglas B. Alexander East Petersburg Lancaster
Kim M. Anspach East Petersburg Lancaster
April K. Holliday East Petersburg Lancaster
Brittany M. Nash East Petersburg Lancaster
Alkiviadis Petropoulos East Petersburg Lancaster
Venessa L. Pino East Petersburg Lancaster
Whitney M. Turnbull-Huggins East Petersburg Lancaster
Garrison N. White East Petersburg Lancaster
Damon Achuff Elizabethtown Lancaster
Kristin H. Bere Elizabethtown Lancaster
Cody Bost Elizabethtown Lancaster
Andrew R. Caldwell Elizabethtown Lancaster
Rebecca E. Craft Elizabethtown Lancaster
Jeremy B. Czyzewski Elizabethtown Lancaster
Trudy Ann N. Daley Elizabethtown Lancaster
Steven M. DeFlavia Elizabethtown Lancaster
Jonelle R. Derk Elizabethtown Lancaster
Janna L. Flowers Elizabethtown Lancaster
Abigail Fogleman Elizabethtown Lancaster
Rachael L. Gemperline Elizabethtown Lancaster
Sara J. Hoffmaster Elizabethtown Lancaster
Jennifer L. Hummer Elizabethtown Lancaster
Jennifer M. Large Elizabethtown Lancaster
Grant N. Markley Elizabethtown Lancaster
Cody A. Martin Elizabethtown Lancaster
Ethan Patterson Elizabethtown Lancaster
Hannah Patterson Elizabethtown Lancaster
Rachel C. Rice Elizabethtown Lancaster
Chad D. Rickabaugh Elizabethtown Lancaster
Angelo E. Soto Elizabethtown Lancaster
Chase Stehman Elizabethtown Lancaster
Lara A. Strickler Elizabethtown Lancaster
Leonard D. Troiana Elizabethtown Lancaster
Jacob A. Vettori Elizabethtown Lancaster
Matthew D. Barrett Ephrata Lancaster
Catherine E. Craddock Ephrata Lancaster
Tessia D. Dunn Ephrata Lancaster
Michael P. Elligson Ephrata Lancaster
Brittany Fasnacht Ephrata Lancaster
Amanda L. Giddings Ephrata Lancaster
Travis M. Groff Ephrata Lancaster
Nichol A. Hehnly Ephrata Lancaster
Danielle N. Herr Ephrata Lancaster
Pearl H. Hostetter Ephrata Lancaster
Julie A. Hurst Ephrata Lancaster
Ashley N. Ifft Ephrata Lancaster
Charles Jones Ephrata Lancaster
Katy A. Kolle Ephrata Lancaster
Mariya Koval Ephrata Lancaster
Joshua B. Kralick Ephrata Lancaster
Dean Larusso Ephrata Lancaster
Ana C. Lopez Ephrata Lancaster
Michael A. Maccarino Ephrata Lancaster
Amy L. Marshall Ephrata Lancaster
Kimberly Matthews Ephrata Lancaster
Milford M. Nolt Ephrata Lancaster
Phillip Reilly Ephrata Lancaster
Nicole Rymarenko Ephrata Lancaster
Justin Schlotzhauer Ephrata Lancaster
Danielle M. Shaver Ephrata Lancaster
Cyrah D. Shenberger Ephrata Lancaster
Rhonda Smith Ephrata Lancaster
Shannon M. Steffy Ephrata Lancaster
Katherine E. Stewart Ephrata Lancaster
Alexandra G. Toadvine Ephrata Lancaster
Ana M. Trejo Ephrata Lancaster
Zachary C. Watts Ephrata Lancaster
Tracy Weirich Ephrata Lancaster
Brittany Wiker Ephrata Lancaster
Keyanna R. Wingenroth Ephrata Lancaster
Christa L. Witman Ephrata Lancaster
Heather E. Witmer Ephrata Lancaster
Malinda S. Zimmerman Ephrata Lancaster
Timothy Zimmerman Ephrata Lancaster
Miriam G. Meyer Gordonville Lancaster
Jessica Simmerok Gordonville Lancaster
Giancarlo Vargas Gordonville Lancaster
Karen J. Weisel Gordonville Lancaster
Katty Acosta Holtwood Lancaster
Samantha Horst Holtwood Lancaster
Cory C. Pfortsch Holtwood Lancaster
Chadwick R. Beiler Kinzers Lancaster
Julianna M. Zak Kirkwood Lancaster
Robin M. Adams Lancaster Lancaster
Rhonda F. Allen Lancaster Lancaster
Eman S. Alnahhal Lancaster Lancaster
Hanan Y. Alrasheedi Lancaster Lancaster
Lisa R. Anderson Lancaster Lancaster
Rachel E. Armstrong Lancaster Lancaster
Anastasia H. Bailey Lancaster Lancaster
Alvinia P. Barnes Lancaster Lancaster
Cheryl Bedsaul Lancaster Lancaster
Donald J. Billett Lancaster Lancaster
Lydia Birhanu Lancaster Lancaster
Joseph D. Boone Lancaster Lancaster
Briana N. Boots Lancaster Lancaster
Amy E. Bouder Lancaster Lancaster
Jade M. Boulter Lancaster Lancaster
Heather A. Boxleitner Lancaster Lancaster
Taylor J. Brandt Lancaster Lancaster
Shannon N. Bricker Lancaster Lancaster
Ashley M. Bridgman Lancaster Lancaster
Azaria N. Brown Lancaster Lancaster
George L. Brown Lancaster Lancaster
Melanie L. Bunz Lancaster Lancaster
Katie L. Burgess Lancaster Lancaster
Yves-Robert Cabrol Lancaster Lancaster
Lochard Calixte Lancaster Lancaster
Shantel Castillo Lancaster Lancaster
Enrique Castro Lancaster Lancaster
Danielle Cevallos Lancaster Lancaster
Linda B. Chichester Lancaster Lancaster
Megan R. Chichester Lancaster Lancaster
Lacey M. Cigan Lancaster Lancaster
Troy Cook Lancaster Lancaster
Alyssa Coonan Lancaster Lancaster
Alexis E. Cunningham Lancaster Lancaster
Ryan M. Davies Lancaster Lancaster
Cecilia M. Dean Lancaster Lancaster
Shayna E. Dejesus Lancaster Lancaster
Eduardo Delacruz Lancaster Lancaster
Eliud L. Diaz Lancaster Lancaster
Quyen N. Do Lancaster Lancaster
Ryan P. Donnelly Lancaster Lancaster
Drew R. Eckert Lancaster Lancaster
Patrick J. Edgington Lancaster Lancaster
Mark W. Eidam Lancaster Lancaster
Mohamed ELAbadi Lancaster Lancaster
Jacquelyn L. Elsner Lancaster Lancaster
Wileidy G. Estepan Lancaster Lancaster
Jamie L. Estrella Lancaster Lancaster
Austin M. Fair Lancaster Lancaster
Catherine C. Farmer Lancaster Lancaster
Arton Ferizi Lancaster Lancaster
Zoraida Fermin Lancaster Lancaster
Heather M. Fickes Lancaster Lancaster
Christopher Flinchbaugh Lancaster Lancaster
Craig Flint Lancaster Lancaster
Joel C. Fox Lancaster Lancaster
Melanie I. Fragosa Lancaster Lancaster
Almaz T. Gadamu Lancaster Lancaster
Tarraney A. Gallo Lancaster Lancaster
Cryslia C. Garcia Maria Lancaster Lancaster
Solomon M. Geleta Lancaster Lancaster
Terence J. Gemmell Lancaster Lancaster
Anju Ghimire Lancaster Lancaster
Shazel V. Gonzalez Lancaster Lancaster
Amy L. Graybeal Lancaster Lancaster
James C. Groff Lancaster Lancaster
Joshua A. Haden Lancaster Lancaster
Tonya L. Hall Lancaster Lancaster
Aws A. Hardan Lancaster Lancaster
Sherell L. Harris Lancaster Lancaster
Ambrosia O. Harrison Lancaster Lancaster
Christopher D. Hartman Lancaster Lancaster
Krista M. Haus Lancaster Lancaster
Thaddeus B. Hawks Lancaster Lancaster
Jacob M. Hayostek Lancaster Lancaster
Ashley N. Herr Lancaster Lancaster
Michael R. Hess Lancaster Lancaster
Christina J. Hesse Lancaster Lancaster
Eric Hinerdeer Lancaster Lancaster
Erin E. Hollis Lancaster Lancaster
Justin Horst Lancaster Lancaster
Kimberly J. Hul Lancaster Lancaster
Laura L. Humbard Lancaster Lancaster
Jeffrey O. Jarrett Lancaster Lancaster
Elizabeth A. Joseph Lancaster Lancaster
Hildah N. Kamau Lancaster Lancaster
Ewunet T. Kassa Lancaster Lancaster
Julia F. Kepple Lancaster Lancaster
Mary T. Ketchersid Lancaster Lancaster
Rubina L. Khan Lancaster Lancaster
Karen Kirsten Lancaster Lancaster
Elysa J. Klopfle Lancaster Lancaster
Ashlea Knippenberg Lancaster Lancaster
Nicole R. Kreider Lancaster Lancaster
Zachariah S. Kreider Lancaster Lancaster
Julia E. Kuro Lancaster Lancaster
Kelly D. LaPierre Lancaster Lancaster
Kathleen M. Leed Lancaster Lancaster
Christina M. Lefever Lancaster Lancaster
Kassandra Lewis Lancaster Lancaster
Matthew S. Like Lancaster Lancaster
Joseph C. Lippart Lancaster Lancaster
Lori L. Lopez Lancaster Lancaster
Jamie L. Louthian Lancaster Lancaster
Yanfang Lu Lancaster Lancaster
Alyssa Lunz Lancaster Lancaster
Sherryanne Macpherson Lancaster Lancaster
Meyling S. Maeda Lancaster Lancaster
Nicole Mannion Lancaster Lancaster
Joanna M. Martin Lancaster Lancaster
Brittany L. Martinez Lancaster Lancaster
Salmon S. Masih Lancaster Lancaster
Cameron N. Mast Lancaster Lancaster
Anne M. McCandless Lancaster Lancaster
Heather R. McCormick Lancaster Lancaster
Samantha M. McCully Lancaster Lancaster
Colin T. Mekeel Lancaster Lancaster
Gretchen C. Mercado Lancaster Lancaster
Lisa M. Meyer Lancaster Lancaster
Taylor A. Mihaljevic Lancaster Lancaster
John P. Miller Lancaster Lancaster
Brittnie Moe-Laporte Lancaster Lancaster
Beth S. Moncarz Lancaster Lancaster
Melanie Montes Lancaster Lancaster
Susan E. Moser Lancaster Lancaster
Trisha Moss Lancaster Lancaster
Laura Myer Lancaster Lancaster
Ronald A. Neff Lancaster Lancaster
Andrew C. Newcomer Lancaster Lancaster
Viet Long Nguyen Ngo Lancaster Lancaster
Ethiopia T. Nigatu Lancaster Lancaster
Julio C. Olivera Lancaster Lancaster
Zoe M. Osipenko Lancaster Lancaster
Emily M. Oskamp Lancaster Lancaster
Salma Ouardi Lancaster Lancaster
Erin Oxyer Lancaster Lancaster
Shawna M. Papadimitriou Lancaster Lancaster
Anandi M. Patel Lancaster Lancaster
Micki Peifer Lancaster Lancaster
Genesis Perez Lancaster Lancaster
Rogelio Perez Lancaster Lancaster
Marcela Pessoa Oliveira Cruce Lancaster Lancaster
Tara R. Peters Lancaster Lancaster
Michele Phan Lancaster Lancaster
Ashley Powell Lancaster Lancaster
Lauren A. Prange Lancaster Lancaster
Kadijah L. Reed Lancaster Lancaster
Steve W. Reed Lancaster Lancaster
Ever A. Reid Lancaster Lancaster
Kristen L. Riker Lancaster Lancaster
Markiana N. Robertson Lancaster Lancaster
Clarines Rodriguez Lancaster Lancaster
Rachel M. Ruark Lancaster Lancaster
Taylor N. Samuel Lancaster Lancaster
Yadira Santana Lancaster Lancaster
Bradley J. Schickel Lancaster Lancaster
Vince A. Segro Lancaster Lancaster
Pencilvania Seraphin Lancaster Lancaster
Kristin Sharp Lancaster Lancaster
Amber N. Short Lancaster Lancaster
Felicia Y. Smith Lancaster Lancaster
Ingrid R. Snyder Lancaster Lancaster
Mersina C. Sosangelis Lancaster Lancaster
Andrew A. Stahl Lancaster Lancaster
Samuel S. Stevens Lancaster Lancaster
Emilie C. Stoltzfus Lancaster Lancaster
Anastasia Stratton Lancaster Lancaster
Mohieldin Suliman Lancaster Lancaster
Htoi Lu Sumlut Lancaster Lancaster
Jason P. Taylor Lancaster Lancaster
Chaya R. Terranova Lancaster Lancaster
Gibson W. Theobald Lancaster Lancaster
Jordan J. Tirella Lancaster Lancaster
Ilsa M. Torres Lancaster Lancaster
Lucilia Trickett Lancaster Lancaster
Massiel E. Valdez Lancaster Lancaster
Elisia Vazquez Lancaster Lancaster
Holly A. Verbos Lancaster Lancaster
Sabina Verdanidze Lancaster Lancaster
Tony Vu Lancaster Lancaster
Lonianne K. Waters Lancaster Lancaster
Candice M. Webster Lancaster Lancaster
Nancy C. Weissberg Lancaster Lancaster
Jacqueline F. Welch Lancaster Lancaster
Viengsavanh S. Welling Lancaster Lancaster
Julie A. Wieland Lancaster Lancaster
John D. Willwerth Lancaster Lancaster
Jacqueline R. Wilson Lancaster Lancaster
Allison L. Wright Lancaster Lancaster
Rebecca J. Yoder Lancaster Lancaster
Harry J. Younger Lancaster Lancaster
Todd W. Zettlemoyer Lancaster Lancaster
Rosa Zimmerman Lancaster Lancaster
Elvis Zurita Lancaster Lancaster
Christine M. Bruce Landisville Lancaster
Nichole E. Gage Landisville Lancaster
Erin M. Geib Landisville Lancaster
Kristen A. Gillespie Landisville Lancaster
Andre M. Groff Landisville Lancaster
Tammy Mattes Landisville Lancaster
Megan Stitzel Landisville Lancaster
Kenneth Wiederrecht Landisville Lancaster
Suzette Bartholomee Leola Lancaster
Curtis Burkholder Leola Lancaster
Dana R. Burkholder Leola Lancaster
Jamison Czyzewski Leola Lancaster
Tobyn C. Dickinson Leola Lancaster
Laura R. Dommel Leola Lancaster
Nikki L. Haney Leola Lancaster
Christian A. Hayes Leola Lancaster
Abby J. Heiselman Leola Lancaster
Rachel H. Nowakowski Leola Lancaster
Darren R. Overly Leola Lancaster
Kara R. Overly Leola Lancaster
Dawa Z. Paljor Sherpa Leola Lancaster
Gao Youa Pa Pha Leola Lancaster
Kaliane Prak Leola Lancaster
Laura B. Swartley Leola Lancaster
Keith L. Umble Leola Lancaster
Edilawit Woldeselassie Leola Lancaster
Marian Yoder Leola Lancaster
Helena B. Apostolou Lititz Lancaster
Ginger V. Arauz Lititz Lancaster
Tania N. Beuke Lititz Lancaster
Olivia Caporaletti Lititz Lancaster
Tanya Caporaletti Lititz Lancaster
Jessica S. Chea Lititz Lancaster
Rebekah A. Christens Lititz Lancaster
Sara E. Costalas Lititz Lancaster
Brandon C. Cramer Lititz Lancaster
Carmen D. Cruz Lititz Lancaster
Shirley Diaz Lititz Lancaster
Marianne English Lititz Lancaster
Selena Evans Lititz Lancaster
Lindsay B. Ferber Lititz Lancaster
Hannah S. Fiore Lititz Lancaster
Peg A. Forney Lititz Lancaster
Megan K. Freeman Lititz Lancaster
Kuria Githu Lititz Lancaster
David J. Gonzalez Lititz Lancaster
Jennifer R. Greenly Lititz Lancaster
Janice L. Gustafson Lititz Lancaster
Tabitha S. Hedge Lititz Lancaster
Susan E. Heisey Lititz Lancaster
Lindsey Horst Lititz Lancaster
Mary E. Jeffries Lititz Lancaster
Seth A. Johnston Lititz Lancaster
Timothy E. Lefever Lititz Lancaster
Luree C. Martin Lititz Lancaster
Samantha E. Nein Lititz Lancaster
Cassandra M. Parks Lititz Lancaster
Pamela M. Peters Lititz Lancaster
Brittany E. Rakers Lititz Lancaster
Zoya V. Reshchykovets Lititz Lancaster
Gina L. Rhinier Lititz Lancaster
Carol Rodgers Lititz Lancaster
Celeste I. Rodriguez Lititz Lancaster
Heather M. Rust Lititz Lancaster
Devin C. Schnupp Lititz Lancaster
Bryce R. Shenk Lititz Lancaster
Gabrielle M. Spatz Lititz Lancaster
Joseph T. Thomas Lititz Lancaster
Joseph M. Tufano Lititz Lancaster
Rebecca J. Wilkinson Lititz Lancaster
Elyse J. Willders Lititz Lancaster
Derek S. Yoder Lititz Lancaster
Hannah D. Yoder Lititz Lancaster
Scott J. Alogna Manheim Lancaster
Bryton J. Baum Manheim Lancaster
Jacoby M. Brumbach Manheim Lancaster
Brenda L. Cunrod Manheim Lancaster
John Dailey Manheim Lancaster
Ryan J. Fee Manheim Lancaster
Harrison G. Good Manheim Lancaster
Caleb J. Greiner Manheim Lancaster
Jacqueline M. Keener Manheim Lancaster
Katie J. Knisely Manheim Lancaster
Kaysha R. Lefever Manheim Lancaster
Heather M. Ludwig Manheim Lancaster
Casey J. McGee Manheim Lancaster
Rhonda L. Morales Manheim Lancaster
Meranda R. Pfamatter Manheim Lancaster
Luke A. Schwanger Manheim Lancaster
Noah J. Shaffer Manheim Lancaster
Sheldon R. Strause Manheim Lancaster
Kristina A. Ahrens Marietta Lancaster
Triza B. Gendy Marietta Lancaster
Ashley Herman Marietta Lancaster
Jennifer V. Ivery Marietta Lancaster
Donna M. Kelly Marietta Lancaster
Jared M. Lebowitz Marietta Lancaster
Kathleen A. Loraw Marietta Lancaster
Katherine Loudermilk Marietta Lancaster
Anna S. Magel Marietta Lancaster
Kirsti Onesemo Marietta Lancaster
Zachary A. Rubright Marietta Lancaster
Heather Trimble Marietta Lancaster
Tia Stokes Maytown Lancaster
Allison M. Williams Maytown Lancaster
Samuel E. Bigler Millersville Lancaster
Awilda De Leon Mota Millersville Lancaster
Daniel S. Ferguson Millersville Lancaster
Xavier Gallagher Millersville Lancaster
Maia B. Hess Millersville Lancaster
Macy R. Kendig Millersville Lancaster
Laura A. Lastowski Millersville Lancaster
Daniel V. Lembo Millersville Lancaster
Kathryn E. Lyons Millersville Lancaster
Rachel L. Wilson Millersville Lancaster
Micah P. Bias Mohnton Lancaster
Nathan W. Arndt Mount Joy Lancaster
Mallory R. D'arco Mount Joy Lancaster
Nicole L. Deeley Mount Joy Lancaster
Megan N. Dennes Mount Joy Lancaster
Amy N. Derr Mount Joy Lancaster
Holly A. Greer Mount Joy Lancaster
Thomas I. Hostrawser Mount Joy Lancaster
Anna N. Hynes Mount Joy Lancaster
Irina M. Kanegene Mount Joy Lancaster
Jason Keener Mount Joy Lancaster
Jaimie Kelly Mount Joy Lancaster
Sean P. Mitchell Mount Joy Lancaster
Hillary S. Myford Mount Joy Lancaster
Katie A. Newcomer Mount Joy Lancaster
Tammy L. Rhodes Mount Joy Lancaster
Amanda Salimbeni Mount Joy Lancaster
Monica R. Stoner Mount Joy Lancaster
Yelena Tlumach Mount Joy Lancaster
Cristina M. Ulrich Mount Joy Lancaster
Gloria I. Velez-Mesiti Mount Joy Lancaster
Sadie Werner Mount Joy Lancaster
Karsten C. Yoder Mount Joy Lancaster
Patrick C. Ballard Mountville Lancaster
Danielle M. Deibler Mountville Lancaster
Justin E. Felter Mountville Lancaster
Shannon A. Haagen Mountville Lancaster
Jamie J. Kilgore Mountville Lancaster
Diana N. Maina Mountville Lancaster
April R. Romanosky Mountville Lancaster
Ashley D. Taylor Mountville Lancaster
Jonathan Good Narvon Lancaster
Ray M. Harnish Narvon Lancaster
Jackie A. Lauer Narvon Lancaster
Susan M. Browder New Holland Lancaster
Sharon L. Edwards New Holland Lancaster
Kelly M. Emerson New Holland Lancaster
Michele R. Esh New Holland Lancaster
Katelyn A. Kaufman New Holland Lancaster
Goran Kovacevic New Holland Lancaster
Lacey D. Lausch New Holland Lancaster
Anela Mujcic New Holland Lancaster
Leslie A. Reedy New Holland Lancaster
Kimber L. Rutt New Holland Lancaster
Liliana M. Salvador Montanez New Holland Lancaster
Nichole E. Tennis New Holland Lancaster
Lori Crossen New Providence Lancaster
Steven C. Hambleton New Providence Lancaster
Christine E. Kile New Providence Lancaster
Christine A. Riley-Bushman New Providence Lancaster
Caitlyn S. Rubincam New Providence Lancaster
Chelsea L. DellaVecchia Peach Bottom Lancaster
Jason M. Dommel Peach Bottom Lancaster
Amber Yoder Peach Bottom Lancaster
Kenneth Burkholder Quarryville Lancaster
Jennifer L. Marrone Quarryville Lancaster
Tyler Martin Quarryville Lancaster
Mark Marzean Quarryville Lancaster
Janene G. McClelland Quarryville Lancaster
Anthony A. Perella Quarryville Lancaster
Connie M. Plank Quarryville Lancaster
Jillian M. Pohlig Quarryville Lancaster
Koby D. Redcay Quarryville Lancaster
Istvan Szoke Quarryville Lancaster
Jamie R. Shelly Reamstown Lancaster
Logan K. Weaver Reamstown Lancaster
Tanya L. Ryder Reinholds Lancaster
Austin W. Lantz Ronks Lancaster
Michael Pearl Ronks Lancaster
Hadas Shovlin Ronks Lancaster
Jennifer S. Abbott Silver Spring Lancaster
Megan N. Dennis Stevens Lancaster
Sylvia M. Horst Stevens Lancaster
Michael A. Lawver Stevens Lancaster
Timothy Leisey Stevens Lancaster
Jonathan P. Moyer Stevens Lancaster
Christopher P. Parrish Stevens Lancaster
Victoria L. Petry Stevens Lancaster
Erin N. Richwine Stevens Lancaster
Zach Sowel Stevens Lancaster
Rick A. Alexander Strasburg Lancaster
Grace A. Epstein Strasburg Lancaster
Kristen Lott Strasburg Lancaster
Kristine M. Mowry Strasburg Lancaster
Brianna D. Splain Strasburg Lancaster
Daniel E. Blain Talmage Lancaster
Alla Tlumach Terre Hill Lancaster
Megan R. Carr Washington Boro Lancaster
Angela M. Brackbill Willow Street Lancaster
Rene L. Geib Willow Street Lancaster
Dianna M. Hauser Willow Street Lancaster
Rosa K. Hauser Willow Street Lancaster
Jenna McHale Willow Street Lancaster
Michael P. Middleton Willow Street Lancaster
Elizabeth A. Risser Willow Street Lancaster
Amanda E. Abern Annville Lebanon
Desiree J. Asper Annville Lebanon
Kerriann R. Bowers Annville Lebanon
Francesca F. Canale Annville Lebanon
Clayton M. Clawser Annville Lebanon
Heather L. Crynock Annville Lebanon
Danielle N. Killinger Annville Lebanon
Jenna E. Middleton Annville Lebanon
Julie A. Middleton Annville Lebanon
Jessica A. Muldoon Annville Lebanon
Paige L. Rhoads Annville Lebanon
Katie L. Snyder Annville Lebanon
Kevin G. Winters Annville Lebanon
Ashlyn M. Wolfe Annville Lebanon
Terri A. Bardine Cleona Lebanon
Allison M. Brunelli Cleona Lebanon
Sarah N. Hummel Cleona Lebanon
Sarah E. Kelly Cleona Lebanon
Janell R. Smith Cleona Lebanon
Tanya L. Chadwick Fredericksburg Lebanon
Kyler D. Hoke Fredericksburg Lebanon
David A. Irvin Fredericksburg Lebanon
Pauline Leger Fredericksburg Lebanon
Concetta C. Russo Fredericksburg Lebanon
Lauren E. Bechtold Hershey Lebanon
Natalie J. Allen Jonestown Lebanon
Brianna N. Derr Jonestown Lebanon
Amber M. Fischer Jonestown Lebanon
Danielle K. Graby Jonestown Lebanon
Angela E. Kinney Jonestown Lebanon
Benjamin J. Kreider Jonestown Lebanon
Melissa J. Lineaweaver Jonestown Lebanon
Janelle R. Seip Jonestown Lebanon
Gage A. Seyfert Jonestown Lebanon
Tara Yordy Jonestown Lebanon
Hilary M. Alvarado Lebanon Lebanon
Tasha N. Bender Lebanon Lebanon
Heather R. Bickel Lebanon Lebanon
Jacob L. Black Lebanon Lebanon
Stephanie Burris Lebanon Lebanon
Leslie A. Castro Lebanon Lebanon
Dylan Cubilette Lebanon Lebanon
Candice Davis Lebanon Lebanon
Zachary D. Dowhower Lebanon Lebanon
James W. Edwards Lebanon Lebanon
Jordan M. Eisenhauer Lebanon Lebanon
Carl E. Fake Lebanon Lebanon
Kristie L. Goodman Lebanon Lebanon
Sherri L. Graham Lebanon Lebanon
LaJoy A. Gundrum Lebanon Lebanon
Cherokee A. Hassler Lebanon Lebanon
Sean N. Haulman Lebanon Lebanon
Trudi G. Heiselman Lebanon Lebanon
Jessica M. Hernandez Lebanon Lebanon
Berenda Hill Lebanon Lebanon
Glenn J. Hill Lebanon Lebanon
Torri A. Hutter Lebanon Lebanon
Sean P. Irwin Lebanon Lebanon
Angela M. Kritzer Lebanon Lebanon
Christian P. Krouse Lebanon Lebanon
Ginger A. Lane-Phillips Lebanon Lebanon
Claire M. Leedy Lebanon Lebanon
Mylha Lontoc Lebanon Lebanon
Avianca Lopez Lebanon Lebanon
Jeanette N. Mays Lebanon Lebanon
Samantha N. McLaughlin Lebanon Lebanon
Andre J. Melendez Lebanon Lebanon
Madison R. Mercado Lebanon Lebanon
Korin K. Miller Lebanon Lebanon
Sarah A. Moyer Lebanon Lebanon
Rachael M. Numer Lebanon Lebanon
Marileen I. Pagan Lebanon Lebanon
Courtney M. Peiffer Lebanon Lebanon
Andrew J. Peters Lebanon Lebanon
Monique S. Puckett Lebanon Lebanon
Noemi Ramirez Lebanon Lebanon
Michael A. Rhodes Lebanon Lebanon
Dylan T. Riggs Lebanon Lebanon
Chayyene E. Rincon Lebanon Lebanon
Kathryn A. Riss Lebanon Lebanon
Hope Rissler Lebanon Lebanon
Michelle Rivera Lebanon Lebanon
Celia M. Sandoval Lebanon Lebanon
Yaralis Santiago Gonzalez Lebanon Lebanon
Emily S. Schneck Lebanon Lebanon
Leanne M. Schwenk Lebanon Lebanon
Tenzing W. Sherpa Lebanon Lebanon
Jacob H. Smith Lebanon Lebanon
Marilyn R. Stone Lebanon Lebanon
Alex C. Trautman Lebanon Lebanon
Faith A. Washington Lebanon Lebanon
Angela B. Waybright Lebanon Lebanon
Kristy M. Wenger Lebanon Lebanon
Kristin Wible Lebanon Lebanon
Joseph M. Winters Lebanon Lebanon
Felicia L. Wolf Lebanon Lebanon
Angela J. Wolfe Lebanon Lebanon
Cody L. Wolfe Lebanon Lebanon
Qing Zhao Lebanon Lebanon
Nawal Zorguan Lebanon Lebanon
Sheri D. Bippus Mount Gretna Lebanon
Nicole K. Althouse Myerstown Lebanon
Linden S. Bennetch Myerstown Lebanon
Barry W. Bross Myerstown Lebanon
Hannah S. Ficco Myerstown Lebanon
Jessica M. Gettle Myerstown Lebanon
Kseniya A. Geynovich Myerstown Lebanon
Chelsea A. Herb Myerstown Lebanon
Judd A. Howdyshell Myerstown Lebanon
Jakie M. Martinez-McKee Myerstown Lebanon
Luke T. Newmaster Myerstown Lebanon
Jody K. Ream Myerstown Lebanon
Charity A. Rissler Myerstown Lebanon
Katrina M. Shimp Myerstown Lebanon
Amber M. Tittle Myerstown Lebanon
Kristi L. Walker Myerstown Lebanon
Douglas L. Werley Myerstown Lebanon
Randy J. Bernat Newmanstown Lebanon
Shayana R. Celmer Newmanstown Lebanon
Tamara L. Knepp Newmanstown Lebanon
Amanda S. Downs Ono Lebanon
Logan F. Boylston Palmyra Lebanon
Tyler B. Downie Palmyra Lebanon
Angela D. Foltz Palmyra Lebanon
Jamie M. Gasper Palmyra Lebanon
Matthew A. Geib Palmyra Lebanon
Katelyn E. Gingrich Palmyra Lebanon
Lindsay Herr Palmyra Lebanon
Amanda K. Layser Palmyra Lebanon
Danice S. Martin Palmyra Lebanon
Chelsea McCaffery Palmyra Lebanon
Ashley M. Miller Palmyra Lebanon
Mariah A. Mitchell Palmyra Lebanon
Lauren M. Mountz Palmyra Lebanon
Jennifer L. Nester Palmyra Lebanon
Benjamin J. Oyerly Palmyra Lebanon
Dharaben N. Patel Palmyra Lebanon
Pathik Patel Palmyra Lebanon
Jordan D. Paul Palmyra Lebanon
Radica D. Persaud Palmyra Lebanon
Skye J. Poitevien Palmyra Lebanon
Joshua C. Wagner Palmyra Lebanon
Amber L. Weaber Palmyra Lebanon
Vanessa L. Wunderlich Palmyra Lebanon
Stuart R. Gingrich Richland Lebanon
Gage T. Melusky Richland Lebanon
Esther Johnson Schaefferstown Lebanon
Leah M. Nelson Schaefferstown Lebanon
Kevin M. Danna Allentown Lehigh
Brianne M. Linn Jersey Shore Lycoming
Karisa M. Bowersox Lewistown Mifflin
Saryn L. Locke Lewistown Mifflin
Bethany A. Nevling Lewistown Mifflin
Jodie A. Roberts Lewistown Mifflin
Danielle N. Treaster Lewistown Mifflin
Alysha J. Crosson Mc Veytown Mifflin
Leanna M. Baker Reedsville Mifflin
Jenna K. Rhoades Reedsville Mifflin
Andrew Spickler Reedsville Mifflin
Corey Wood Collegeville Montgomery
Natalie I. Martin Northampton Northampton
Jason R. Bowman Dalmatia Northumberland
Allison H. Martz Dalmatia Northumberland
Jason A. Shedaker Mount Carmel Northumberland
Amanda Anselmo Northumberland Northumberland
Edward W. Pawluk Riverside Northumberland
Alyssa G. Bingaman Sunbury Northumberland
Delia A. Ciulei Sunbury Northumberland
Marisa M. Wolfe Sunbury Northumberland
Emily E. Fitzgerald Watsontown Northumberland
Joy M. Boettinger Duncannon Perry
Marisa L. Boettinger Duncannon Perry
Katrina F. Boyer Duncannon Perry
Shannon M. Fields Duncannon Perry
Heather J. Hare Duncannon Perry
Philip K. Heller Duncannon Perry
Elizabeth V. Leach Duncannon Perry
Shana A. Louden Duncannon Perry
Julia H. May Duncannon Perry
Robert Miley Duncannon Perry
Tera L. Mills Duncannon Perry
Heather M. Rodgers Duncannon Perry
Richard C. Snook Duncannon Perry
Carra E. Stevens Duncannon Perry
Kayleigh M. Stewart Duncannon Perry
Trisha D. Swartz Duncannon Perry
Collin K. Wilson Duncannon Perry
Chad W. Stake Elliottsburg Perry
Andrew J. Farner Ickesburg Perry
Luke A. Farner Ickesburg Perry
Danielle M. Gibbons Ickesburg Perry
Damian M. Reisinger Ickesburg Perry
Bryan K. Bishop Landisburg Perry
Kylie K. Kitner Landisburg Perry
Katherine A. Linville-Kovack Landisburg Perry
Cierra M. Morret Landisburg Perry
Diane H. Shope Landisburg Perry
Chelsea L. Wright Liverpool Perry
Cara N. Divens Loysville Perry
Jessica L. Halley Loysville Perry
Jessica A. Silvis Loysville Perry
Kyley R. Barthel Marysville Perry
Patricia A. Benny Marysville Perry
Michele A. Fiegl Marysville Perry
Briana N. Hammaker Marysville Perry
Amanda L. Keller Marysville Perry
Christopher J. King Marysville Perry
Lauren R. Leister Marysville Perry
Sierra M. Michael Marysville Perry
Deborah M. Myers Marysville Perry
Jacob M. Nagengast Marysville Perry
Stephen A. Stouffer Marysville Perry
April Y. Good Millerstown Perry
Adam R. Harrison Millerstown Perry
Nicole R. Shope Millerstown Perry
Kayla R. Steele Millerstown Perry
Breanne N. Wise Millerstown Perry
Alex J. Brill New Bloomfield Perry
Ariana L. Bronson New Bloomfield Perry
Barbara L. Bronson New Bloomfield Perry
Amanda L. Grove New Bloomfield Perry
Gage T. Harless New Bloomfield Perry
Joshua M. Leppo New Bloomfield Perry
Haeley E. Matulevich New Bloomfield Perry
Matthew E. Morrison New Bloomfield Perry
Cody Rhodes New Bloomfield Perry
Nicole A. Smeigh New Bloomfield Perry
Tammy L. Thebes New Bloomfield Perry
Heidi M. Zerance New Bloomfield Perry
Kyle R. Leibich Newport Perry
Kristijo Melendez Newport Perry
Kevin A. Remsnyder Newport Perry
Morgan N. Sheaffer Newport Perry
Courtney M. Stair Newport Perry
Julia R. Wetzler Newport Perry
James M. Eppley Shermans Dale Perry
Margaret T. Gorman Shermans Dale Perry
Ashley V. Natale Shermans Dale Perry
Kendra Reeder Shermans Dale Perry
Blaine Klinger Klingerstown Schuylkill
Lauren E. Davis Pine Grove Schuylkill
Camille A. Natale Pine Grove Schuylkill
Taylor Strouphauer Pine Grove Schuylkill
Briana L. Maurer Pitman Schuylkill
Lee J. Dreisigacker Tower City Schuylkill
Chloe E. Keim Tower City Schuylkill
Felicia A. Kemble Tower City Schuylkill
Cole T. Spittle Tower City Schuylkill
Shelby L. Stauffenberg Tower City Schuylkill
Samantha N. Klingler Beaver Springs Snyder
Emily McCaffery Middleburg Snyder
Angela K. Keefer Selinsgrove Snyder
Anastasia R. Ackerman Lewisburg Union
Brette Hoffman Lewisburg Union
Ashley L. Reber Mifflinburg Union
Amanda L. Ackley Millmont Union
Stephanie L. Herr Winfield Union
Liana J. Whitmer Winfield Union
Sarah M. Shumate Airville York
Hailey S. Stauffer Brogue York
Mason S. Smeltzer Craley York
Heather C. Cook Dallastown York
Ashley D. Donnelly Dallastown York
Brandi L. Friederichs Dallastown York
Clare Haines Dallastown York
Albert J. Hall Dallastown York
Jessica L. Lowe Dallastown York
Tyler R. Negley Dallastown York
Elizabeth G. Sager Dallastown York
Kevin M. Schroeder Dallastown York
Hannah V. Seeley Dallastown York
Theodore J. Sult Dallastown York
Kayla Dick Delta York
Amy M. Henning Delta York
Judith A. Sabol Delta York
Lauren E. Bauer Dillsburg York
Mary E. Bittmann Dillsburg York
Katherine Brann Dillsburg York
Kevin A. Brown Dillsburg York
Makenna A. Byers Dillsburg York
Kendra L. Cape Dillsburg York
David J. D'Alessio Dillsburg York
Danielle K. Dees Dillsburg York
Miranda I. Eckenrode Dillsburg York
Jacqueline M. Eichenberger Dillsburg York
Kaitlyn L. Gwozdecki Dillsburg York
Erika K. Herrington Dillsburg York
Tiffany N. Julian Dillsburg York
Masako Kawate Dillsburg York
Hannah G. Moody Dillsburg York
Colin J. Murray Dillsburg York
Haven L. Myers Dillsburg York
Karen M. Sheppard Dillsburg York
Natalie E. Spoonhour Dillsburg York
Kiersten E. Staley Dillsburg York
Monica C. Strouse Dillsburg York
Adriane L. Sweeney Dillsburg York
Andrew S. Teletnick Dillsburg York
Darren M. Toomey Dillsburg York
Jessica S. Ulrich Dillsburg York
Jaclyn Vitale Dillsburg York
Jasmine J. Warne Dillsburg York
Kara A. Watts Dillsburg York
Cassandra R. Zeiger Dillsburg York
Ashley Abel Dover York
Jessica Antonik Dover York
Janelle E. Bales Dover York
Jacqueline M. Becker Dover York
Tyler Q. Campbell Dover York
Drew A. Coyle Dover York
Megan B. Easton Dover York
Ernesto C. Escobar Dover York
Dennis M. Fassnacht Dover York
Shawnee L. Franklin Dover York
Mary L. Graffius Dover York
Audrey M. Griffith Dover York
Ashley Gross Dover York
Alycia Hebenstreit Dover York
Aren L. Himes Dover York
Bridget D. James Dover York
Crystal L. Keeseman Dover York
Daniel J. Koprowski Dover York
Beth M. Krone Dover York
Allison R. Lighty Dover York
Cierra N. Malehorn Dover York
Krystal L. McClucas Dover York
Erin J. Rabenstine Dover York
Elizabeth J. Seebold Dover York
Tracie L. Shank Dover York
William R. Smith Jr Dover York
Savannah R. Snyder Dover York
Christina F. Sowers Dover York
William J. Sydor Dover York
Aaron M. Thomas Dover York
Julie A. Thornton Dover York
Alicia R. Wentz Dover York
Cortney K. Williams Dover York
Shawnya E. Wolf Dover York
Jaclyn M. Beck Emigsville York
Zachary J. Appleby Etters York
Brittani C. Atkinson Etters York
Alexa M. Bowman Etters York
Matthew A. Canzoneri Etters York
Andrew M. DiMatteo Etters York
Kari Feher Etters York
Madison E. Geisel Etters York
Amy C. Gilbert Etters York
Taylor R. Lambert-Bauer Etters York
Susan A. Plummer Etters York
Christina L. Scheel Etters York
Amanda R. Spaseff Etters York
Tanner D. Stambaugh Etters York
Robert J. Stouffer Etters York
Jacqueline M. Stover Etters York
Pitsamai Tonsic Etters York
Richard W. Skinner Fawn Grove York
Elizabeth A. Brown Felton York
Jeanette M. Case Felton York
Jennifer L. Deller Felton York
Ian M. Hermanns Felton York
Victoria S. Hyson Felton York
Tiffany A. Larkie Felton York
Addison C. Rabette Felton York
Kelly J. Thompson Felton York
Ryan A. Albright Glen Rock York
Sierra G. Davenport Glen Rock York
Andrea M. Kellon Glen Rock York
Brittney A. Orwig Glen Rock York
Katie R. Shaw Glen Rock York
Joshua K. Martin Glenville York
Christina M. Menefee Glenville York
Estefania Almanza Perez Hanover York
Alan B. Almony Hanover York
Andrelynn K. Arambulo Hanover York
Danielle J. Bare Hanover York
Paige O. Becker Hanover York
Zachary J. Bender Hanover York
Kellie M. Blassingame Hanover York
Kayla A. Blouse Hanover York
Heather Bognanni Hanover York
Mary J. Bortz Hanover York
Reagan T. Butt Hanover York
Lisette Caraballo Hanover York
Mitchell J. Christman Hanover York
Taylor N. Ecker Hanover York
Noelle E. Edmonds Hanover York
Katlyn R. Felker Hanover York
Vanessa J. Flores Hanover York
Autumn K. Frock Hanover York
Jennifer K. Gastley Hanover York
Heather L. Green Hanover York
Adam J. Hertz Hanover York
Alisyn Hildebrand Hanover York
Emily C. Hildebrand Hanover York
Kelli Hise Hanover York
Amanda Houghtaling Hanover York
Isis J. Kay Hanover York
Samantha A. Kramer Hanover York
Zachary E. LaFlame Hanover York
Lacey C. Light Hanover York
Bradley N. Lukens Hanover York
Ireland B. Maempel Hanover York
Alex L. Mangold Hanover York
Victoria A. Martin Hanover York
Jessica L. McKenna Hanover York
Andrew R. Merrel Hanover York
Lindsay J. Morela Hanover York
Jennifer M. Muser Hanover York
Kelly R. Perdue Hanover York
Timothy J. Pultro Hanover York
Brittany M. Rife Hanover York
Shane M. Rolle Hanover York
Juliana S. Schmidl Hanover York
Amanda L. Seese Hanover York
Dawn M. Senft Hanover York
Amber R. Shaw Hanover York
Sadira Stallings Hanover York
Nicholas A. Staub Hanover York
Joy D. Strouble Hanover York
Carlie D. Suarez Hanover York
Deborah Taylor Hanover York
Hannah C. Ulring Hanover York
Matthew Van Sant Hanover York
Ashlee E. Wallace Hanover York
Jason F. Wentz Hanover York
Nicole D. Woltz Hanover York
Taylor K. Wood Hanover York
Na Wu-Arnold Hanover York
Bethany A. Zinn Hanover York
Cole B. Kreider Hellam York
Sarah A. Krug Hellam York
Allison Manning Jacobus York
Shari Swift Jacobus York
Teresa Barnhart Lewisberry York
Alisa A. Clark Lewisberry York
Mackenzi C. Gay Lewisberry York
Eric J. Keller Lewisberry York
Rachel E. LeRoy Lewisberry York
Cassidy R. Moyer Lewisberry York
Joshua M. Shatto Lewisberry York
Taylor M. Spalla Lewisberry York
Christine R. Switzer Lewisberry York
Shannon R. Weir Lewisberry York
Kerry L. Wilson Lewisberry York
Glenn Gilden Loganville York
Julie A. Boggess Manchester York
Michael C. Bohnert Manchester York
David W. Champ Manchester York
Chanel C. Chatman Manchester York
Leah N. Collier Manchester York
Tammy L. Crist Manchester York
Madison L. Ely Manchester York
Melanie L. Ely Manchester York
Nicole L. Gallagher Manchester York
Christopher J. Gugliotti Manchester York
Dakota J. Martinez Manchester York
Destiny L. Sibio Manchester York
Carey L. Snyder Manchester York
Matthew P. Trish Manchester York
Zachary L. Valentine Manchester York
Dorcas J. Warner Manchester York
Nicole L. Angell Mount Wolf York
Fengqin Dong Mount Wolf York
Cody J. Fogle Mount Wolf York
Janet S. Heindel Mount Wolf York
Sabastian B. Keister Mount Wolf York
Stephanie M. Kinard Mount Wolf York
Jensen L. Knappenberger Mount Wolf York
Richard Mawah Mount Wolf York
Jason J. Pruner Mount Wolf York
Scott S. Seifert Mount Wolf York
Stefanie C. Smith Mount Wolf York
Sherri L. Shatzer New Cumberland York
Ashley E. Broberg New Freedom York
Kayla K. Brown New Freedom York
Karl R. Brunner New Freedom York
Michele D. Holden New Freedom York
Erynn R. Matthews New Freedom York
D K. Snyder New Freedom York
Demetrius C. Thomas New Freedom York
Adam Vetock New Freedom York
Amelia A. McKnight New Park York
Jennifer E. Strickler New Park York
Matthew J. Aspey Red Lion York
Donald E. Bender Red Lion York
Sherry L. Bosserman Red Lion York
Kristan N. Boyer Red Lion York
Abigale DeLapp Red Lion York
Brandon M. Delp Red Lion York
Joseph K. Dentry Red Lion York
Megan C. Emge-Barnhart Red Lion York
Matthew C. Emschweiler Red Lion York
Brittany A. Frank Red Lion York
Meghan M. Gray Red Lion York
Briana C. Hagler Red Lion York
William R. Hall Red Lion York
Zachary N. Hall Red Lion York
Heather A. Hannigan Red Lion York
Jenna M. King Red Lion York
Chantee K. Langford Red Lion York
Heidi Logan Red Lion York
Donald G. Martonick Red Lion York
Heather A. McKinley Red Lion York
Ryan E. McLarney Red Lion York
Bridgette M. Morris Red Lion York
Savannah A. Myers Red Lion York
Amanda Provenzano Red Lion York
Melissa S. Rymer Red Lion York
Alyssa M. Schmidt Red Lion York
Jessica N. Sergotick Red Lion York
Samantha A. Simpkins Red Lion York
Jonna D. Walker-Warren Red Lion York
Danayiah T. Watts Red Lion York
Philip G. Wertz Red Lion York
Felicia R. Wilt Red Lion York
Ciera L. Wiseman Red Lion York
Zulhumar Ablimit Seven Valleys York
Jaime L. Bowser Seven Valleys York
Kayla M. Bray Seven Valleys York
Colleen G. Fleckenstein Seven Valleys York
Jessica A. Kottmyer Seven Valleys York
Nina M. Barco Shrewsbury York
Meredith E. Gibson Shrewsbury York
Charity F. Huggins Shrewsbury York
Maria G. Tartaglia Shrewsbury York
Samantha B. Anthony Spring Grove York
Sherri R. Bauer Spring Grove York
Tabitha J. Bentz Spring Grove York
Victoria L. Fuhrman Spring Grove York
Jennifer R. Hinson Spring Grove York
Rebecca L. Livingston Spring Grove York
Abby L. Pearce Spring Grove York
Brittany S. Ross Spring Grove York
Robert E. Shenberger Spring Grove York
Amanda K. Toth Spring Grove York
Tanner M. Uffelman Spring Grove York
Allison M. Welch Spring Grove York
Caitlin F. Wood Spring Grove York
Daniel T. Bruce Stewartstown York
Joshua D. Bruce Stewartstown York
Alexandra A. D'Antoni Stewartstown York
Courtney R. Eldridge Stewartstown York
Catherine M. Frey Stewartstown York
Kristin A. Gestl Stewartstown York
Ian Grow Stewartstown York
Sara E. Hamme Stewartstown York
Erik R. Hays Stewartstown York
Angela L. Johnson Stewartstown York
Brooke A. Lloyd Stewartstown York
Danielle F. Manser Stewartstown York
Heatherlyn R. McGoff Stewartstown York
Alyssa N. Nuzzi Stewartstown York
Megan J. Varvaris Stewartstown York
Amanda A. Wallman Stewartstown York
Philip G. Waltermyer Stewartstown York
Tyler A. Wood Stewartstown York
Michael T. Zimmerer Stewartstown York
Misha R. Arnold Wellsville York
Sarah B. Fiore Wellsville York
Mariah R. Shope Wellsville York
Zachary D. Shope Wellsville York
Andrew J. Staub Wellsville York
Kelly A. Goulden Windsor York
Paul A. Jones Windsor York
Abigail N. Rikas Windsor York
Brittany A. Sload-Leight Windsor York
Austin M. Tome Windsor York
Stephanie L. Warner Windsor York
T J. Dellinger Wrightsville York
Katherine N. Greenwood Wrightsville York
Mary E. Hamilton Wrightsville York
Dillon J. Mackley Wrightsville York
Damian P. Nopulos Wrightsville York
Alanna B. Schweers Wrightsville York
Evelyn Atuahene Yoe York
Matilde Busse Yoe York
Jennifer M. Coates-Rush Yoe York
Jillian L. Altland York York
Ricky A. Anders York York
Caldren L. Andrade York York
Tamika M. Andrews York York
Elise D. Anstis York York
Lauren E. Atkins York York
Ashley A. Aubin York York
Tammy L. Barnett York York
William C. Barton York York
Krista L. Beazzo York York
Mindy S. Becker York York
Audra Jo Bertolet York York
Cherokee Bingham York York
Amy M. Bloomfield York York
Kimberly S. Bollinger York York
M Roxann Bowman York York
Christina M. Brooks York York
Tara L. Brooks York York
Sergio S. Bruno York York
Kevin L. Buchmyer York York
Christopher L. Burns York York
Sara L. Bylotas York York
Abigail Caldwell York York
Nova Cantler York York
Ashley L. Carris York York
Sol Y. Casillas York York
Marlene M. Castillo York York
Jarin F. Chowdhury York York
Cassandra D. Coleman York York
Tennille E. Coleman York York
Joseph L. Cook York York
Deborah Cordero York York
Brian M. Costella York York
Breanna J. Couch York York
Amy E. Crone York York
Angela M. Cunningham York York
Mia R. Davis York York
Olga A. DelGrande York York
Owen C. Dubbs York York
Jemiah P. Duke York York
Heather R. Dull York York
Amanda L. Elliott York York
Michael P. Esler York York
Dakota L. Falkenroth York York
Kristina M. Fargiano York York
Carissa M. Farling York York
Patricia Favorin York York
Jeanine Fells York York
Tiffany A. Flohr York York
Tyreek A. Foreman York York
Charly T. Forrest York York
Amy J. Frey York York
David Fuller York York
John A. Fuller York York
Patrick L. Gallagher York York
Kelly A. Gerhart York York
Jacal A. Gibson York York
Justin M. Godfrey York York
Tara K. Gohn York York
Maria Silvia A. Gomes York York
Tonya F. Gray York York
Laura M. Green York York
Mallory L. Harman York York
Laura E. Harrell York York
Kristen N. Hartman York York
Brittney S. Hartsock York York
Kristin A. Hays York York
Ariel L. Heath York York
Tammy I. Heim York York
Faith E. Hench York York
Susan L. Herman-McKim York York
Keara N. Higgins York York
Jemell J. Hill York York
LaChrisha L. Hill York York
Anastasia C. Hioutis York York
Jacqueline B. Hoblitzell York York
Deborah L. Holmes York York
Stacey A. Hoskins-Folk York York
Emma L. Hull York York
Sabrina L. Ingram York York
Kelly L. Johnson York York
Theresa R. Johnson York York
Sue A. Jordahl York York
Sayra T. Keelan York York
Stephanie Keim York York
Amanda Kemper York York
Amber R. Kennedy York York
Dawn R. King York York
Elizabeth Klejka York York
Joni R. Koehler York York
Chelsea L. Kohler York York
Marina N. Kolchuk York York
Caden T. Krout York York
Matthew A. Lane York York
Anna C. Leair York York
Jacob R. Lilly York York
Jenna M. Lingle York York
Meryssa J. Love York York
Steven J. Love York York
Megan E. Lowman York York
Sarah M. Lowry York York
Karen G. Lupfer York York
Whendy E. Magallon Torres York York
Elvis Martinez York York
Andrew Mazo York York
David M. McArthur York York
Melanie McKee York York
Jennifer L. McKinney York York
David W. McMaster York York
Sharon E. McMaster York York
Ashley L. McOwen York York
Erin C. McWatters York York
Michael G. Melhorn York York
Kenneth P. Michalisko York York
Danielle N. Miller York York
Vickie P. Miller York York
Sandra J. Miller-Ertz York York
Heather M. Mitchell York York
Vennilyn K. Mitranhoff York York
Lizabeth A. Mojica York York
Jessica J. Morgan York York
Lauren E. Morgan York York
Stacy L. Moul York York
Sara M. Mucha York York
Tahreem A. Muhammad York York
Cathy Myers York York
Josiane Myrtil York York
Rachel Nagel York York
Jean K. Nixon York York
Matthew A. Nowik York York
Crystal L. O'Quinn York York
Jennifer Oster York York
Valerie L. Parris York York
Kerry Paul York York
Natalia A. Paz York York
Penny J. Percey York York
Amy M. Philopena York York
Tim Pizziketti York York
Alexsandria Polanco-Martinez York York
Julianna I. Price York York
Matthew W. Pyle York York
Kelsey M. Rajotte York York
Lana S. Rauhauser York York
Crystal D. Remagen York York
Megan A. Resh York York
Eric J. Rodriguez York York
Michael O. Rote York York
Danielle L. Rouscher York York
Paul Ruberg York York
Jennifer A. Rufo York York
Maria Camila Ruiz Rojas York York
Molly M. Ruppert York York
Stephanie A. Rutherford York York
Joshua B. Rutledge York York
Emily R. Ryan York York
Irvin L. Sanchez York York
Sarah M. Santana York York
Tracey Sawmiller York York
Lauryn N. Schon York York
Brittany S. Schwab York York
Domonique S. Scott York York
Michelle L. Seener York York
Trisha Semexan York York
Brittany R. Shaffer York York
Travis R. Shaffer York York
Bickey Shah York York
Grace L. Shaub York York
Michael E. Shields York York
Victoria K. Siegel York York
Cheyanne M. Skelton York York
Lavonia N. Smith York York
Caroline A. Spangler York York
Stephanie E. Spataro York York
Christopher E. Spicer York York
Yisel A. Statia York York
Joanna D. Stratis York York
Andrew Strayer York York
Vance K. Study York York
Heather Swadley York York
Brent S. Swafford York York
Krista L. Swartz York York
Jacob J. Tacka York York
Zachary P. Tanda York York
Ashley M. Taylor York York
Brittany M. Tedore York York
Kermith X. Toro-Matos York York
Joshua E. Trish York York
April Troshak York York
Heather L. Valle-Arcilla York York
Marcus A. Velazquez York York
Jose O. Velez York York
Stephen A. Vera York York
William F. Wade York York
Karen M. Wahl York York
Amanda E. Walker York York
Bertran D. Walton York York
Danielle N. Walton York York
Ryan Weaver York York
Amanda E. Weibley York York
Jodi Weirauch York York
Rachel Wentz York York
David B. Werner York York
Jeremy Wilt York York
John M. Wolin York York
Traci L. Wright York York
Yi Wu York York
Theodore W. Wyche York York
Junho E. Yun York York
Yueshuai Zhang York York
Alison L. Baker York Haven York
Tiffany R. Brocius York Haven York
Jeff B. Conley York Haven York
Alice Drake York Haven York
Allison L. Englert York Haven York
Carrie M. Fielding York Haven York
Gayle A. Miller York Haven York
Maia E. Neidig York Haven York
Carrie M. Scott York Haven York
Jenny L. Workinger York Haven York
Outside of Pennsylvania    
Emily D. Burkholder Chiang Mai  
Jeremy M. Stum Palm Coast Florida
Michael T. Barr Port Charlotte Florida
Katherine L. Hollibaugh Junction City Kansas
Hayley E. Coccio Savage Maryland
Sarah M. Weber White Hall Maryland
Jasmine A. Sexton Spring Creek Nevada
Viviana Zorrilla Flanders New Jersey
Virginia Staniec Pittsgrove New Jersey
Meredith Glenn Provo Utah

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HACC, Central Pennsylvania’s Community College, offers more than 120 career and transfer associate degree, certificate and diploma programs to approximately 19,000 students.  Also, the College serves students at its Gettysburg, Harrisburg, Lancaster, Lebanon and York campuses; through virtual learning; and via workforce development and continuing education training. For more information on how HACC is uniquely YOURS, visit Also, follow us on Twitter (@HACC_info), like us on Facebook ( and use #HACCNews.

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